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Switching Lives With Jeffree Star
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 4 months ago

We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles

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Last Week's Video - https://www.csyoutube.com/watch/xnRnM_9Xn-0

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Comments :

Pau Mel

Pau Mel . 3 hours ago

Damn, i've never laughed so hard with a videoooo😂

Carolina Masnu

Carolina Masnu . 5 hours ago

No usen popotes q contaminan

Sophia Montoya

Sophia Montoya . 5 hours ago

Jeffree:ohh hiii Random guy: *starts dancing* Jeffree: oh that's enough to sexuall Alamo jeffree: he like humping the glass 😂😂😂

TJ Studios

TJ Studios . 6 hours ago

I hate watching this video knowing that Nate and Jeffree broke up this iconic couple is gone!!

Ana Zelaya

Ana Zelaya . 8 hours ago

That was hilarious 😂 loved it and didn’t think I would laugh so much, good times ✌🏻


TEE HEE . 9 hours ago

I would have felt bad just spending 100 dollars


TEE HEE . 9 hours ago

i was dying on the reveal

Ray Taltoan

Ray Taltoan . 11 hours ago

Guaranteed a $25 signup no scam no bulshit

Angelina Marie

Angelina Marie . 11 hours ago

ethan lowkey looks like nikki minaj

Mia Mia

Mia Mia . 11 hours ago

Jeffree: the cheapest bag I have is like 20,000 Me seeing a bag for 60 bucks: what the fuc-

Taylor Kohl

Taylor Kohl . 12 hours ago

When they came outta the dressing room 👀👀👀 whew lmao

TheCrazy A's

TheCrazy A's . 14 hours ago

no one: Ethan: *licking a jawbreaker*


gamora . 16 hours ago

**the Dolan twins pretending they’re not rich for 40 minutes straight**


RedCrypticness . 16 hours ago

They kinda looked like Gordon Ramsey with make up on


StormyBoiii . 19 hours ago

16:43 Is it just me or does the camera guy somewhat look like cole sprouse


Hplekk18 . 23 hours ago

Someone tell me what “she’s serving h’s miss thing” means

misho neev

misho neev . 1 day ago



bones . 1 day ago

Why can’t they have dairy? Lactose intolerant or diet?

Kaleb Pereira

Kaleb Pereira . 1 day ago

I am in 2020

Isabella Nguy

Isabella Nguy . 1 day ago

“$54,000, but you can’t put a price on happiness.” “Alright ring her up!” The twins: WAIT WHAT


firixx . 1 day ago

the dolan twins looked like tan asians.


dginyard6 . 2 days ago

Jeffree looks like an emaciated Engineer.


Emibeebe:3 . 2 days ago

i want to be jeffery stars bff like not because of what she has but because i feel like she would be so much fn fun to be around 😍😍😍

Jon Fanis Kousouris

Jon Fanis Kousouris . 2 days ago

I like switching too ;)

Tomasz Łaszcz

Tomasz Łaszcz . 2 days ago

stara używana gaby co nakręca seks sceny i pochodzi z biednej wenezueli wyszła za byle cristobala 2 lata młodszego i zrobiła sobie z nim dziecko 4 lata z nim była i zagrała w santa diabla i miała dziecko z byle kozą i dawała byle grajkowi g*wniarzowi aronowi ży**kowi byle komu co gra na pierd**olonym saksofonie i temu 4 lata starszemu umbertowi co się rozwiódł z paskudą i zrobił byle paula i w rzeczywistości też ma paskudę i ten umberto był wściekły że on ją kocha a ona byle komu daje i się mścił i na końcu umarł a ona że niby się mściła za byle kozę co się zabierał potem za paskudy i ślepe bo stara używana gaby byle komu daje a ży**dek aron wylądował w psychiatryku i oszalał i gra nie jest dla mnie a taka jak z rozstania i powroty to niech przychodzi i mnie prosi żebym ją przeleciał i przeprasza za to co zrobiła żebym ją przeleciał


Jelly . 2 days ago

They look like khloe kardashian before surgery

Lena Jessen

Lena Jessen . 2 days ago

36:21 I’m fucking dead


Sadd . 2 days ago

Why they look like girls though in a thumbnail


XxBisexualGachaGamerxX . 2 days ago

i just laughed SOOOO much when the woman flashed and just thourgh the video i couldnt hear much cause i was laughing my heart out LMAO


KREYEZ . 2 days ago

This is so gay lmao

sean moulder

sean moulder . 2 days ago

yall look like trisha


g_nieve . 2 days ago

And also no eyebrows! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lillie Singleton

Lillie Singleton . 2 days ago

Jefferee is kind of annoying. He’s like rubbing his money in their faces.

Isabella Nguy

Isabella Nguy . 2 days ago

Rip Jeffree and Nate 😔😭

ali fyfe

ali fyfe . 2 days ago

Im here because of Jeffree. But you twins look good. The Dolan Sisters!! you both look beautiful

mabel CHarlie

mabel CHarlie . 3 days ago

But i would never think there would be triplets

Hazel E

Hazel E . 3 days ago

Y’all look like star off the tv star 😹

Isabella Murray

Isabella Murray . 3 days ago

This called me broke in seven different languages

Sophia Mendoza

Sophia Mendoza . 3 days ago

32:34 not gonna lie you guys look... Just wow but I just gotta comment BLAckPinK iN YoUR AreA hahahaha

London Savvy

London Savvy . 3 days ago

Wow they turned into some real bad bitches!!


EmilyDerp1234 . 3 days ago

If it's not a cookie in the morning what is it? Jefree:Depression..

Willy McB

Willy McB . 3 days ago

Great video!

Madison Rivera

Madison Rivera . 3 days ago

The faces they make when Jeffree tells them the prices of the purses 😂 Why did I immediately think of Shane's face at the same time

Madison Rivera

Madison Rivera . 3 days ago

I know I am SUPER late to the game but the ROBES!!!! The guys looked so cool in them!

Electric Toothbrush Man Electric Toothbrush Man

Electric Toothbrush Man Electric Toothbrush Man . 3 days ago

How is Jeffrey star skinny? All he eats is junk food!

Victoria Ortiz

Victoria Ortiz . 3 days ago

literally, love this

Nadine Fourie

Nadine Fourie . 4 days ago

This reminds me SO much of white chicks ahah

Umm Don’t say that

Umm Don’t say that . 4 days ago

36:23 is the reason of my username 😉😂

Margareth Clementine

Margareth Clementine . 4 days ago

what is happening at 25:45 😂 can anyone explain? 😂

sera sharma

sera sharma . 4 days ago

Wait did Ethan say Jurassic?

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