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Billie Eilish - bury a friend


Published on 10 months ago

Listen to "bury a friend" from the debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, out now: http://smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM

Featuring Crooks
Director: Michael Chaves
Producers: David Moore, Michelle An, Chelsea Dodson
DP: Tristan Nyby
Editor: John Paul Horstmann

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Comments :


YUMUK b . 2 minutes ago

1- Uyandın 2- okula gittin 3- Sevdiğin kıza / erkeğe açıldın 4- O da sana açıldı Şimdi bunu 3-4-1-2 sırası ile oku

dudinha vlogs

dudinha vlogs . 52 minutes ago

I love you

Angela Simcox

Angela Simcox . 54 minutes ago

Anyone else wonder what Billie's natural hair color is?

Duygu Alemdar

Duygu Alemdar . 1 hour ago


renata brandao

renata brandao . 1 hour ago


Laura Paredes

Laura Paredes . 1 hour ago

Ah love

renata brandao

renata brandao . 1 hour ago

Billie I love you mostly with these bizarre and scary clips really and really amazing . I love letters too

Fran Sanchez

Fran Sanchez . 1 hour ago

Like si adras español

sofia gacha González

sofia gacha González . 1 hour ago

I love you

Patrick Gerald

Patrick Gerald . 1 hour ago

This song is about sleep paralysis


beatarycze . 2 hours ago

Me : Mom I Want to buy Billie Merch! My Mom : Who is She ? Me : Oh , She's Just a Possed 17 year old...... Why are you Asking? My Mom : NevEr MiNd....... BTW : This is a Joke I Love Billie Eilish She my idol and I wish her the best and don't hate her and other singers if you don't know there true past I just did this joke because my mom thought that she is in this song a possed 17 year old so I thought that that would be Funny Love You Billie <3

Ragihd .B.

Ragihd .B. . 2 hours ago



Либерли . 2 hours ago

Darling, did anyone tell you that this song retells the book Five Nights at Freddy's? When I listen to this song, Charlie Emily, Elizabeth Afton in the form of Baby and William Afton always appear in my head.


아림[ARMY] . 2 hours ago

빌리님 뮤비는 항상 너무 무서유ㅠㅠㅠ

Мультики TV

Мультики TV . 3 hours ago

(–_–) †

Eligius Wachter

Eligius Wachter . 3 hours ago

“I wanna end me” stupid song about suicide

Regivaldoseverinodasilva Severinodasilva

Regivaldoseverinodasilva Severinodasilva . 4 hours ago

Que. locoooo

Mercedes Pepple

Mercedes Pepple . 4 hours ago

Fear Factor Be Like: Perfect Subject

Mercedes Pepple

Mercedes Pepple . 4 hours ago

The Needles Got Me, I Was Scared, I'm Scared Of Needles

Mercedes Pepple

Mercedes Pepple . 4 hours ago

Why Do I Feel This Song? XD

الحاج ماوس

الحاج ماوس . 4 hours ago

Zy El zeft

Maslo Xc

Maslo Xc . 4 hours ago


Ella Sadikovic

Ella Sadikovic . 4 hours ago

I min Bilie

Ella Sadikovic

Ella Sadikovic . 5 hours ago


Ella Sadikovic

Ella Sadikovic . 5 hours ago

Bili i love thes song my fayrved

Татьяна Якимайнен

Татьяна Якимайнен . 5 hours ago


Татьяна Якимайнен

Татьяна Якимайнен . 5 hours ago

....... ... ..

лена lps LiMoN

лена lps LiMoN . 5 hours ago


Екатерина Усольцева

Екатерина Усольцева . 5 hours ago


Gecenin Işığı

Gecenin Işığı . 5 hours ago


Mary Christmas

Mary Christmas . 6 hours ago

Русские? Вы где?

City Point

City Point . 6 hours ago

a friend? hehe delve a whole city.

ve Kreative

ve Kreative . 7 hours ago

The Doors - People Are Strange

vida loka

vida loka . 7 hours ago

Linda vc e muito linda billie eilish diva meu sonho e te conhecer pessoalmente mais sou brasileira😥😂 melhor cantora do universoooo linda diva


LPS FOREVER . 7 hours ago



Broziu . 7 hours ago

Billie pl z be my trans boyfriend


ПОНЧИК ПЕтЦ . 8 hours ago

beat you scared me

Кахриман Казимов

Кахриман Казимов . 8 hours ago

Ты очень классная Билли я тебя люблю 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘


Ty . 8 hours ago

Ok now i'm scared

Saroj Verma

Saroj Verma . 8 hours ago

Who want to see billie in a horror movie she is amazing singer and actor and is my favourite If u want to see Billie in a horror movie hit a like👍👍👍

Mrs Mimi H

Mrs Mimi H . 9 hours ago

I watched an interview with her and she said this was about "the monster under your bed". Cool idea.

Manchurian Scilly

Manchurian Scilly . 9 hours ago


бабур ганиев

бабур ганиев . 9 hours ago

And Billie Eilish factor 👍🏻 nice!!!

Iced Capp

Iced Capp . 10 hours ago

I’ve never been so tense from watching a music video.

Saul Jaucian

Saul Jaucian . 10 hours ago

You are johns favorite artist.

Veemo Licious

Veemo Licious . 11 hours ago

*soupy soupy sandwich butt*

lee chong wei

lee chong wei . 11 hours ago

shes at 17: make millions me at 17:wait....im 15 hahahahh

Maria Celinda Astocondor Esteban

Maria Celinda Astocondor Esteban . 11 hours ago


Maria Celinda Astocondor Esteban

Maria Celinda Astocondor Esteban . 11 hours ago

Alguen en español

Scott Faudree

Scott Faudree . 12 hours ago

Haunt. She is here. Something has been and taken the same. I would tell them to go. Sink in those ocean eyez. Duh

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