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Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️
The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

Published on 1 week ago

Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pokémon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.

Leave a ⚔️🛡️ below if you’re ready learn more about this Pokémon! http://bit.ly/35gYDDY

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Comments :


Fire_Mutt . 3 hours ago

Poor growlithe, another kanto fire type getting the region form. Maybe next game buddy.


MegaAppleshit . 3 hours ago

What type is it? What abilities does it have? Does Rapidash get an evolution or gigantamax form? I need more! NAO!

KuyaZergy 18

KuyaZergy 18 . 5 hours ago

Scout: "Unicorn POWER!"

Amethyst Cupcake

Amethyst Cupcake . 5 hours ago

I want this so bad but I want beat as a gym leader!! ! 😫😫😫😫😫

_Fuego _

_Fuego _ . 5 hours ago

*when you pre ordered sword but after this you just went ahead a preordered both*

Pieflavor 331

Pieflavor 331 . 5 hours ago

Why isn’t it fairy type?!

Windu Waika

Windu Waika . 6 hours ago

If Galarian Rapidash is an alicorn, I’m done. 🤣

Avery Ingalls

Avery Ingalls . 7 hours ago

Sooooooooooooooooooo no Galarian Rapidash?

Cas D

Cas D . 9 hours ago


Odily De Pineda

Odily De Pineda . 9 hours ago

A new cat pokemon pls ;(


SynsterFear . 9 hours ago

That thing has fairy typing all over it. Welcome back to the meta Rapidash


SynsterFear . 9 hours ago

If you hear galloping, and turn around, most of the time you will see a horse. RARELY a zebra, but never did I expect this.

Soggy Furret

Soggy Furret . 9 hours ago

Pokémon I know this isn't related but you must add furret to super smash bros

Nerd Dwarf

Nerd Dwarf . 12 hours ago

If you think this shit is a fairy than you don't understand WHY fairy-type is fairy

Cydro Plush

Cydro Plush . 12 hours ago

This proofs that Sakura is a brony


TheLuckOfTheClaws . 14 hours ago

Oh I’m so getting shield now

Nate Wright

Nate Wright . 15 hours ago

Lowkey I like that it’s pure Psychic and not Fairy

Ender Gecko

Ender Gecko . 15 hours ago

Sword bois:HAHA WE GOT SIRFETCH'D THE EPIC FIGHTING TYPE Shield Heroes: We have Phycic ponyta B*itches

Laurie Turner

Laurie Turner . 15 hours ago

When is Garian snivy?

Rainbow Dash Music, Gaming and MORE!!!

Rainbow Dash Music, Gaming and MORE!!! . 16 hours ago

She looks so cute!!!

Not Zim

Not Zim . 17 hours ago

I REALLY hope i can transfer my lets go team to shield.

jeremy 94

jeremy 94 . 20 hours ago

They couldn't just make it a water type?? I think that would've been more beautiful.

ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี

ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี . 23 hours ago

Galarian Rapidash Based on Pegasus, Look Like a Spiral Pegasus and Pegasumon

TheEmerald Jacob

TheEmerald Jacob . 1 day ago

I still like sword, my dad will get the opposite of me so I'll still get it anyways.

Steven Carpenter

Steven Carpenter . 1 day ago

Anyone else watch this more than once lol like my 10th time watching it

Grayson Thorne

Grayson Thorne . 1 day ago

Pokemon x my little pony lol


renji90998 . 1 day ago

I just want to know the official evolutions of the new starters. We’re still a month away though.


forevrbubbletea . 1 day ago

that's not a pokemon... that's my little pony-ta

Luisa FX

Luisa FX . 1 day ago

cute ponyta and her evolution how she is?


Snorlaxation . 1 day ago

Galarian rapidash needs to be either psychic/fairy or have wings or both. Otherwise what's the point


Sages604 . 1 day ago

A bronys dream.

lj miles

lj miles . 1 day ago

Oh my god look what they done to one of my favorite gen 1 Pokemon Ponyta and Rapidash he's one of the reasons I became a fire type of fan and now they look like this I hate to see with Rapidash looks like

Lunar Sun

Lunar Sun . 1 day ago

I stayed up 24 hours just for a 20 second video to come out smh

Hanan Rbib bessami

Hanan Rbib bessami . 2 days ago

Please bring serana back she was soooo good in de story

Mitch Hodges

Mitch Hodges . 2 days ago

By the way, its mane looks like cotton candy.

DOOM Ender

DOOM Ender . 2 days ago


Nightmare Qa

Nightmare Qa . 2 days ago

*Mlp:fim* : ended *Nintendo* : well yes but actually no


JaberWoky44 . 2 days ago


Shimmering Silver

Shimmering Silver . 2 days ago

Depression: Ha! Pokemon Shield: * Shows Galarian Ponyta * Depression: * Ceases to exist *

Hippo Green

Hippo Green . 2 days ago

Princess Celestia want's to know your location


Poromon . 2 days ago

little pony? pokemon lost his identity?


DragonRaider7567 . 2 days ago

Me before I saw this: pokemon sword definitely Me after I have seen this:give me pokemon shield now please

Owens cringey channel oof

Owens cringey channel oof . 2 days ago

*everyone wants sword so they make a ton of shield version exclusives*

Gerardo Perez

Gerardo Perez . 2 days ago

Well I know what version I want now

Emily Marie

Emily Marie . 2 days ago

Go shield!!! 🛡

Colm Gallagher

Colm Gallagher . 2 days ago

But I’m playing sword


GIPHY . 2 days ago

so its my little pony?

•sabu •

•sabu • . 2 days ago

My Little Ponyta

Spearmint Snakes

Spearmint Snakes . 2 days ago

My little pony fans: *hElLo ThErE.*

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