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Published on 1 year ago

Purchased a mystery box off of the Dark Web. Since I am uploading this video that means that I am alive and that I will keep making videos on the Dark Web. hahahahaha Jasko 1-0 Dark Web.


Tags (ignore this lol):

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Comments :

Jennifer Aguiar

Jennifer Aguiar . 4 weeks ago

Omg your fucking address everyone that does this uses po box not there house address wtf ru nuts

Michael Patten

Michael Patten . 2 months ago

Might be blood. It dries into a blackish brown color after it coagulates then dries

Ryanne Jeannine

Ryanne Jeannine . 2 months ago

Buys a mystery box from the dark web and then goes to a park to open it 😂😂 I love it 😂

Nick Lindsey

Nick Lindsey . 2 months ago

You can’t use PayPal on the dark web...bitcoin only

Storm Fairy

Storm Fairy . 2 months ago

Late to the dance but you are my fav YouTuber! STAY SAFE!

Lexi Pierce

Lexi Pierce . 3 months ago

Lmao the walmart box-cutter thoooo 😂😂😂 literally worked at walmart and have a few of those lying around my house.

Terri Bonham

Terri Bonham . 3 months ago

Why do you keep giving your your address how stupid are you my gosh

Alan Hanna

Alan Hanna . 3 months ago

gloves on first

D King

D King . 3 months ago

Probably things he enjoyed as a kid or in general


Ashley . 3 months ago


Sabrina Wilson

Sabrina Wilson . 4 months ago

the guy on your left, the one in the grey tshirt is really cute.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith . 4 months ago

Been watching a bunch of your stuff as some commented below you have a great voice....maybe try doing creepy pasta instead! Watching completely out of order so yeah hope you stopped this insanity! You should have had a PO BOX and junk computer.

Misty Barnes

Misty Barnes . 4 months ago

It might be just me, but if tools come with electronics that obviously would open one of the electronic.... I would take it apart. Might be something inside it. Lol also I absolutely love ur vids. Sub and bell here! I wish I had a friend that would do mystery boxes. I'd be there with them too :)

The Black Widow

The Black Widow . 6 months ago

not creepy

Poetry Rivera

Poetry Rivera . 6 months ago

I was thinking. Maybe the screwdriver is for the nintendo wii. Did you try opening it. IDK just came to my thoughts.

Half-Blood Princess

Half-Blood Princess . 7 months ago

I'm just wondering like, shouldn't you have opened the earphone box? Just 'cause it was for earphones, doesn't mean that's what was in the box. Could've been something else creepy.

Leachim Arednesch

Leachim Arednesch . 7 months ago

you had the balls. but maybe this was a bad mistake... dont mess with the dark web. its not a safe place to be.

Clay Wolfgang

Clay Wolfgang . 7 months ago

you can only use bitcoin on the dark web yet you said this "guy" immediately wanted to send you a paypal invoice.... where "he" can get tracked.... hm 🤔also giving "him" your home address poggers

Squeak Mouse

Squeak Mouse . 8 months ago

Smell bad=not a good first sign lol

813. floridajitt

813. floridajitt . 8 months ago

Homie in the yellow Jinx the stalker watching you on your YouTube channel frok ur computer😭

Amy Louise

Amy Louise . 8 months ago

At least you have gloves on

Mandy Lehman

Mandy Lehman . 8 months ago

Why didn’t you open the ear piece box? There could have been something crazy in there

Heather Pruden

Heather Pruden . 8 months ago

I would have hooked up the wii u. There could have been something stored on it.

Hailey Grooters

Hailey Grooters . 8 months ago

You have a soothing voice but sometimes I wish you would speak louder

Utsao fire

Utsao fire . 9 months ago

ur friends are not good and is destroing my mode

Marta K.

Marta K. . 9 months ago

You don't want to die, but giving him your real name and address doesn't bother you.

Hunter Hammond

Hunter Hammond . 9 months ago

Jasko, I love you.. But you're a fucking idiot. First, people on the dark web don't use PayPal. Second, you have him YOUR ACTUAL ADDRESS?!

Kiba Shira

Kiba Shira . 10 months ago

The pill looks like one of the medicine I take daily


JAY RCJETS . 10 months ago

You do know ordering shit off the darkweb sends alarm bells right?


Erin.Godess . 10 months ago

Where’s the video for the CD


Victoria . 10 months ago

Dont have them actually go to ur actual house adress! Have them fo to like shoppers or another shipping store. So you can just go pick it up

Casie Harrod :Hell Bunny:

Casie Harrod :Hell Bunny: . 10 months ago

Loved watching this the guy at the end dancing 🕺 🤣

I. Wynn Wynn

I. Wynn Wynn . 11 months ago

Why would someone who puts a nose 👃 on a smile 😃 face a creep?


A B . 11 months ago

Is this real


pinkpastelhearts . 11 months ago

you guys crack me up especially the friend in the yellow shirt who did a derpy dance behind you LMFAO plus i love your all's accent <3

Brandi Dorres

Brandi Dorres . 11 months ago

Wtf are you thinking using your address dumb ass😡and yet you don't want to die?!

Christina S

Christina S . 11 months ago

Look up the pill

Aya Archer

Aya Archer . 11 months ago

wish you would drug test the pill. i want to know what it is

Nick OLE

Nick OLE . 11 months ago

Wow! Cocaine

Makeup Ghost

Makeup Ghost . 12 months ago

You look like Mac Miller

Gh3tto Rapunz3l

Gh3tto Rapunz3l . 12 months ago

So i just looked up the pill. It is called nac acetylcysteine. It is perscribed by doctors for cystic fybrosis or copd. It is a vitiman that helps build Antioxidiants

Marvin vMo

Marvin vMo . 12 months ago

So i wrote a couple comments on your Videos on your current Situation with nexion and the O9A and now i see how this started.. just like you said it was dumb to give olympus your real Adress but otherwise i did some bad decisions on my own sooo.. I really hope you didnt get in trouble for asking the Police for help :)

Morgan Wishengrad

Morgan Wishengrad . 12 months ago

Im not sure what it all means but i dont think thats cheese. Im pretty sure its baby formula. Off to watch the video of the CD thanks!! (:

Rut inator

Rut inator . 1 year ago

"oh that smells so bad" *puts whole head in box*

seth rogen

seth rogen . 1 year ago

“can u fix the camera” cut to shot of the camera being sideways

princessof china

princessof china . 1 year ago

Do you have a snap!! Love ur channel

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez . 1 year ago

Why don’t you get a po box so they can send it from there

Emma Mason

Emma Mason . 1 year ago


Grace Hancock

Grace Hancock . 1 year ago

Your supposed to investigate!

Adam V

Adam V . 1 year ago

Can you show a video how you access the deep web because I call BS.. first off.. they wouldn’t use PayPal because its traceable... they’d use bitcoins..

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