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Kanye West - New Slaves (Live on SNL)


Published on 7 years ago

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Kanye West performing New Slaves (Live on SNL) © 2013 NBC Studios, Inc. LLC. Distributed by Broadway Video Enterprises. Under License To The Island Def Jam Music Group

Comments :

Astro Boy

Astro Boy . 7 days ago

So political i like that he incorporated it into his craft but those grunts r iconic lmfaooo

s marie

s marie . 1 week ago

I don't care what anyone says about Kanye. I love Kanye! And his SNL performance was the best SNL performance of all time!!!!


Sandalwoodrk . 2 weeks ago

It's like the censorship is genuinely causing Kanye to have a conniption

Rqhsh Hdhdjjd

Rqhsh Hdhdjjd . 3 weeks ago

I didn't like it however I clicked like for kayne


hailau . 3 weeks ago

Kanye take a sh*t everytime he swear ?

Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards . 4 weeks ago

That was great


speedingchimps . 4 weeks ago

used to be always be *NINGUS*

Sara Meira Gootblatt

Sara Meira Gootblatt . 4 weeks ago

Yep hip hop wasn’t supposed to be about women money and drugs.

Ramano mulaudzi

Ramano mulaudzi . 4 weeks ago

The frustration in this song is something I wish black Americans can understand.

Ashish Toppo

Ashish Toppo . 4 weeks ago

I liked the previous version way better than this one

Eric Lavin

Eric Lavin . 1 month ago

if only he had the ending......


ITZYOUNGJAY . 1 month ago


Luanne Dice

Luanne Dice . 1 month ago

Kanye went from "I know that we the new slaves" to "no more living for the culture, we nobody's slave"


iamrichlol . 1 month ago

Where's the energy, this song goes off, but this is so dead

Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct . 2 months ago


Washington Teixeira

Washington Teixeira . 2 months ago


Zoe M

Zoe M . 2 months ago

Me on my way to quit my job...

Suavé Reko

Suavé Reko . 2 months ago

Creative Genius for sure

Our Fantasy Life

Our Fantasy Life . 2 months ago

"They weren't satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself..." *upper class folks in the audience*: Oh, wow, would you look at the time...

2019 Cheverolet Silverado

2019 Cheverolet Silverado . 2 months ago

This is like mainstream Death grips


Djenklein . 2 months ago


Carlos Prieto

Carlos Prieto . 3 months ago

ngl be desensitized to curse words just makes the word loose meaning adding ur own censorship live makes the words sum what sound way more offensive thank u kanye for the amazing song


Cody . 3 months ago

I remember watching this live and thinking, "Holy shit what is this direction Kanye's gone with" but 6 years later and I'm like "Damn, this dude is literally sooooo ahead of the rap game." Yeezus has aged so well. Kanye is wild as hell, but can't deny greatness.


connrrs . 3 months ago

"Used to only be NNGHHHHAAA..." Great censorship.

Vixtor Velasxo

Vixtor Velasxo . 3 months ago

Homie in the back knew that shit was it


ThePsychicFish . 4 months ago

Who else just remembered that time Kanye scared the white people

The Hip-Hop Scientist

The Hip-Hop Scientist . 4 months ago

This is just epic.


V K . 4 months ago

This is art.


Empyrean . 4 months ago

Let me make music i hâte this world i want to change it. This world need to be changed » givre me a chance im like no other. I have that thing...

Diavolos Diavolus

Diavolos Diavolus . 4 months ago

What the hell is that? You guys call this music? Someone reciting some words he wrote while having some inconsistent background beat that doesn't have any connection to the words? This is the worst decade for "music" as we have none at all, if this guy makes money from shitty things liekt his I am no longer sure I understand the world.

Whos Who

Whos Who . 4 months ago

if they were really listening, those slaves wouldn't be happy clapping


Southsideman . 4 months ago



Southsideman . 4 months ago

I would say he can do better than this, but i doubt it.

Jack Hollis-London

Jack Hollis-London . 5 months ago

the dea teamed with the cca, they trying to lock people up, they trying to make new slaves, see that's that privately owned prison, thats that get your piece today, they're probably all in the hamptons, bragging about how much they made.

Johnny Johnny

Johnny Johnny . 5 months ago

Really hanging on to that victim mentality eh? There was a black president ffs

Jerome Arp

Jerome Arp . 5 months ago

This was the best SNL music performance since Fear or maybe Rancid

Ahanna Ngwangu

Ahanna Ngwangu . 5 months ago

I bet all the white people were sweating in their seats

Kevin Timmons

Kevin Timmons . 6 months ago

King Louie wrote the shit out of this song cause Kanye damn sure didn't and before ya'll jump on me in the comments check the writers credits yeah Ye name will be there of course but king Louie wrote the shit!!!

Brannon Morgan

Brannon Morgan . 6 months ago

Doubts on Kayne ... Refer to this song.... I hope Ye continues to speak his mind thru his journey... #Illtakeyourhamptonspouse

Dennis Mayfield

Dennis Mayfield . 6 months ago

I know he’s popular but my god he has 0 talent and sounds horrible

Jannie Nelson

Jannie Nelson . 6 months ago

I miss the old kanye🤧this love the world shit is making him soft


Ryan . 6 months ago

The censoring is funny though


Squipture . 6 months ago



Asvg15 . 6 months ago

This is what I want instead of Kanye dancing around in a Fiji bottle

The Last Pepsi

The Last Pepsi . 6 months ago

The ending solidifies this performance as one of the best in snl history

Chris Katko

Chris Katko . 7 months ago

This is SO MUCH a nod to Saul Williams. Check him out, you won't be disappointed.

Ragga Chat

Ragga Chat . 7 months ago


Ragga Chat

Ragga Chat . 7 months ago

In newark this gene is a twin

Hippy Trippy

Hippy Trippy . 7 months ago

y'all better pay attention when Ye started fighting the powers back it was a wrap.He talking too much truth

golden melanin

golden melanin . 7 months ago

This is the typa song you listen to before war... When you preparing for a revolution... *Famm* mad hella respect

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