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Billie Eilish - bad guy


Published on 8 months ago

Listen to "bad guy" from the debut album "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", out now: http://smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing bad guy. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


Comments :

CoBeTcKa9l AMePuKa

CoBeTcKa9l AMePuKa . 3 minutes ago

Tired of your American music, another thing Russian) Narkotiki ne class, mi edim na hardbass

nasser furat

nasser furat . 4 minutes ago

منو هنا عراقي او عربي

SovietPhoenix Gaming

SovietPhoenix Gaming . 4 minutes ago

this is shit lol


NkGaMeR . 5 minutes ago

-im a bad guy-

4kT all the way

4kT all the way . 6 minutes ago

Me: I'm the bad guy Teacher: Duhh

Thinky Playz

Thinky Playz . 6 minutes ago

Are we gonna ignore that the top comment has 1.5M likes?!?!

aniket k

aniket k . 13 minutes ago

Who is over her after watching a Bombshell trailer

Miguel From wii sports resort

Miguel From wii sports resort . 14 minutes ago

I hate the song.. but Seth evermans comment... I had to check.

Landon Lawson

Landon Lawson . 17 minutes ago

I’m the rad guy

David gamerer

David gamerer . 28 minutes ago

Watch this with no audio

เฟย์& ฟอร์ง

เฟย์& ฟอร์ง . 29 minutes ago


Savage Amoeba

Savage Amoeba . 32 minutes ago

video uploaded on my birthday!

ANiallater 33

ANiallater 33 . 35 minutes ago

I’m just confused with the choreography here.

The Mangle Br

The Mangle Br . 37 minutes ago

😍 i love you Billie!😍

Michy Slime

Michy Slime . 40 minutes ago


Shara Star

Shara Star . 45 minutes ago

Ok just ignore me guys I just came here for the bald guy comment


AlexcraftedRD . 53 minutes ago

i'm a the shit guy

Emu Duckie

Emu Duckie . 55 minutes ago

I’m the peaaaaaaaasant, duh.

Hunter Connell

Hunter Connell . 57 minutes ago

This song fucking sucks dude

Nicolas Favre

Nicolas Favre . 1 hour ago

661 millions views for this crap !!! I understand better now why the world is going to collapse soon; Thanks to the 661 millions people for your enlightenment.

Flecso 79

Flecso 79 . 1 hour ago

2:45 a 3:26 relleno en mi opinión

Rahsaan Sanders

Rahsaan Sanders . 1 hour ago

Ima cringe guy

Joelle meaning Jehovah is God

Joelle meaning Jehovah is God . 1 hour ago

Trust in Jesus people. He will make a way for you. Give your life to him. Time is running out. Hurry. He loves you but hates your sins. Repent forgive others and yourself then ask Jesus for forgiveness by becoming reborn again and you shall be saved .

Noodle Games

Noodle Games . 1 hour ago

never seen a comment with 1.5 million likes jesus shit fuck

Kevin Gonzalo Linares Linares

Kevin Gonzalo Linares Linares . 1 hour ago

Simply stupid


Leͥgeͣnͫd . 1 hour ago

Im here just to like "im the bald guy"

Greendozen ID

Greendozen ID . 1 hour ago

I'm not a social media guy, i just knew this singer last night. Some of her music level might be above standard, some i said. But, i really don't understand why people around the world really hyped crazily about her Idolized her like she's a jesus's daughter Now I'm happy to be out from social media If not, she's gonna hypnotized me as well Fvck Instagram, Fvck Facebook, Fvck Twitter 50% fvck youtube, cuz i still need it for watch gaming channel Fvck you!

Silveradoyo ninguno Casas

Silveradoyo ninguno Casas . 2 hours ago


Salima Windsor

Salima Windsor . 2 hours ago

Billie eilish: breathes 14 yr olds : I'm 14 and this is deep


Xteven . 2 hours ago

Como es que les gusta esta mierda😂😂😂

evan mason

evan mason . 2 hours ago

Baldo mode

Hemo Essa

Hemo Essa . 2 hours ago

And now I have eye cancer

jonnathan jonzalez

jonnathan jonzalez . 2 hours ago

IV fichitl

Jon Jon Tv

Jon Jon Tv . 2 hours ago

I’m the black guy

Evelyn Venus

Evelyn Venus . 2 hours ago

Those are some cute pigeons

lina Guinea

lina Guinea . 2 hours ago

Wtf is this shit


VlCTORY ROYAL3 . 2 hours ago

Director: How do you want 14 year girl to act Billie: yes

1,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

1,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos . 2 hours ago

I’m gonna be honest, I’m only here to check Seth’s comment

Mike Over Kill

Mike Over Kill . 2 hours ago

Absolutamente nadie : El men que diferencia billie eilish de nicki nickole .Estoy mamadisimo jpg.

Düşünen insan

Düşünen insan . 2 hours ago

The walking dead billie

joseph smith

joseph smith . 2 hours ago


18 Sedra Naeem

18 Sedra Naeem . 2 hours ago


oh yeah yeah

oh yeah yeah . 2 hours ago

i wanna be the that is using his mouth as a bowl for cereal

Não NaoLima

Não NaoLima . 2 hours ago

Alguém do Brasil???? Amo essa música 😍😍🤗😆

Kostyak Belinski

Kostyak Belinski . 2 hours ago

Truth be told, she just vibin

pirabloxgaming YT

pirabloxgaming YT . 2 hours ago


Bartek Kay

Bartek Kay . 2 hours ago

The corruption of Billie Eilish begins.

Emu Duckie

Emu Duckie . 2 hours ago

Rewind 2019 billie!

ThatOne GuyTM

ThatOne GuyTM . 2 hours ago

Who tf is the bald guy??

Random Stuff In Oregon

Random Stuff In Oregon . 2 hours ago

I have ONE problem with Billie Eilish, and that is the fact that like half the girls at my school want to be her, and yet they still act all edgy and different. So every day I'm surrounded by 500 "edgy" Billie Eilish wannabes.

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