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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Published on 5 days ago

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
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Comments :

Adiko Reid

Adiko Reid . 2 minutes ago

All my November borns leave like 🦂

Sebastian Trevino

Sebastian Trevino . 3 minutes ago

Saw you at hooters the other day omg 😆

Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox . 5 minutes ago

this is fire

pierre campbell

pierre campbell . 10 minutes ago

This shit is fucking 🔥🔥


I AM SKOOBY . 12 minutes ago


Karrueche Draws

Karrueche Draws . 14 minutes ago

i love u nba youngboy

NLMB William

NLMB William . 16 minutes ago

1:00 "We in these streets bloodin" 1:31 Throws up Crip, and I have seen him throw up Crip before, is 4KT 50/50 love? Or was that C for capping, idk I'm confused

Zachary Roth

Zachary Roth . 22 minutes ago

I'm glad I don't fuck with new trash rap omfg. Disappointing music and artists somehow just walk in apply for music and get it like wtf happened to 90's 00's real rap and hip-hop

ty Powell

ty Powell . 25 minutes ago

Get this on Spotify cuz it’s not

DaySan _1233

DaySan _1233 . 39 minutes ago

And you can rap that gangsta shit I still won't feel you,you make one move and my young niggas gon drill you


817 CASTRO . 60 minutes ago

I will sub to whoever like 🙏🏽

TS_ Rainz

TS_ Rainz . 1 hour ago

youngboy made this song on my birthday

Jackson Dias

Jackson Dias . 1 hour ago

This song is the bomb keep is up Young boy #Best Singer ever 😂

Jayven Rohrer

Jayven Rohrer . 1 hour ago

I wank to this beat


Shlekste . 1 hour ago

R.I.P RAP, Hello TRASH. :(

Guava Inc.

Guava Inc. . 1 hour ago

This nigga be putting up #s this boy got love


PHIL BLUNTS TV . 1 hour ago


Young NLB

Young NLB . 1 hour ago

Subscribe to Young Daw on YouTube

Shahde Nicholas

Shahde Nicholas . 1 hour ago


Abel Hernandez

Abel Hernandez . 1 hour ago

Why is not in Apple Music yet ?

Kiwi Merks

Kiwi Merks . 1 hour ago



CeeXclusives . 1 hour ago



saboor . 2 hours ago

Your dog like to prevent

Skull Capper

Skull Capper . 2 hours ago

Why is this not on Apple Music😡

Billy Ward_jr

Billy Ward_jr . 2 hours ago


Carlton Davis

Carlton Davis . 2 hours ago

Young boy is back 2019

Alex CapaLot

Alex CapaLot . 2 hours ago

YB Never disappoints 💯🗣

Dee Thompson

Dee Thompson . 2 hours ago

Herm and black out tha streets cause they know the head wanted

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt . 2 hours ago

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-JpmfUfiFIg Phoenix duo underground trap cap grinch ft nba soon check em out AZ got that fire

Jaden Armstrong

Jaden Armstrong . 2 hours ago

This song so good I be thinking somebody wrote this for him 💯

Gio & Quan

Gio & Quan . 2 hours ago

Why do people not like this song🤦🏾‍♂️😂🔥🔥🔥🔥


Lauk600 . 2 hours ago

Is this his house backyard 0:39 ? It's the same from Juice Wrld feat. NBA Youngboy - Bandit song

Dee Phil

Dee Phil . 2 hours ago

I can't even read the fuckin comments no more because all yall want is likes

Daquan Murden

Daquan Murden . 2 hours ago

Click link & like if u want to get rich (trap) 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 https://youtu.be/F9PWV5DIWXc 🏚🔥🔥


YBR ON GAMES . 3 hours ago

just listen to the song and think then it will make sense

Jakolantern 1234

Jakolantern 1234 . 3 hours ago

When did out on spotify


GamerJxrah . 3 hours ago

yb chill on them cigs-


Jayy . 3 hours ago


Arlando Dunn

Arlando Dunn . 3 hours ago

Free D Dawg


Qwikstreak2k . 3 hours ago

Big slime

Camila Pomilio Mora

Camila Pomilio Mora . 3 hours ago

Excelente trabajo saludos desde Miami escuchen también los temas de estos chicos son bastante buenísimos. => https://youtu.be/8-unPETuxJo <=


iiHeavenii . 3 hours ago


Vincent Bolder

Vincent Bolder . 3 hours ago

Need this on Spotify

Chuar Thony

Chuar Thony . 3 hours ago

baby did it again ❤️😍😍 I fucking love him

Eeaston Washington

Eeaston Washington . 3 hours ago

This song like that

Tavey Gree

Tavey Gree . 3 hours ago

This yo best song 💯

Do you know da whey

Do you know da whey . 3 hours ago

YouTube might as well just disable comments

Chedz only

Chedz only . 3 hours ago


Malyk Hopkins

Malyk Hopkins . 3 hours ago

Youngboy Is trash. This dude think he speaking facts about street life like shooting things up, robbing, killing people, and his "Slime/ Shorties" gonna pull up, but whole time he get locked up for weed and for fighting retards. clearly this guy is too overrated.

Shine Breezy

Shine Breezy . 3 hours ago

niggas in these comments want likes so bad 😂

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