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Published on 8 years ago

BEYBLADE (TOUPIE) 4D TOURNAMENT Our Website https://bit.ly/2AYVmuG

Our Web Store https://bit.ly/2UmXvJs


Please read full rules before entering any clicking in here
https://bit.ly/2E6hqXk Beyblade Burst Chozetsu
Beyblade Burst Cho-Z
Beyblade Burst Slingshock Turbo Hasbro
탑 블레이드 버스트
Бейблэйд взрыв
Вибух з бейбладом

Comments :

Betsy Acosta

Betsy Acosta . 1 year ago


Shetty Vaishali

Shetty Vaishali . 2 years ago

do you want to battle with my home made golden pegasus zankye tell yes or no Deal

Shetty Vaishali

Shetty Vaishali . 2 years ago

do you want to battle with my home made golden pegasus


BENDY THE INK DEMON ???? . 2 years ago

Ldrago wins in style

Paul Haynes

Paul Haynes . 2 years ago

who else watching in 2017

Random Gamer 23

Random Gamer 23 . 2 years ago

Fake 4d beys XD

Phantomlime 7199

Phantomlime 7199 . 3 years ago

I love your videos but i am waiting for a battle with l drago and storm Pegasus see my friend dad works in hasro and he tells me what bayblade are best to se battle

Rainbow Tornado Daymen Tornado

Rainbow Tornado Daymen Tornado . 3 years ago

Your so cute

Andres Toledo

Andres Toledo . 3 years ago


Yom Maz

Yom Maz . 3 years ago

hello zankey

Jessica Winters

Jessica Winters . 3 years ago

:( I miss the 2011 - 2012 zankye.

confused boi ?

confused boi ? . 3 years ago

this coost a lot of munys

confused boi ?

confused boi ? . 3 years ago


Natasha Davidson

Natasha Davidson . 3 years ago

what that frist staudum

Josh Talas

Josh Talas . 3 years ago

Pegasus jumper

Bernadine Allen

Bernadine Allen . 3 years ago

I like your videos. Where do you get all of those beyblades?

Tanki Unlimited

Tanki Unlimited . 4 years ago

OMG!He did'nt shout!!!!!!!!!!!LOOOOOLZ : ()


GhostInArmour . 4 years ago

hes calmer than now

Derek Crawford

Derek Crawford . 4 years ago

I bet he have about 50 beys or more

Chale Peters

Chale Peters . 4 years ago

beyblade great wintergiveaway 2016

sudha rani

sudha rani . 4 years ago

I loved when Aquario lost

Tyrion Harris

Tyrion Harris . 4 years ago

send me thoes

Sean Soo

Sean Soo . 4 years ago

stadium r.i.p

Bryan Netto

Bryan Netto . 4 years ago

Zanyke your vids are cool

Jayden Hawkins

Jayden Hawkins . 4 years ago

Your videos are awesome let see if one of your beys can beat my undefeated 88 and 0 in my octagon beyblade stadium @zanyke


Blackhawk306 . 4 years ago

I have the bey spirit

top 5 bruh moments

top 5 bruh moments . 5 years ago

Canada day 2015

nethan lawrence

nethan lawrence . 5 years ago

In 3d everything is very near but in 4d every thing is like 2d

Chirag Malik

Chirag Malik . 5 years ago

Cool video

Chirag Malik

Chirag Malik . 5 years ago

Amazing video

Eduardo Ramos

Eduardo Ramos . 5 years ago

not cool get another player with you


LadyBird . 5 years ago

thats lightning l drago dummy

Alexy the Galexy

Alexy the Galexy . 5 years ago

He seems so young in this video

Hassan Habib113

Hassan Habib113 . 5 years ago

No I think they're not fake

jayden tirado

jayden tirado . 5 years ago

Zankye, bring 2 launchers and 19 beyblades ok zankye ? :)

jayden tirado

jayden tirado . 5 years ago

Ok zankye

jayden tirado

jayden tirado . 5 years ago

Zankye, come in my house on castle hill in April 5.

mr awesomeness

mr awesomeness . 5 years ago

cool video

Valerie Ayertey

Valerie Ayertey . 5 years ago

this is  cool

Gabriel Fone

Gabriel Fone . 5 years ago


Shaheer Khawaja

Shaheer Khawaja . 5 years ago

are those beys fake


Ted JSC . 5 years ago

What does toupie mean?

Y. Munoz

Y. Munoz . 5 years ago

i love zankye and his beys.

jalen S

jalen S . 6 years ago

+WilliamTan DoesGaming *Grammar*

Kyle Yambao

Kyle Yambao . 6 years ago

Eh late rip for l drago but still a good video

Diego Tapias

Diego Tapias . 6 years ago

Nice launcher!!!

Abz Abdul

Abz Abdul . 6 years ago

How do to make your bablade be defence mode and attack and dose it work for every bablade?????

Tisha R

Tisha R . 6 years ago


Jordan Privette

Jordan Privette . 6 years ago

you not excited as you are in you other videos.

Callum Thornton

Callum Thornton . 6 years ago

awesome #

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