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Kanye West - Mercy (Explicit) ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz


Published on 7 years ago

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Music video by Kanye West performing Mercy (Explicit). ©: 2012, Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Comments :

michael williams

michael williams . 8 minutes ago


Rabia Kuzey

Rabia Kuzey . 50 minutes ago

Aa türk yok :*

Chulos Vanzzini

Chulos Vanzzini . 4 hours ago

that pusha T verse tho 👌


ꓵꓴꓯꓱꓘ . 6 hours ago

Misfits sent me here wtf and thank god for it😂😂

Jake R

Jake R . 6 hours ago

2:51 Me when I can finally clock out and go home

Patti Pryce

Patti Pryce . 9 hours ago

I still don't know what that chorus is saying or even what it means🤔

Raven_for_life _1331

Raven_for_life _1331 . 10 hours ago

It looks like it was recorded in the iPhone Photo pano

Rama Emini

Rama Emini . 13 hours ago

Say it Ye. Say it Ye Ye: Haaaaaaahh

MT Ghoul

MT Ghoul . 18 hours ago

all the og rappers

Marvello Perdana

Marvello Perdana . 22 hours ago


Leon Ikenna Okoye

Leon Ikenna Okoye . 22 hours ago

[100 bands, caught (cut) your girl, now your girl need a band-aid (financial assistance)] - most underrated verse

Jay G

Jay G . 22 hours ago

This is the best rap collab of the decade.. dont @ me.


society . 24 hours ago

y’all sleeping on Pusha T’s verse


DARKSTARR 1200 . 1 day ago

Me When I Meet up with my friends in gta online

Wilson Duan

Wilson Duan . 1 day ago

The first song imma play if I get a Lambo

Kris Smith

Kris Smith . 1 day ago

top listened to song on spotify like agree


LBM/YD . 1 day ago

listen to music

Wesley Torna

Wesley Torna . 1 day ago

NBA 2k 13 anyone ?

Tyrese Horton

Tyrese Horton . 1 day ago

only 9 deuce mercy set carry red dime book plate of dead big skulls they be ultimate skulls shout out to kanye

lukalad ioblox

lukalad ioblox . 2 days ago

2:37 that one kid in public that states at you for no apparent reason!


Kyuzi . 2 days ago

the transition of kanye’s verse to 2chainz’s verse will never get old

hollow vlad

hollow vlad . 2 days ago

Lamborghini mercy your chick she so thirst I'm in that 2 seat lambo with your girl she tryin cherk me.

Doug Alexander

Doug Alexander . 2 days ago

When "mercy" comes on the radio in 2019: Nobody: Me: AWWWWWWWWWWW SHHHHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black tack haduken

black tack haduken . 2 days ago


Rich Banks

Rich Banks . 2 days ago

Still bugs me how the audio sync is off like the whole video


K0a . 2 days ago

Let’s admit this song still slaps in 2019 😭


Jnthnl . 2 days ago

3:13 When you face the final boss


Trixtar . 2 days ago

NBA 2k in 2019 anyone?

Ahmed PRO

Ahmed PRO . 2 days ago

I'm here from the misfits

Arman Riley

Arman Riley . 2 days ago

Who's producer tag is this

Vaughan Irving

Vaughan Irving . 2 days ago

🔥Anyone here from misfits🔥

Hazel Hallas

Hazel Hallas . 2 days ago

This should be in a museum if its not already


TCG . 2 days ago

My childhood song

hamza natij

hamza natij . 2 days ago

2:51 when you are not the father

Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson . 2 days ago

misfits killed this


Andy_Hunter . 3 days ago

Misfits 🔥

Hey it Rissa

Hey it Rissa . 3 days ago

Me now realizing I know all of kanye west songs cause of my father🤯

Jason Reyes

Jason Reyes . 3 days ago

Weed and this jive so nize...

Cesar Herrera

Cesar Herrera . 3 days ago

I just notice the kid cudi cameo hahaha

A.Y.D. Football

A.Y.D. Football . 3 days ago

02:45 Cudi dancing😂😂😂🔥🔥


atnip . 3 days ago

It feels like yesterday that i was drinking mtn dew jammin out to this while i was getting shit on in MW2 AHHHH those were the days

Jaryn Bibb

Jaryn Bibb . 3 days ago

Student: *gets bullied* Teacher: *doesn’t care* Student: *chews gum* Teacher: 2:37


Hijinks . 4 days ago

Kid Cudi was supposed to be in this, but he chose not to because he didn’t own a Lamborghini.

PewDiePie 1223

PewDiePie 1223 . 4 days ago


David Diken

David Diken . 4 days ago

Lamborghini Mercy #bbn


Andy SIMEROTH . 4 days ago

7 years later and this song still goes hard 😤🔥🔥

[S T O N E D] [M I N D]

[S T O N E D] [M I N D] . 5 days ago

04:07 The best fucking part

tugche aydemir

tugche aydemir . 5 days ago

Türkler buradaysak bir beğeni alırım🇹🇷


X-BLOODY MALiiCE-X . 5 days ago

Kanye West Verse: 100/100 Big Sean: 90/100 Pusha T:1000/100 2 chains:60/100


Hisdaef . 5 days ago

2chainz verse 👍

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