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Teen Loses Foot After Stepping On Explosive in Central Park
Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 3 years ago

A man suffered serious injuries due to an explosion in New York's Central Park, according to multiple reports. The victim's leg was injured while he climbed a rock and stepped on something that "exploded" near the corner of 5th Avenue and 68th Street. Authorities closed off a section of Central Park near the Central Park Zoo as they work to verify the cause of the accident. Police are pointing to a fireworks mishap as the likely cause, but investigators have not yet revealed the official cause.

Comments :

Diana’s world

Diana’s world . 2 hours ago

He kinda looks like camron bocys but pray for him 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Ramon Ayala

Ramon Ayala . 3 hours ago

Ok......so what was it then?

Gamingwith Ethan

Gamingwith Ethan . 7 hours ago

Damn YouTube making me happy and feel bad,I saw a video of David Dobrik best moments 2019 and then this

brooke gaming09

brooke gaming09 . 8 hours ago

Believe it or not i was there when it happend well not there but heard it


bananaman . 20 hours ago

So the foot died

JCP 55

JCP 55 . 2 days ago

I have a feeling the old man in 0:29 has something to do with it? 🧐

Spider Man

Spider Man . 2 days ago

This explosive that I made for no reason, yeah I’m gonna set it here in the middle of a park hoping it doesn’t hurt anyone.

minhanh dao

minhanh dao . 2 days ago

poor guys, hope he is well


mrBDeye . 2 days ago

Lt. Mark Torrey ... There's nothing to indicate that this was an explosive device that was placed and put in this area with the specific intent to harm any individual. Really ??? Yes it was just an ordinary bomb you see on the ground. No big deal.


mrBDeye . 2 days ago

Where is the foot ?


Heoshas . 4 days ago

Sorry dude, I dropped my bomb. You sure you good?


HappySaladd . 5 days ago


Route 66 Texas

Route 66 Texas . 5 days ago

Poor twink ..... damn I hope he is ok ....... I. Hope they find persons or person responsible

Park ChimChim

Park ChimChim . 6 days ago

Eli's memoir was so good, Rest In Peace. But why the heck was there an explosive in the middle of central park??!?!?!?

Betsy Mousseau

Betsy Mousseau . 7 days ago



Dreamz . 1 week ago

My new excuse to never go outside

Matt Farrell

Matt Farrell . 1 week ago

That was a blast

Dr Bannter

Dr Bannter . 1 week ago

Wonder how much his going to get


VVM . 1 week ago

Land mine in central park 👌

Angel Herrera

Angel Herrera . 1 week ago


Angel Herrera

Angel Herrera . 1 week ago


Angel Herrera

Angel Herrera . 1 week ago

lol hee hee hee ' lol they so kute ' gremin'z ' '

Angel Herrera

Angel Herrera . 1 week ago

' e ' we ass'k 4 respekt

Mikel Sopelana Durango

Mikel Sopelana Durango . 1 week ago

_Police hear a blast_ **Proceed to not move to see what on earth was that or to check no one got hurt**

Mikel Sopelana Durango

Mikel Sopelana Durango . 1 week ago

Casually dropping a bomb like it's "not meant to hurt anyone".

Sara Kawaii

Sara Kawaii . 1 week ago

What that means " not meant to hurt anyone "

Golden GuxV2

Golden GuxV2 . 1 week ago

It a explosive Lego!!


Kree . 1 week ago

Why tf is there a bomb in a park

Braddah Josh

Braddah Josh . 1 week ago

Recommended gang?


ElsAwsomevlogger . 2 weeks ago

Oooooww like if u agree 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Can I get 300 subs without Any vids?

Can I get 300 subs without Any vids? . 2 weeks ago

**Plot twist*: *the last guy explaining the situation is the person behind it*

Xx_Paelyn _xX

Xx_Paelyn _xX . 2 weeks ago

When the third exploded the man in blue looked like he. Said “it worked” or just “work” and them smiled I don’t know that’s pretty weird if I where to say so myself

Marianna _ evil_nice

Marianna _ evil_nice . 2 weeks ago

mY LEg + get thick leg+ My THiCk NICKY


Godpai . 2 weeks ago


NotyouAgain! !

NotyouAgain! ! . 2 weeks ago

Trump 2020

the boy next door

the boy next door . 2 weeks ago

I bet he jumped on a bottle of milk 🤔


IMDEADINSIDE_1000 . 2 weeks ago

His friends looked so shocked, He must have had good and caring friends

Hey It’s Ana

Hey It’s Ana . 2 weeks ago

Best way to spend the Holliday weekend 😂


PlayingHero . 2 weeks ago

The man who’s funeral that was made sure if you weren’t at his funereal you won’t be going home with both your feet.

Retro Sound

Retro Sound . 2 weeks ago

Mines ?? Maybe

CAt From Outer Space

CAt From Outer Space . 2 weeks ago

I lost My Arm -In the Army I lost My Leg -In the Navy I lost My Ballz -In IdaHo/Fallz & Found em -In My Gravy


CUTIE PIE . 2 weeks ago



Dunecigar . 2 weeks ago

2019 update: No one has claimed responsibility and the cops have no suspects. However, the victim has moved on and is about to graduate.


CowCat . 2 weeks ago

Is the last guy delusional?


Wvlfs . 2 weeks ago

God bless

Just Samuel

Just Samuel . 2 weeks ago

How does a bomb randomly end up in a place and people manage to say it was intended to be left there

Tash Tash

Tash Tash . 2 weeks ago

Errrm... ''we have no evidence to suggest this bag was placed intentionally to harm someone...'' Correct me if I'm wrong, but exploding plastic bags don't place themselves anywhere do they?

SSG Christian Hamblant

SSG Christian Hamblant . 2 weeks ago

Two Hops Two Hops

Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT

Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT . 2 weeks ago

So thats all the info we get?

Meeks 9

Meeks 9 . 2 weeks ago

Talk about unlucky..

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