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Published on 1 week ago

really amazing music by; https://soundcloud.com/tommynewport

thanks for the help Dan, great to be making videos again -- https://www.youtube.com/user/DanTheDirector1

Comments :


birdhousemediatv . 2 minutes ago

Class act! Great job


Hapa . 21 minutes ago

Does he chew? Looks like he chews!

Lindsey K

Lindsey K . 33 minutes ago

Glad you're finally finding some balance in life. Enjoy!


bladezero25 . 41 minutes ago

What happened to all the failed companies and the CNN thing?

Pascual Gudini

Pascual Gudini . 58 minutes ago

The video quality.... OMG

Константин Яковлев

Константин Яковлев . 1 hour ago

🇺🇸Россияне любят тебя

Rene Nu

Rene Nu . 2 hours ago

Happy for you in you new chapter. Always love your vids. I watched your past vlogs many times. Miss Q&A opening and mail time. Can’t wait to see what you create next. Good luck! I will be watching.

The Dark Filipina Girl

The Dark Filipina Girl . 2 hours ago

Spending time with family is always the best!

Runninghorse Gallop

Runninghorse Gallop . 2 hours ago

Addiction to work.. yes it is a thing. Glad you have some relaxing time now. Congrats on the move!

Sammy Chan

Sammy Chan . 3 hours ago

I don't know why my feeling is so happy when I watch it - And I always think about GTA V "Los Santos". Thank Casey

Christiana Helen Perry

Christiana Helen Perry . 4 hours ago

It’s good to see you happy - We only have one life.

Im Moose

Im Moose . 4 hours ago

Bro in New York everything’s fast space so Casey feels young and in Cali he still feels young but likes to take it slow and chillllll

CVIDEOS Produção e Edição

CVIDEOS Produção e Edição . 4 hours ago

Amazing, Casey!!! Love all of you!!!

Mihir Gaidhani

Mihir Gaidhani . 4 hours ago

someone please send casey a stanford/UCLA hoodie!!

Preston H

Preston H . 4 hours ago

Love it, Casey! Right on brother!

Eric Torres

Eric Torres . 5 hours ago

Production quality on point! ✊😎

Monique Welker

Monique Welker . 5 hours ago

Amazing what sunshine + the ocean does to your mood. I truly believe it's medicine for the soul.

Elias Solis

Elias Solis . 5 hours ago

Casey Please Make more enjoyable videos.

Ra S

Ra S . 5 hours ago

I LOVED this video! Thank you for being so real with us <3 I also love the incredible shots of LA! So gorgeous.

Johnny Q

Johnny Q . 6 hours ago

Life is only good for you in LA because you have money.


Ethan R6SIEGE . 6 hours ago

Yo casey, why were you at the U of I a few days ago (of october 16th)

Kim Aronson

Kim Aronson . 6 hours ago

Good for you my friend!


Francis362003 . 6 hours ago

Think you would run into Adam the woo?

Alberto Guadarrama

Alberto Guadarrama . 6 hours ago

Minute 7:51 is all that really, really matters in life you see once upon a time I did the exact same move from Chicago to the OC in Ca. & I am never going back, I refuse to be miserable in that perspective again and with that said I will live the rest of my years like minute 7:51 mentioned on here! Casey You never have to shovel snow again! And oh BTW Surfs up dude!!


阿風 . 6 hours ago

Hahahaha Dan is so cute 3:35


CarpeDiem . 6 hours ago

I will keep clicking play

Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage . 7 hours ago

90% of LA is a dumpster fire


Glockey . 7 hours ago


the Jurassic kid Adam

the Jurassic kid Adam . 7 hours ago

I live in L.A. too !!!

Mesakh Hutapea

Mesakh Hutapea . 7 hours ago

hey dude u should try playing flag football, especially qb its super fun

ben marks

ben marks . 7 hours ago

Why does he barely upload


TeddyLeppard . 8 hours ago

I’ll tell you who should be suffering the effects of major “imposter syndrome”... California Governor Gavin Newsom. The man is a fraud.

Brent Rivers

Brent Rivers . 8 hours ago

You don't know what you don't know. Your time with your wife and children becomes most important when it's gone. They grow up. They grow old. You grow old. Enjoy each phase as if it were the last.

Knave Child

Knave Child . 8 hours ago

There is a massive exodus from california - as the state is insolvent, the govt is corrupt, horrible diseases are coming back, and the infastructure is breaking down.

Michael Nance

Michael Nance . 8 hours ago

I like his shirt

Brent Rivers

Brent Rivers . 8 hours ago

"Work less.." not possible for the highly successful driven.

Arslan Akhmedov

Arslan Akhmedov . 8 hours ago

Casey! Sounds like no ones of your words is true for you in this video. You are not happy. You are not having goal. You are not having passion. And you are trying to convince yourself that it's ok, it's for good, it's for family, it's for 'life'. But it's not for the men. Seems like you disconnect yourself from something very important within. Like somebody told you to do so. Yeah it's good for others. But is it good for you? You look very unhappy here.

T ModernM

T ModernM . 9 hours ago

The music in this is sick @TommyNewport

Luke Holland

Luke Holland . 9 hours ago

U know, California is a lot more suitable if ur looking to buy a car..

Gavin Young

Gavin Young . 9 hours ago

Love the videos keep up the great work you made a new friend and subscriber


Rondew . 9 hours ago

We all grown and learn what’s important in life.

David Power

David Power . 9 hours ago

ouu beach running, dont get injured ;) , trail running though :)

Ryan Gromoll

Ryan Gromoll . 9 hours ago

What happened to your DO MORE tattoo Casey?

Ted Grimshaw

Ted Grimshaw . 10 hours ago

only a thorough twat would run through a flock of gulls when they are at rest. is that you casey..

Paige Malagar

Paige Malagar . 10 hours ago

Keep it up, Casey 👌🏼✌🏼


yack . 10 hours ago

Love venice beach

Sue Wahlert

Sue Wahlert . 10 hours ago

Casey.... you've lost your NYC edge.... I am disappointed but it is your life.... if you are true to what you say this comment shouldn't bother you. :). Unsubscribe....

igranados 30

igranados 30 . 11 hours ago

yes, please casey start to doing videos whit you'r sons!!! hy from Spain


Zama . 11 hours ago

Pls Casey make a movie from California ever single day :))))) I'm kidding!!! Enjoy your family the most bless that we have, and i'm so happy, You finally are enjoying it


Zama . 11 hours ago


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