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TLC - Waterfalls (Video Version)


Published on 9 years ago

Watch the official music video for "Waterfalls" by TLC
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A lonely mother gazing out of her window
Staring at a son that she just can't touch
If at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side
But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much

But all the praying just ain't helping at all
'Cause he can't seem to keep his self out of trouble
So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how
Another body laying cold in the gutter
Listen to me

Don't go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to
I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you're moving too fast

#TLC #CrazySexyCool #Remastered

Comments :

Mr Perfect

Mr Perfect . 3 hours ago

I'm here because of Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence interview.😂 Go Go Jason Waterfalls 😉


ROSA . 4 hours ago

Who came here after Blackpink House from Rose???


TR . 6 hours ago

No Plastic..

Spirit Level Studios

Spirit Level Studios . 7 hours ago

The director of this clip also did the movie Friday. The effects team also did Lawnmower Man.


Beach5289 . 7 hours ago

I'm an old Rock - n - Roller , I don't normally listen to much pop music , however every now and then something really great comes around , I must say if this song doesn't make you feel something you must be dead inside. . . it's beautifully tragic

Mr. Walters

Mr. Walters . 10 hours ago

When i was a little boy i thought they used to say go go jason waterfalls.

Michelle Queen

Michelle Queen . 14 hours ago

Alguien que venga por Scream Queens? Soy la única 😢


YankinANDGankin . 17 hours ago

It's three T-1000's, RUN 🏃

Cognac Young

Cognac Young . 21 hours ago

Don't go chasing waterfalls. Please.

Cognac Young

Cognac Young . 21 hours ago

That's my new little friend.

Cognac Young

Cognac Young . 21 hours ago

She was already dead then, they already recorded it. Li

im not here anymore

im not here anymore . 23 hours ago

Dont go chasing waterfalls

Kathleen R Burke

Kathleen R Burke . 23 hours ago

Lisa Left Eye Lopez, a writing and rapping phenomenon. I miss her and what she brought this Earth and myself. (I'm a 66yr old white grams.) TLC spoke to me...

Makayla Johnson

Makayla Johnson . 1 day ago

100%smart👓 100%cool 😎 100%old school🏫 100%love❤

Your Hope My Hope

Your Hope My Hope . 1 day ago

Meaningful song.While most of the songs are about overworking yourself because of dreams,this one tells you to be safe and to not get into risk.


RACKOON . 1 day ago

Is that pharrel in there

Johnny Dickshot

Johnny Dickshot . 1 day ago

The only song that really did remind me of being young.

Como Me Puso Mi Papá

Como Me Puso Mi Papá . 1 day ago

Scream queens?

Michael Tarewicz

Michael Tarewicz . 1 day ago

This song is lit bruh!🔥💯

Michael Tarewicz

Michael Tarewicz . 1 day ago

Let this be a lesson to all the young people out there! The streets ant no game! Just watch this music video from TLC. If you have a girl friend and you go to third base, wrap it up! STDS is no joke and no fun and games! It's not worth it! A bullet has no name on it! It's not worth it!

Michael T

Michael T . 2 days ago

Who still listening December 2019?

Nathaniel Davenport

Nathaniel Davenport . 2 days ago

TLC 4LIFE 🔥🔥🔥🎧


Baha74816 . 2 days ago

This is actually a sad song. I love that and TLC


Music . 2 days ago

4:58 I wanted to say I would of laughed if the condom also disappeared, but upon re-watching it, WTF!?

kristopher smith

kristopher smith . 2 days ago

R.I.P Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez


vlogzzierandomer . 2 days ago

How have i only JUST realized what the lyrics at 2:58 mean. Holy crap. This song hits deep and tlc are NOT appreciated for what they did!

Rachelle Boeit Niet

Rachelle Boeit Niet . 3 days ago

Who's here because of Star?

sierra bell

sierra bell . 3 days ago

Im taking this junt to the grave with me fhito🔥🤷🏾‍♀️

Rene Haloc

Rene Haloc . 3 days ago

Came here because of scream queens

Kassandra Elia

Kassandra Elia . 3 days ago

RIP Lisa Left Eye Lopez

Kevwe Owe

Kevwe Owe . 3 days ago

Listening December 2019...

Youtube Red

Youtube Red . 4 days ago

Awesome song

The MightyM

The MightyM . 4 days ago

R.I.P. Left Eye

julian hugo

julian hugo . 4 days ago

If it wasnt for scream queens, i would have never listened to this song. I need season 3


YouTube핑쿠 . 5 days ago

고딩때 진짜 좋아했었는데... 지금도


Sergio . 5 days ago

I love the crazy people from the 90´s :D


Sergio . 5 days ago

Im Colombian. Reminds me of the afternoons doing homework when I was 9 years old :D

Erika Lewis

Erika Lewis . 5 days ago

December 2nd 2019 in the hizzy

Jessica Awesomeness

Jessica Awesomeness . 6 days ago

I love, love, love tlc, lol

Nurmulia Rekso

Nurmulia Rekso . 6 days ago

For a years i've been singing "don't go Jason waterfall," I thought the song is about someone name Jason, then I realize I'm wrong.

Lacian McArthur

Lacian McArthur . 6 days ago

In the video of Lisa moments before the car wreck, where were they even going??

Denis Nicoara

Denis Nicoara . 6 days ago

We're the millers:))

Queen Queen Queen Queen

Queen Queen Queen Queen . 6 days ago

TLC My Cousins That Do Get ALONG

Opang Jeweh

Opang Jeweh . 6 days ago

come here coz "we're the millers"

Zepher Gaming

Zepher Gaming . 6 days ago

Sub 2 TLC help them make their bread.

Matkhet Troufi

Matkhet Troufi . 6 days ago

Bonjour tout le monde'c est de la bonne musique '.en fait ce sont trois belles coupes' il faut choisir la meilleur ,pour la vie et éviter d'embourder.merci.TM.


WALKINGSOUL . 7 days ago

2019 this don't get played on my furnal i failed life

Stopdabbingkids -.-

Stopdabbingkids -.- . 7 days ago


Phebè Booth

Phebè Booth . 7 days ago

Whoa listening 2019? |||

LeeAnn Fabela

LeeAnn Fabela . 1 week ago


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