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Kanye West - Closed On Sunday (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live! / 2019)


Published on 1 month ago






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JESUS PIECES . 1 hour ago

pink hair weirdo just standing there

Enchanted Awakenings

Enchanted Awakenings . 4 hours ago

Freak what anybody says, I never listened to Kanye till he got on this path. You are what you eat right?

Karla Silva

Karla Silva . 4 hours ago

I’m just freaking out that the building where bon Appétit is filmed is right next to where the the oculus is

Tonio Music

Tonio Music . 9 hours ago

He is a sponge, bob... being around singers made kanye a better singer

The Yang Lord

The Yang Lord . 15 hours ago


Christian Uzoechi Ministries

Christian Uzoechi Ministries . 18 hours ago

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Christian Uzoechi Ministries

Christian Uzoechi Ministries . 18 hours ago

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Shaun Burns

Shaun Burns . 20 hours ago

Not even close to true gospel music

White'n Black

White'n Black . 21 hours ago


Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin . 1 day ago

I stopped watching Kimmel because he was getting too political. Made an exception since he had Kanye on. 👍🏼


TINY EVIL SIDE . 1 day ago

They way he said “Chic-Fil-A”... I feel that!

Joel Scheen

Joel Scheen . 1 day ago

I don't give a f, for religious, but damn is the album Good!!


stef . 1 day ago

jarring frame rate change at the end there


Saratoga . 1 day ago

“ all the lights “ remember those good old days

Stenio Moura

Stenio Moura . 1 day ago

Parabéns, ficou uma m****.!

Khalil Guzmán Ntm

Khalil Guzmán Ntm . 2 days ago

We don’t follow jesus,jesus will follow us

Gorgeous Lady

Gorgeous Lady . 2 days ago

So if he is gonna change! Is he gonna leave Kim since she Doesn't want to Change?.

Raxа Usmonov

Raxа Usmonov . 2 days ago

dude with red hairs coolest moving to the rhythm

mounir rahali

mounir rahali . 2 days ago


Valentine Ezegwu

Valentine Ezegwu . 2 days ago

I’m glad to have witnessed such greatness that is Kanye west.

Renee Chhina

Renee Chhina . 2 days ago

Omg this is his best music ever well done Kanye

Intan Sugianto

Intan Sugianto . 2 days ago

What's up with all of the Kimmel referenced comments? Is he an atheist or something??

Daniciele Reis

Daniciele Reis . 2 days ago


Vivian Liu

Vivian Liu . 2 days ago

EVen if I take this walk alone!

Aaron Ryan

Aaron Ryan . 2 days ago

Watch this video the Truth about Kanye West Just playing you guy's as a Foo and taken you're 💰 https://youtu.be/lSg9OFYu82g

LaWanDa Williams

LaWanDa Williams . 3 days ago

I just love it.😊


ZANDILE KUNENE . 3 days ago

"It's written in the sand" 🔥

Maria Torcate

Maria Torcate . 3 days ago


Иван Олифер

Иван Олифер . 3 days ago

Kanye Is A New Jesus!


PAVCHO ARMENIO . 3 days ago

Best of the best


4TheRepublic . 3 days ago

Kanye is sort of like rap’s Johnny cash now

lana Karolyne

lana Karolyne . 3 days ago

Jesus é rei

isra tube

isra tube . 3 days ago

Dont sing for jesus and grab your D in the same time bro...

Selamina K

Selamina K . 3 days ago

God bless you and your family!


offthebooks . 3 days ago

why us he dressed like a grandpa ?

Brittney Randolph

Brittney Randolph . 4 days ago

I wonder how much he pays his choir

Dilan Cansız

Dilan Cansız . 4 days ago

I think this is the first time that I find Kanye amazing

Esaie Prince

Esaie Prince . 4 days ago

we no longer write on stone tablets but these men take stones from the ground to show their worth-- you can not find a wife with a diamond???? you knowthey kill children for them?, you no you cant eat them? you now they are better used in lasers for technology....? but adore grown men who put them intheir ears. GOD YOU TOOK THE SHACKLES OFF OUR FEET but we put THEM IN OUR MINDS...the SABBATH IS THE 7TH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mily Rose

Mily Rose . 4 days ago

I see already in couple of years someone will watch this video and say ,,Oh man I miss this kind of music,so good times,today s music is shit😭".

Manuelle YERLY

Manuelle YERLY . 4 days ago

i find interesting Kanye WEST revivid the gospel traditions and enlarge the audience

Tha Legendary

Tha Legendary . 4 days ago

This is nice💯

Michael Anthony Ortega Herrera

Michael Anthony Ortega Herrera . 4 days ago

Sunday isn't the sabbath people open your eyes he lieng to you Friday sunset to Saturday sunset is the sabbath the seventh day the Lord rested on the sabbath


Amy . 4 days ago

Here it comes! Attack of the dummies! Get ready, don't be caught living your life on Sunday now... And hope you girls don't get knocked up cause you're havin it now!


Amy . 4 days ago

Man, this is trash. Sorry


alrightthen . 4 days ago

Spanish lyrics :) https://youtu.be/UuejFO5JvtQ

Jeff Taber

Jeff Taber . 4 days ago

I sincerely hope it is real....and can stand the tests to come....even if he finds himself broken, broke, shunned, and alone. Fame, fortune, and the limelight are hard things to give up for Christ. When tested...who will be found still standing for Christ. Who are we when no one is looking?

Michael Alan

Michael Alan . 4 days ago

Takes a man to stand up and display your love for God this day and age. Kudos to him. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Fred Micho

Fred Micho . 4 days ago

Merci kanye west

Fred Micho

Fred Micho . 4 days ago

Yeah man u got IT Bro 😎👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦

Fee Mac

Fee Mac . 4 days ago

Everybody will kno that JESUS IS KING!

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