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Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex


Published on 4 days ago

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talk about setting trends on their sitcoms, getting their own sneaker collabs and footwear choices in "Bad Boys For Life."

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Comments :


Complex . 4 days ago

Season 10 premiere! What’s your favorite episode of Fresh Prince and Martin?

Mr. Boss

Mr. Boss . 40 seconds ago

Nike makes a shoe for $15 somewhere in 4th world.... that people pay $500 in US. :)


Jhammelm . 7 minutes ago



Jhammelm . 7 minutes ago



xoacatl . 11 minutes ago

The boots Will had on and jordans Martin had on wete dope but I wished Martin would have tucked his cuff behind the tongue so the pant fell behind the shoe!

Kyle Salva

Kyle Salva . 16 minutes ago

Ahhh man my headlight!!!!!😡😡😡


flufflypancakes . 17 minutes ago

5:20 when someone roasts you and you trying not to kill them

Sav ツ

Sav ツ . 18 minutes ago

They really pulled up in a Porsche RSR

RubberBand Clan

RubberBand Clan . 20 minutes ago

Martin shoes was better then wills

David John

David John . 24 minutes ago

Dont need shoes to give you confidence, change that story line, buy sneaker stocks.


RB26DETT . 26 minutes ago

Very dope episode. Great job by complex, Will & Martin true legends!! 😎

PlayMoney Cart

PlayMoney Cart . 29 minutes ago

Im starting to think Martin can’t drive because Will always driving lol 😂

Ethan Schroeder

Ethan Schroeder . 30 minutes ago

Get robert Downey jr on here

Mohamed Ahamed

Mohamed Ahamed . 31 minutes ago

why thy look like thy looking looking for job

Xavier Searcy

Xavier Searcy . 40 minutes ago

They have a bomb friendship 🤞🏽

jay Jackson

jay Jackson . 46 minutes ago

Some of these prices are scams

Naratiwat Riwngam

Naratiwat Riwngam . 57 minutes ago

Ah man no longer for badboy 3


lilwolfgx . 1 hour ago

all i can think about is how they waxed roddy rich


sterlingtemple . 1 hour ago

This is SO Legendary!!!!!


곰탱 . 1 hour ago

Love GD Air force❤️❤️ 대한민국 만세🇰🇷🇰🇷

Kai Kai

Kai Kai . 1 hour ago

YouTube has been pushing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence like crazy in my recommendations lately.

Erik Skog

Erik Skog . 1 hour ago

Martin flexxin' with that Black Amex card

Pat Galang

Pat Galang . 1 hour ago

Glad that he's wearing some paranoise

Low Broz

Low Broz . 2 hours ago

You really need to wash that Porsche Will!


TobsTheHuman . 2 hours ago

Get Jaden Smith in here next!


Disciple808 . 2 hours ago

Ever since I seen the Complex Parody, I can't take it serious anymore LOL.


easy414 . 2 hours ago

Music too loud .

Charley Varrick

Charley Varrick . 2 hours ago

So is this a presumption u trying to explain ?? N I dont want to watch the video.. usually when click on that , u should have left the recs not even putting rec under video, still dont matter.. u cant sit here n say you added that video as a part of video watching at that moment above what u trying to do when it dont appear every time.. I dont want to watch two other men shop..n im not a window shopper.. n it would b a female anyway I would watch in a mall.. wtf .. point Is u cant even add I like basketball shoes.. from before.. all the videos I watched of shoes were specific ones n I already said which ones I want.. if they not the maybe it's my fault shoes in the store.. u have no reason to add video to recs..u lose in court

jinesh jain

jinesh jain . 3 hours ago

7:24 what's the crazy taxi doing here?

Isaiah hoover

Isaiah hoover . 3 hours ago

Damn that was a lot of money, they could've went to foot action and got that for less

Invincible Focus

Invincible Focus . 3 hours ago

After Rush hour, bad boys is the best cops duo.


brettgt420 . 3 hours ago

Over priced shoes.

Mike M

Mike M . 3 hours ago

Tylor Perry - Monster! Beasting!!

Jennah Grant

Jennah Grant . 3 hours ago

There goes my college tuition.

Ramy Tube

Ramy Tube . 3 hours ago


Romero Montgomery

Romero Montgomery . 3 hours ago

BadBoy4Life is a go see.... DOPE

raka gilang

raka gilang . 3 hours ago

what's fillin whats not hopfly thisgudafwoifnpeanr why joe closing intro never change?

Ramy Tube

Ramy Tube . 3 hours ago


Ki Float

Ki Float . 3 hours ago

440 for Motorsport 4s wtf lmao

Bos Clout720

Bos Clout720 . 3 hours ago


Whitney Whitney

Whitney Whitney . 3 hours ago


Armstrong Millien

Armstrong Millien . 3 hours ago

Best one yet

Darinel Marcos

Darinel Marcos . 4 hours ago

Dominicanos de new york con martin y will.bendiciones.

Marcellus Miller

Marcellus Miller . 4 hours ago

I guess I should've kept my Motorsports DS, that's a helluva price

Georgi Kolev

Georgi Kolev . 4 hours ago

Nice shop

antnokmom thereitisthere

antnokmom thereitisthere . 4 hours ago

Enjoy that beat I bet the composer died at home and these motherfuckers dress up like him


PB . 4 hours ago

I guess that adidas ones RUN DMC wear without laces also have that elastics inside. I remember a reboot of those ones.

ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd

ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd . 4 hours ago

Martin got finessed. Bruh

Jacob Barber

Jacob Barber . 4 hours ago

Who else read the title like a question at first? 💀

V. P

V. P . 5 hours ago

Lol that dumb shop is overpriced as fuck.

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