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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 5 months ago

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Comments :

Lucy Phillips

Lucy Phillips . 2 hours ago

when he fell i was dead

Chloe Elder

Chloe Elder . 2 hours ago

Ethan: I’m not gonna put the blame on him but it was completely his f***ing fault. Me:🧐

Luke Beckstrom

Luke Beckstrom . 2 hours ago

Grayson: “yo, you’re not pedaling hard enough” Them: literally pedaling at the exact same rate and in synchronization

Jordan. Garcia

Jordan. Garcia . 3 hours ago

15:53 why does he have his nails painted


Katie . 4 hours ago

Wait they had to share everything.....So did they share tp

starlover69 bitch

starlover69 bitch . 14 hours ago

*grayson dramatically swerving* grayson: eThaN wHat ArE yOu dOinG


xxmidnightplayz . 14 hours ago

I have fallen on a treadmill before butine was worse cause the edge was against the wall so I couldn't get off and I like had scars all over my body

Angelyz Gonzalez

Angelyz Gonzalez . 1 day ago

When they said that they were sharing everything they actually meant it 😂

Caroline Gerry

Caroline Gerry . 2 days ago

okay at the start when they were brushing there teeth why didnt one person brush wash it off there the other person brushes

Merrell Twins Lover

Merrell Twins Lover . 2 days ago

Bitch ass

Izabel _123

Izabel _123 . 2 days ago

13:50 Who else kept watching it over and over a again.😂😂😂 But I also feel bad for him.😢 Are you ok E?

Happy Vibes

Happy Vibes . 2 days ago

12:59 gray: why does my thumb pit hurt every time? e: because your a bitc* me: 😂😂

Ysabelys Sosa

Ysabelys Sosa . 2 days ago

Me and my twins are both leftie

Jaime Fialka

Jaime Fialka . 3 days ago

I loved when Ethan fell off the teardmill!!!

Vanna Reed

Vanna Reed . 3 days ago

E : falls off treadmill* E : “i got a scrape we have to share scrapes” gray : “no we don’t” E : “your turn”

Noe Ugbinada

Noe Ugbinada . 3 days ago

14:00 your turn ethan

Noe Ugbinada

Noe Ugbinada . 3 days ago

Ethan always turn off the lights 7:10

Noe Ugbinada

Noe Ugbinada . 3 days ago

4:44 when the lights turn off watch Ethan


Sandy . 4 days ago

Gray: Ow, my thumb pit! Me: wtf.......

Quentin Johnson

Quentin Johnson . 4 days ago

While on the treadmill..... Grayson: 🏃 Ethan: 💃

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts . 4 days ago

Shouldn’t they share clothes also

Josabet Aguilar

Josabet Aguilar . 5 days ago

16:46 Ethan : “..you’re not giving me a damp towel I don’t want no moist towel “ I laughed way too hard! 😂😂🤣😭😭

Quentin Johnson

Quentin Johnson . 5 days ago

13:54 wow tf did Ethan not pull Grayson's pants down ???

Lu ssgjj

Lu ssgjj . 5 days ago

00:24 has me fucking dead man like wtf is this so funny

Memeing Comments

Memeing Comments . 6 days ago

12:03 ethans little voice 🥺🥺🥺

Tali Leui

Tali Leui . 6 days ago

BROOO The picture for the vid looks like their drinking a chug chug


Bigbirkinbag,hōfivęsíxfîgurèš . 6 days ago

You guys forgot to share a shirt

Christopher Tenas

Christopher Tenas . 7 days ago

13:54 “WASTED”

Friends,Fun, & Crafts

Friends,Fun, & Crafts . 7 days ago

but i do honestly love y’all so much and you make my day

Friends,Fun, & Crafts

Friends,Fun, & Crafts . 7 days ago

I mean i love you both but Ethan was kinda conceded and up stuck about him self

Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook . 1 week ago

no-one: not a soul: bats in the caves: Ethan: *falls of the tredmil*

Madisen McNeece

Madisen McNeece . 1 week ago

Yes we do ever day

Scilla Star

Scilla Star . 1 week ago

Was it just my screen or at 1:41it said every singl thin Idk


charcs_7 . 1 week ago

I’m fucking crying at 3:59 I’ve replayed it like 9 times now I can’t stop crying

Qt. Galaxy

Qt. Galaxy . 1 week ago


Ari Grande

Ari Grande . 1 week ago

Drink one shot every time the say *share*

Jodie Wesley

Jodie Wesley . 1 week ago

Ethan looks so good in this video I mean he looks good in every video😍

Everything Haley

Everything Haley . 1 week ago

you guys could’ve just shared toothpaste instead of the same toothbrush

Francesca Dianu

Francesca Dianu . 1 week ago

Here since the collab with Jeffre 💖

Wakie wakie eggs and Baekie

Wakie wakie eggs and Baekie . 1 week ago

you two are so cute

Etc. FUZ

Etc. FUZ . 1 week ago

Grayson is so stingy like dang! HA HA HA not hate btw just joking

Aidia Y

Aidia Y . 1 week ago

I literally pissed my pants laughing at the treadmill part omg 😂😂😂

emma harrington

emma harrington . 1 week ago

Is it just me or was it really satisfying when they were walking on the treadmill


ShitTalkTV . 2 weeks ago

Lmaooooo yo the bench press!!!!!

Erin Byrne

Erin Byrne . 2 weeks ago

Who else thinks Grayson is the way better looking twin like

AmoonahEqualsCanceled Oop

AmoonahEqualsCanceled Oop . 2 weeks ago

“Welp. As always. We learned nothing.”

Edeline Appiah

Edeline Appiah . 2 weeks ago

Who here 2020

mogeul Yt

mogeul Yt . 2 weeks ago

This is the same dya as my bday

Nayelly Interiano

Nayelly Interiano . 2 weeks ago


Ella M

Ella M . 2 weeks ago

Ethans face at 0:51🤣

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