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Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby


Published on 6 days ago

"Romance" available at: https://CamilaCabello.lnk.to/Romance

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Comments :

UG Nekko

UG Nekko . 9 seconds ago

Lesson of this video is Eat your cereal

Umayma Ali

Umayma Ali . 53 seconds ago

Camilla: I swear to life I've been a good girl Billie elish: all the good girls go to hell Camilla : tonight I don't wanna be her anymore

Jaah limmah

Jaah limmah . 4 minutes ago


Alyssa Allison

Alyssa Allison . 8 minutes ago

She looks good with a blonde hair wig

Govind Govind

Govind Govind . 11 minutes ago

This song represent the legend women... "MARILYN MONROE"!!?


YouCanBeTheBass . 18 minutes ago

All my exes

•Laylą la lokilla• uwu

•Laylą la lokilla• uwu . 22 minutes ago

este es el comentario en español que creo que buscabas :V de nd uwu

Mena Safi

Mena Safi . 25 minutes ago

I love this song

Patricia Olita

Patricia Olita . 35 minutes ago

Sooo uniqueeeeeeeeee!

Hage Kanya

Hage Kanya . 36 minutes ago

Blackpink in your AREAAAAAA🤭🖤💗

Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma . 51 minutes ago

The line "he comes alive in midnight ","my momma doesn't trust him " does her mother Don't trust on her or on her love ❓

Love Veronat

Love Veronat . 53 minutes ago

"I swear all my life that i've been a good girl, ......... tonight i don't wanna be her" ........ same Camila same

Caramel _ Brownie

Caramel _ Brownie . 1 hour ago

The thumbnail looks like Meghan markle

The Library

The Library . 1 hour ago

Who doesn't like a good time! 😏

Jakeline Pieri

Jakeline Pieri . 1 hour ago

A qualidade está péssima e o YouTube não deixa configurar

Via Guliver

Via Guliver . 1 hour ago


It's Vera

It's Vera . 1 hour ago

I luv it🌼


harunito . 1 hour ago



harunito . 1 hour ago

Queen 👸🏼

Belen Cumbicus

Belen Cumbicus . 1 hour ago


Gamex Simmonds

Gamex Simmonds . 1 hour ago

I like the song but, after hearing about the racist stuff she said in the past I just cant rock with it the same


DEVIL YT . 1 hour ago


Atx Atx

Atx Atx . 1 hour ago

Holyfield by Chino Loc x Richie Rollin out now check it out on Spotify and all major platforms


MADDIE MOVER . 2 hours ago

NGL this is a tune.

sun flower

sun flower . 2 hours ago

Damn💣 love you❤

Raquel D.

Raquel D. . 2 hours ago

Great video! :)

oh boe

oh boe . 2 hours ago

the world just ignoring now that shes a racist bitch?

Kikik Kokak

Kikik Kokak . 2 hours ago

The guy she was dancing with at 1:42 is Paul Karmiryan who was also the guy in the South of the Border MV.

Lee Jin Yunn

Lee Jin Yunn . 2 hours ago

That creepy

Surapathi Kiran

Surapathi Kiran . 2 hours ago

Why do I get this Vid in 144p while no one's having an issue with the quality, other videos do just fine but this one, 144p only

Rudra 99102

Rudra 99102 . 2 hours ago

Why does this song sound like I've heard it before?

Candela Serrano Claver

Candela Serrano Claver . 2 hours ago

Me encantaa!

Jayesh Sharma

Jayesh Sharma . 2 hours ago

*da baby does really dope rap give a moment to appreciate him*

Slark SuperCell

Slark SuperCell . 2 hours ago


J.L Expectation

J.L Expectation . 2 hours ago

Camila tem três profissões agora: Cantora,atriz e amor da minha vida.

vbddfy euuyt

vbddfy euuyt . 2 hours ago

When she rips the contract it feels like she is shading the fifth harmony

Sam Shooter

Sam Shooter . 2 hours ago

Does Shawn Know About "HIM"?!?😝😝😜😜

Srishail Hadimani

Srishail Hadimani . 2 hours ago

Feeling super

rafaela gemer

rafaela gemer . 3 hours ago


Keith Leveen

Keith Leveen . 3 hours ago

The views is too low let's stream it harder and put the my oh my in the top 1 billboard and romance album put top 10 we can do it camilizers

Banana Guy

Banana Guy . 3 hours ago

It’s black and white

Spirit world thompson

Spirit world thompson . 3 hours ago

This song fye 🤪

Chosen Fallen

Chosen Fallen . 3 hours ago

You know Dababy on the track cause the song is never allowed to breathe. Either Dababy or whoever is with him will start right away. Lol

Celine Van Biljon

Celine Van Biljon . 3 hours ago

This video makes no sense at all

Geraldo Estrada

Geraldo Estrada . 3 hours ago

If this were the 1980s Camilla Cabello would have been as huge as Madonna creative videos

girija kumary

girija kumary . 3 hours ago

Very nice

babygirluwu :b

babygirluwu :b . 3 hours ago

Temazo 😔🤘😎

Mirka Kelly

Mirka Kelly . 3 hours ago


Roblox Daily

Roblox Daily . 3 hours ago

2:20 it sounded like Ariana Grande!

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