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Published on 4 days ago

Jacquees proclaiming his reign as the King of R&B had a lot of people shook. But it was the moments that true legend, Keith Sweat checked him that made the modern day "supreme" realize he had to settle down.

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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :

Noah and Roxie

Noah and Roxie . 2 hours ago

Arin Ray better than all the dudes he mentioned. Don’t sleep

Peace Space

Peace Space . 3 hours ago

Wait why Quavos sound like Jacques 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

King Lo

King Lo . 3 hours ago

Dont even have the look of a T & B King.... Stra4 trash.... #FreeR.Kelly

Mellisa Bogard

Mellisa Bogard . 4 hours ago

Jacquees... I'm 38 and love your music!

alexander akinkugbe

alexander akinkugbe . 4 hours ago

Jacques is yfn lucci with dreads 😂


Shemzinho . 4 hours ago

The tank segment was fucking gold.

Justice Collins

Justice Collins . 5 hours ago

Charlemagne looked surprised that Jacquess is 25 with no kids.. lol


Iheartksem . 5 hours ago

I wish young man jacquees all the best in this life time. I'm in the generation of Chris Brown, so to me, until he die, Brown will always be the King of R&B. I am going to stop right here. God bless you though in your future endeavors.


icewater3001 . 6 hours ago

CTG got that savage look when he said “tank not on the song no more” lol

Tajay Greenwood

Tajay Greenwood . 6 hours ago

Jacquees my guy . But partynextdoor the king in every way.. PND all day fam no cap.

Jamario Williams

Jamario Williams . 6 hours ago

Charla had me dying talkin bout them hair plugs😂😂😂😂

LooseCannons ATL

LooseCannons ATL . 7 hours ago

Charla the gayest homophobe on the radio

Deon Wins

Deon Wins . 7 hours ago

That’s two dick on one record 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Jacques started to get pissed

Mrs. Shaquita Martin

Mrs. Shaquita Martin . 7 hours ago

He was late showing up so his interview got cut 16 min slot buddy 😂 Be on Time


gaby80207 . 7 hours ago

Jacquees cannot sing

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez . 8 hours ago

He couldn't say Chris brown. LMAO. King of rnb Chris brown bra. Stoooppp

Ron The Don

Ron The Don . 8 hours ago

Envy bought a fade? 😂


Amber FFTFOMSICHTS . 8 hours ago

Twisted will be one my fav songs of all time


R D . 8 hours ago

I'm pretty sure this is the last year after Lenard threw Yee under the bus! I guess there's no club no more 🤔 it was all good just a week ago. 😂😂😂


fashionfl0p . 8 hours ago

He has short-man syndrome


Z . 9 hours ago

Tank will be taking 2 🍆🍆 for the rest of his life. He should’ve avoided but Ye got another guy jammed up.


JordanDwn103 . 9 hours ago

Blood City? Change that name homie.

Dorian White

Dorian White . 9 hours ago

Definitely Chris brown is king of r&b

Alex Mendez

Alex Mendez . 10 hours ago

Damn "poor lil tank tank "

Michael Harris

Michael Harris . 13 hours ago

You know you ain't shit when The Breakfast Club gives you 15 minutes🤣

Naimá Baraz

Naimá Baraz . 13 hours ago

He Is Apart Of Chris Browns Generation So He Is Not The King Of R&B For This Gen

Tashia Esson

Tashia Esson . 13 hours ago

The king of meant the king of Rice n Beans

Jack Jack

Jack Jack . 13 hours ago

Where Ang Lee? Lol.

Naim Cromwell

Naim Cromwell . 15 hours ago

Why Charlamagne always acting like he don't know what's going on... Nigga Please!

Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins . 15 hours ago

How the hell he the king of R&B I never heard of this dude never heard his music

Carl Davis

Carl Davis . 16 hours ago

Where I'm from we don't hate on oh brother not yet my brother you can put yourself in front of Chris Brown man

Nijah Thomas

Nijah Thomas . 16 hours ago

His music cool and all , but he definitely not the king of r&b for no generation ‼️💯

Marques Smith

Marques Smith . 16 hours ago

Jacquees walked right into ctg “two dicks” comment when he said “you & tank on the record?” 🤣🤣

Marques Smith

Marques Smith . 16 hours ago

Now how he name the top 5 R&B of his generation and don’t name Chris Brown who’s the real king of R&B of his generation?

Chris CSRT4

Chris CSRT4 . 17 hours ago

He’s one of the few great RnB singers of this Generation.

Germise Magee

Germise Magee . 17 hours ago

Charla so messy😂😂😂. He makes the breakfast club

PJ's World

PJ's World . 18 hours ago

Can’t believe how distracted I was by his tiny hands and short fingers.

Thotty Pippen

Thotty Pippen . 18 hours ago

Where tf DJ Envy hair came from 😂


ImJordanGB . 19 hours ago

Dislikes wont win


badnews12431 . 20 hours ago

I ain't never seen a person throw shade as well as jacq...that shit was perfect


setaBC . 22 hours ago

"If thats how he choose to live his life" 😂😂

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith . 22 hours ago

"I don't know. I gotta ask the gotdamn number lady" .... The IRS is watching.

Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis . 23 hours ago

I had to give this a thumbs up because of the 2 Ds comments 🤣🤣🤣

Crystal Campbell

Crystal Campbell . 23 hours ago

16:49? Oh... he was late lol.

Relly Sunshine

Relly Sunshine . 23 hours ago

Jeremih the king of R&B

Deeareyou xo

Deeareyou xo . 24 hours ago

When he sip that coffee😂

D.W. Inkwell

D.W. Inkwell . 24 hours ago

Quees was most def not playing into none of the bc B.S.

Khiry Bates

Khiry Bates . 24 hours ago

This nigga said that’s my boy boy yea this a new generation for sure

Beautiful Jeye

Beautiful Jeye . 24 hours ago

Y'all still together, huh?


D D . 1 day ago

Jacquees know when he first came out saying he was the king of r &b he came across very arrogant as if he was the king of r&b period and the people was really looking at him like he was crazy like dude u aint no king of r&b where your at least 10yrs of work; bet award, etc..... we all know the king of r &b is r kelly, but b4 that you have keith sweat, gerald levert, bobby brown, etc....Now that he cleaned it up it sounds a lil better however he should have said hes the king of r&b of his generation at the beginning. Dude is good to be honest but he must continue to put in the work and prove that he is that king of r& b.

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