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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 6 months ago

This is Grayson and he fell for it just saying he fell for it so yeah I got him and he fell for it.

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Comments :

1the queen1

1the queen1 . 3 days ago

Grayson: U kept in your room the whole time I never got to play with it or figure out how to hold it Ethan: how do u figure out how to hold something Grayson Me: 😂😂😂😂

Golden Berret

Golden Berret . 5 days ago

Its a *play* button

Briqueen 108

Briqueen 108 . 5 days ago

7:08 1 mil? Dont you mean 10 mil cause thats what its supposed to be. Edit: oh I didnt realize 8:57 theres the 10 mil pieces


Twiglet . 6 days ago

Sliding into your DMs like 6:24


charcs_7 . 1 week ago

I think Ethan was so chill and in a good mood bcuz he was probs with Emma


charcs_7 . 1 week ago

11:29-11:30 Gray doesn’t even try but that was so hot idk y

Hi I like food

Hi I like food . 1 week ago

9:00 it doesn't even smell like the play button


Minty . 1 week ago

You know you can just b u y another right?

nehu Xoxox

nehu Xoxox . 1 week ago

*Maybe he should have painted the fake play button*

Jaki Poloai

Jaki Poloai . 1 week ago

ethan: iT dOeSnT eVeN sMeLl LiKe ThE pLaY bUtToN. grayson: WhAt DoEs A pLaY bUtToN sMeLl LiKe!? ethan: I dOnT kNoW!

Maya Segar

Maya Segar . 1 week ago

Into 1O million pieces

Brooklynn scott

Brooklynn scott . 1 week ago


Francisco DeCastro

Francisco DeCastro . 1 week ago

soul cycle prob with.. eMmA

Johannes Vermylen

Johannes Vermylen . 2 weeks ago


Bridie Bri

Bridie Bri . 2 weeks ago

10 million pieces of the fake play button that means every dolan twin subscriber has a fake play button piece how cool

Nikeborutoelite Yt

Nikeborutoelite Yt . 2 weeks ago

Is the YouTube diamond play button real diamond

Jules Seighman

Jules Seighman . 2 weeks ago

Why is that like the best prank ever! Like I know that a diamond play button is like everything to YouTubers!!!! Crazy

The Double H’s

The Double H’s . 2 weeks ago

Sorry I’m OCDing out put the play button in the middle of the case thing No hate


Orangesanta8415 . 2 weeks ago

If this ever did happen you can buy a diamond play button for like $5,000 from YouTube lol

Lu ssgjj

Lu ssgjj . 2 weeks ago

grayson is really cool at building i mean why isn't everyone talking bout this?


ilurinq.o . 2 weeks ago

Grayson: breaks fake play button Ethan: bro wtf Ethan: yea im keeping it in my room Grayson: ARE YOU JOKING WHERE IS THIS SUPPOSED TO GO THEN????????????

Campbell Nielsen

Campbell Nielsen . 2 weeks ago

What’s the music called that you play throughout you intro and outro?

1,000 subs for pizza

1,000 subs for pizza . 2 weeks ago


Mason Correa

Mason Correa . 2 weeks ago

On faze rugs video he said that you could oder a new one

Lps Wildwolverine

Lps Wildwolverine . 2 weeks ago

I love how he blamed youtube first instead of his brother 😂😂

Lps Wildwolverine

Lps Wildwolverine . 2 weeks ago

Please don’t make fun of me, but I dint know that the diamond play button was made out of diamond..isn’t diamond rare??

Wonho Bubbles

Wonho Bubbles . 2 weeks ago

I was so scared that Ethan would have popped off on Grayson

sm0kingxdreems 06

sm0kingxdreems 06 . 2 weeks ago

Grayson: Sleepy f*ck Ethan: Cocky f*ck 😂

Juliet Cohn

Juliet Cohn . 2 weeks ago

just realized gray has a wildflower case 😂

Goose Le Flercken

Goose Le Flercken . 2 weeks ago

Grayson: break into a million pieces Me: NO! It's gonna break into 10 millions pieces


xBiceK . 2 weeks ago

Diamond can destroyed only by diamond


IBRPTR . 2 weeks ago

play ba en

Kayla Melendez

Kayla Melendez . 2 weeks ago

ok but can grayson do tutorials of how to build cool shit like dat

Seth Allen

Seth Allen . 2 weeks ago

Just make your own YouTube channels and you will both will get one

CRICK Soldier

CRICK Soldier . 2 weeks ago

Bro you can get a new one faze rug got it

Eppla Watermelonie

Eppla Watermelonie . 3 weeks ago

We all have to appreciate grason's acting skills🙏🙏🙏

AJ - 07RT - Tomken Road MS (1153)

AJ - 07RT - Tomken Road MS (1153) . 3 weeks ago

Me just noticing Ethan look like Wolverine?

The lit Kid

The lit Kid . 3 weeks ago

“Ethans at soul cycle” *Emma liked that*

Ace End {cute,smart,brave,strong}

Ace End {cute,smart,brave,strong} . 3 weeks ago

I liked the prank.Gryson


BdonDaGREENKing . 3 weeks ago

I heard you could buy another play button if you hit the mile stone.

Ruach Hakodesh Ruach Hakodesh

Ruach Hakodesh Ruach Hakodesh . 3 weeks ago

0:16...*sigh* i havent even whatched the video yet and i dont know what to say...🤦‍♀️

Batsaikhan Ninj

Batsaikhan Ninj . 3 weeks ago

Plot twist:He actually broke the real one


KIT KAT KIT KAT . 3 weeks ago

This is why you need separate channels XD

Special Beef

Special Beef . 3 weeks ago

Idk whÿ lazerbeam has more subs

Chelsea The Ballerina

Chelsea The Ballerina . 3 weeks ago

5:38 when the water in the shower is too hot 😂

Bales Dickens

Bales Dickens . 3 weeks ago

Who’s the camera man?

raccoxnz x

raccoxnz x . 3 weeks ago

What's the song at 9:52?

Jeannie the weirdo

Jeannie the weirdo . 4 weeks ago

Is it just me or is Grayson shorter than ethan

Jeannie the weirdo

Jeannie the weirdo . 4 weeks ago

The shitty thing that YouTube did was they gave pewdipie a crappy playbotton so yeah💫😆

Ybnk Groovy

Ybnk Groovy . 4 weeks ago

6:36 9:30 ( most of the comments are talking about this) yw😉

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