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kimmo tapiola

kimmo tapiola . 7 months ago

this nothing harden shot 2/23 in my mycareet

Supa Slime

Supa Slime . 1 year ago

If Westbrook did this omg y’all cock sucking bitches would have soooo much to say

Stephen x

Stephen x . 1 year ago


jinyu Guo

jinyu Guo . 1 year ago

To much 1 on 1 isolation plays

cameron Williams

cameron Williams . 1 year ago

Half of y’all joning him either Timberwolves fans, Warriors fans, Cavs fans, or Harden haters that like LeBron faded hairline having ahh

Captain Caleb

Captain Caleb . 1 year ago

This was not an MVP moment for James Harden

Lambo Zone

Lambo Zone . 1 year ago

Imagine if lebron did this

Jonathan Shoucair

Jonathan Shoucair . 1 year ago

Game Six Harden back in action

Headshot Sensei

Headshot Sensei . 1 year ago

They focused all their attention on stopping harden. One lay up had four defenders. No wonder they never threatened after the first quarter

Apollo Off

Apollo Off . 1 year ago

His team stepped up n he made up on d his team got his back


MalRulesAll . 1 year ago

come on harden

Aadil_ yrn

Aadil_ yrn . 1 year ago

3 blk


MF DOOM . 1 year ago

But if Steph went 2-15 from the field y’all would’ve been quick to say he’s still the mvp. Everyone has a bad game that doesn’t mean u downplay him

J Jack

J Jack . 1 year ago

Still the MVP

John Nguyen

John Nguyen . 1 year ago

play off harden

Lim Sam

Lim Sam . 1 year ago

That's my mvp

Thai Do

Thai Do . 1 year ago

choke :(

Baltimore shit

Baltimore shit . 1 year ago

He gotta rest them legs

Ryan Walters

Ryan Walters . 1 year ago

Looks like he learned more from his time with Westbrook than I thought


Plebtile . 1 year ago

This is actually a Houston highlight since if this happened a year ago they would have been blown out.

Deodat Lawson

Deodat Lawson . 1 year ago

Here we go again...

sourdeezle doc

sourdeezle doc . 1 year ago

“Nba 2k18”*😂😂😂

you are domb

you are domb . 1 year ago

Harden haters are so lame

Fateh Fini

Fateh Fini . 1 year ago

he gotta thank his teammates for showing up

Damian Salazar

Damian Salazar . 1 year ago

He had 3 steals and 3 blocks including that block on dieng


James . 1 year ago

Harden still the MVP of the regular season but hopefully he will bounce back next game!

Nehemiah Moore

Nehemiah Moore . 1 year ago

One thing butler did was lock him down and he’s hurt

Jeriah Miller

Jeriah Miller . 1 year ago

About time the refs stay off his nuta...this is what happens when he doesnt get his normal 15 ft a game smh and still 7 of his 12 points were from the line...meanwhile LeBron puts up 46 and only wins by 3 just imagine if you would switch harden and lebron


wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928 . 1 year ago

MVP in regular season. In the playoffs, hes just a glorified cj miles.

Jihad Muhammad

Jihad Muhammad . 1 year ago

Guys are real salty in the comments, the dude played like ass get over it😂

Benjamin Grunert

Benjamin Grunert . 1 year ago

People saying Harden isn't MVP because he has one game where he shot horribly and his team still WON BY TWENTY. While last game the dude dropped 44 to clinch a huge game 1 dub. But the haters ain't talking about that one are they?

Lunar Luger

Lunar Luger . 1 year ago

The bricks in the thumbnail LOL

Wood Chips

Wood Chips . 1 year ago

Paying homage to his game 6 against the spurs


Miltonman100 . 1 year ago

He shot like Garbage but im glad he impcted the game in other ways atleast

D'Tāh TeVï

D'Tāh TeVï . 1 year ago

Sacrificed his shooting for D

Neef K

Neef K . 1 year ago

Playoff harden came early


lilyusi . 1 year ago that u?😭

htxtexans 713

htxtexans 713 . 1 year ago

😂😂😂 as a rockets fan, can't lie this was funny lowlights. But we won rednation!!! Up 2-0 now that all that matters.


Beewah溢 . 1 year ago

lowlights lmao, HoH salty ass channel.

Brandon Vaovasa

Brandon Vaovasa . 1 year ago

everyone was massing tho cp3 and capela were the only ones on


Beewah溢 . 1 year ago

3 blk and 3 steals, more d

Father and Son

Father and Son . 1 year ago

harden on playoffmode

John KT

John KT . 1 year ago

I dont understand Minnesota...they had a great start,Harden didnt shoot well clearly and KAT was initially aggressive. Then i stopped watching,how did they still get slapped?

Undercover King

Undercover King . 1 year ago

Went 2-18 and his team still won by 20 he ain’t the MVP

Edward Bell

Edward Bell . 1 year ago

This the MVP? In a PLAYOFF game? Lmao

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman . 1 year ago

y’all really were waiting for harden to have one bad game so you could finally do this and slander him lmfao

Sam H

Sam H . 1 year ago

This man actually had 3 steals and 3 blocks. Lowlights my ass. He played well defensively

Lin He

Lin He . 1 year ago

Didn't matter. The Wolves ran shitty offense anyway.

Sacory Garrett

Sacory Garrett . 1 year ago


313 JMO

313 JMO . 1 year ago

Dude aint the mvp been trying to tell yall.

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