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Parents Learn Their Nanny Had Their 11-Year-Old Son's Baby
Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 4 weeks ago

After a nanny hired to care for a Florida family sexually assaulted their 11-year-old son and gave birth to his baby, the boy was left to reveal the abuse and the secret the nanny had kept to his mother. Last month, Marissa Mowry, 28, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting Chris McBride when he was just 11. She gave birth to his child in October 2014. Chris spoke to Inside Edition about how Mowry, who lived with the family while working as their nanny, groomed him.

Comments :

Nicole Loriev

Nicole Loriev . 33 minutes ago

Totally unrelated but little Bentely looks like he could be a child model. I hope he grows up well


lil_braceface_karis . 1 hour ago


Owen Batzel

Owen Batzel . 3 hours ago

That comment at the end though. And his message for the nanny who seduced him with a games is “game over”

Lillie [Chii]

Lillie [Chii] . 5 hours ago

And he's still taking responsibility for something that wasn't his fault.

My Goddess Shasta

My Goddess Shasta . 7 hours ago

She needs to be in prison! Forever

Anika Chaturvedi

Anika Chaturvedi . 7 hours ago

“Game over “ is probably the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard


amihan99 . 7 hours ago


Rylie G

Rylie G . 9 hours ago

“game over” oh snap

Jessica quinn

Jessica quinn . 13 hours ago

:( that's so sick.

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta . 14 hours ago

Doesn't she deserve it as she's the one who got pregnant

Haboon Deeqa

Haboon Deeqa . 15 hours ago

I got headache just reading the title

Nasty Cherry

Nasty Cherry . 17 hours ago

I always wanted to have s kid when I was young..so that we can grow up together..and tabt I wouldn't be old when he/shes young..but I didnt have the gut to marry...I'm 23 now..I'm sorry for him bcz he was raped..but envy him that he has a son while hes young...and know for a fact that it's a big responsibility. .but still I envy him


Oopss7 . 17 hours ago

How does this even happen Geez

Jarelyn Perez

Jarelyn Perez . 19 hours ago

Bentley is so CUTE OMLLLLL

Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore . 1 day ago

That's sick

Andy Ferguson

Andy Ferguson . 1 day ago

That is sad. He has a 5 year old son and he’s not even old enough to vote.

Bub Vision

Bub Vision . 1 day ago

So this nanny took advantage of this boy but “fricking”with him.then got pregnant with HIS kid.a kid like me say..30 YEARS FOR HER


renatacuriosa . 1 day ago

What a terrible nightmare!

joe szlosek

joe szlosek . 1 day ago

So cute


MEGAoOF . 1 day ago

If it as a male they would have gotten longer ngl

Dea Julie

Dea Julie . 1 day ago

Disgusting evil predator. My heart goes out to him. I'm so angry I'd like to box her ugly face. Bless him and his family♥️♥️


wantafanta01 . 1 day ago

i love his way of breaking the news to his mom.. sounds like the kind of thing id do.. "hey mom i banged the nanny the kid is mine sorry"

Sandra Culter

Sandra Culter . 1 day ago

The little boy seems healthy. I trust he won't be affected by inbreeding.

VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

VarinderSidhu ROMANS6 . 1 day ago

Switch the genders, and see how much worst it will sound.

Aria Grace

Aria Grace . 1 day ago

I feel bad for this poor young man. Not only was he raped but he had his whole childhood robbed from him. He is taking it like a champ, though. He looks like such an amazing father and his son is adorable!


2legit . 1 day ago

Oh Florida!


zach . 2 days ago


maxime werstling

maxime werstling . 2 days ago

this story is very amazing

56 subscribers without videos

56 subscribers without videos . 2 days ago

I'm here from story booth

tater Mel

tater Mel . 2 days ago

The way he said daddy made me laugh was that just me

Emirichu エミリチュ

Emirichu エミリチュ . 2 days ago



Hude . 2 days ago

Bentley is so adorable. They looks happy too. I'm glad he accepted his child even though he isn't the one to blame 😄

wherearetheavocados ?

wherearetheavocados ? . 2 days ago

no but he does looks cute

Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith . 2 days ago

She is a sick freak he was a child come on. She knows what right and what’s wrong he had his whole life ahead of him but think god he can protect his son from her. God knows what she will do to there kid

Suki Yuki

Suki Yuki . 2 days ago

If that was my son...lets just say she would have a azz beating send off to PRISON...sick sick sick...and now she is a mother how would she feel if someone did that to her child?..She still needs to have her azz handed to her...wtf is wrong with ppl..

You Can't Spell Slay Without Lay

You Can't Spell Slay Without Lay . 2 days ago

The child looks so adorable. It's disturbing to think about what would happen when he gets older and find out his father is only 11 years older than him.

A . P .

A . P . . 2 days ago

Inside Edition Marathon 😬

Roman Corey

Roman Corey . 2 days ago

No no no. She molested him.

nayeli c

nayeli c . 2 days ago

he looks like such a good father, although he might be traumatized from what happened (idk if he is) and maybe his son reminds him of it he puts his own self side and puts his son first. i love that for him :)

jesus rodriguez

jesus rodriguez . 2 days ago

That tuff 😞

Norma Rodriguez

Norma Rodriguez . 2 days ago

When the kids ten his dad will be 22...

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee . 2 days ago

She wouldn’t be the only one going to jail...I prolly would be to after beating her down. Gone mess with kids? That is so sick. I am too through

Elsa Villarreal

Elsa Villarreal . 2 days ago

This is disgusting! It makes me sad. No nannies.

david gracia

david gracia . 2 days ago

Yea but he wait 3 years to tell his Mom

Benjamin C.

Benjamin C. . 2 days ago

she didnt "seduce him". she raped him. they would be using much different language if a 22 ear old boy did this to an 11 year old girl. the double standard in our culture's way of thinking is sickening. I'm sorry this happened to this guy, but glad he has a son he loves.

Kalina Tankova

Kalina Tankova . 2 days ago

Baby Bentley is precious though

Queen _Tina

Queen _Tina . 2 days ago

Whaaaaat!!!!! Omg this is so sad and terrifying!!


Kari2025 . 3 days ago

When Bentley is graduating high school at 18, his dad won’t even be in his 30s yet! His life definitely changed forever, but he seems to have a great head on his shoulders and will continue to be an awesome Dad for his son.

jc zyver

jc zyver . 3 days ago

If this was a Kdrama, it will probably a hit. It just that, the characters is disgusting but the plot is awesome.

Full sun

Full sun . 3 days ago

I don't care what you think of the situation but she MOLESTED HIM

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