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Published on 5 days ago

During halftime of the Packers vs. Seahawks NFC Divisional Playoff game, legendary former head coach Jimmy Johnson was surprised with news he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Johnson and his former quarterback, Troy Aikman, watching from the announcing booth in Green Bay, both got choked up at the surprise.

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Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman moved to tears at surprise HOF announcement | FOX NFL

Fox Sports

Comments :

FOX Sports

FOX Sports . 5 days ago

What was your favorite moment during this emotional announcement?


Christine . 10 seconds ago

Omg! Well deserved!!!!

Christopher Sotelo

Christopher Sotelo . 8 minutes ago

J.J. WISH YOU WERE STILL COACHING DAL. (Dal record since exit of j.j... 217-213😒

Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez . 1 hour ago

Brought a dam tear to my eye 😂

Christopher Cirocco

Christopher Cirocco . 1 hour ago

Great to have Men showing appreciative appropriate emotions.

Torrey Brown

Torrey Brown . 1 hour ago

Jimmy is me when i had my first Popeyes chicken sandwich...that chicken..........i can't talk....but congratulations jimmy Johnson

Emily Winters

Emily Winters . 2 hours ago

#best moment of the season


B G . 3 hours ago

Let me laugh, some others great players and coaches been waiting for decades , what a joke.


DylanGaine . 4 hours ago

I think i've watched this video over 20 times. I still tear up, this is awesome. but also, what's wrong with me?


gynandroidhead . 6 hours ago

Awesome. A panel with five Gold Jackets to their names.

M1nd St0rm3d

M1nd St0rm3d . 6 hours ago

I was never a Cowboys fan, But all praise to Jimmy Johnson... Congrats Coach...!!!

Paulie Walnuts

Paulie Walnuts . 6 hours ago

That was so touching, he cried - I cried. Congrats Coach! You're the MAN!


labibaby08 . 7 hours ago

Respect Coach Jimmy

Rob Smith

Rob Smith . 7 hours ago

Congrats Jimmy. Thy cowboys will never be as good as they were when you were there

Rob Meyers

Rob Meyers . 9 hours ago

Ughhh Terry Bradshaw

Hmong Lee

Hmong Lee . 11 hours ago

Took this long!!! Great coach....

awake asleep

awake asleep . 11 hours ago

Men and Women will look back on this kinda mess one day and say, "Are you kidding me? You glorified that?"

keyser soze

keyser soze . 12 hours ago

after getting the surprise of his lifetime, his first instinct was to thank everybody but himself👍. truly a legend in the game #skolnation


mike76geo . 13 hours ago

I despise the Cowboys with every fiber of my being...but this is such a great moment. And LOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue for Johnson.

Ruben Saenz

Ruben Saenz . 13 hours ago

Way cool.

Trevon Wright

Trevon Wright . 13 hours ago

as a Redskins fan, this warms my heart ..... well deserve jimmy johnson ....

Anibal Carranza

Anibal Carranza . 13 hours ago

This is one best things I’ve seen on tv period

Jaime Morelos

Jaime Morelos . 14 hours ago

Yeeeeeeeeeeah !!!!!!

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson . 14 hours ago

UM of Miami, we love you J.J.

corey goree

corey goree . 14 hours ago

Yesssssss Sir Coach!!!!!

Eddie Love

Eddie Love . 14 hours ago

So now this a thing? Kinda taints Cowher’s little surprise. Now they just gonna surprise everybody on live TV huh?

Elmer Garcia

Elmer Garcia . 14 hours ago

Don't mind me guys, I just came here to cry.


GEARBOX GEEK . 15 hours ago

I’ve never been a Cowboys fan, but have immense respect for ALL players and coaches that do what they do at the highest level....week in and week out. Jimmy AND Troy were two of those men that did just that. Jimmy is well deserving of this honor. Kudos to the NFL for finally bestowing this on him!! 👍🏻 Oh, and when most grown men cry, there’s a darn good reason. Enuf said.

Duckspuddle dammit

Duckspuddle dammit . 15 hours ago

Thank you Pro Football Hall of Fame.. that was just special. It's good to see someone totally surprised, and so happy, Jimmy lost his voice. You could tell how much that meant to him.


Gravivector . 15 hours ago

Troy Aikman is the most overrated quarterback in history. He lost playoff games to Erik Kramer, Jake Plummer, Jeff George and Kerry Collins. Trash.

Joel Edwards

Joel Edwards . 15 hours ago

This is an all-time sports moment. I grew up a Steelers fan and those 90s cowboys changed the game. Congrats jimmy.

Luke Meloche

Luke Meloche . 16 hours ago

congrats coach


Steven . 16 hours ago

Jimmy Johnson well deserving of this honor and he earned every bit of it Outstanding

Rogue Sailing

Rogue Sailing . 17 hours ago

Love ya Jimmy! Congrats!

Charles Heil

Charles Heil . 18 hours ago

Who would have given Jimmy mouth to mouth if he had gone down?

Metro Mmdk

Metro Mmdk . 18 hours ago


Buckeye 210

Buckeye 210 . 18 hours ago

How bout dem cowboys!!!

Ted Savides

Ted Savides . 18 hours ago

Congrats to Coach Johnson. The most touching part of this for me was Aikman quietly, sincerely sharing his old coach's moment.

Rain Twomoons

Rain Twomoons . 18 hours ago

Jimmy Johnson? What about Jim Plunkett or Tom Flores? Why are they keeping them and others from the hot. Nothing against Jimmy.

Vince Bermudez

Vince Bermudez . 18 hours ago

This is awesome. Congrats to Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy deserves this induction.

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy . 20 hours ago

Jimmy Johnson was a great coach.

Sarah Palin Did Glen Rice!

Sarah Palin Did Glen Rice! . 20 hours ago

Jimmy could have least thanked the Vikings for that IDIOTIC Herschel Walker trade!

J Wheaton

J Wheaton . 20 hours ago

And still, Jerry hasn't put Jimmy into the Ring of Honor yet.....

Kurt Hanke

Kurt Hanke . 21 hours ago

Troy didn't look like he was moved to years. He had that typical stupid look on his face.

Broccoli Rocks

Broccoli Rocks . 21 hours ago

I know nothing about American Football but this got me emotional

ronald hammond

ronald hammond . 21 hours ago

Seeing Aikman so emotional for his former coach was a very touching moment.

Jason Biondo

Jason Biondo . 21 hours ago

This was so amazing. I'm shocked the other hosts didn't start tearing up. Well deserved Jimmy. Congrats.

Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf . 22 hours ago

It's about time! Long overdue but well deserved. It's nice to see grown men not afraid to cry. So happy for Jimmy! And Troy's tears, its clear these guys are true, life long friends.


Cleanhands . 22 hours ago

That was truly awesome to see his reaction! We can only wonder how many championships he would have won with the Cowboys hadn't Jerry been such an egotistical maniac.

Robert Gray

Robert Gray . 22 hours ago

Congratulations to you Jimmy Johnson

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