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Published on 2 months ago

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The release of Pokemon: Sword and Shield has brought on a plethora of new Pokemon. Specifically, a lot of sweet, dessert themed Pokemon. Cakes, ice cream, milk - oh my! Today, Austin is focusing on one that may be the most DANGEROUS Pokemon the games have ever had.- Alcremie. What makes this cute pocket monster so dangerous? Let's find out!

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Comments :

Camila Bustamante

Camila Bustamante . 5 hours ago

Dang, i've got phobia to spiders and when Austin showed the ant spider i really thought it was an ant.

Casey Stewart

Casey Stewart . 6 hours ago

You have failed to convince me

Casey Stewart

Casey Stewart . 6 hours ago

You have failed to convince me

Master Mudkip

Master Mudkip . 8 hours ago

Voltorb? What about foongus and Amoongus?


Blackwingz . 11 hours ago

Imma just drop this nugget; to date, Charmander is only caught naturally (without scanning something or punching in codes) in ONE region to date. Galar may be the Kanto starter's native region.

Thrill Rider

Thrill Rider . 12 hours ago

Maybe why those pokemon evolved that way is because of selective breeding


RRR X . 17 hours ago

JIgglypuff gets pissed and draws on people's faces. We already seen this happen time and time again unless you're a pleb.


ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8 . 1 day ago

i have an alcremie and im now scared for my life

Isaiah Kendrick

Isaiah Kendrick . 1 day ago

I have an Alcremie Army on pokémon


fairymairah . 1 day ago

In the Anime! There's a Episode where a Boy and his Pet-Like Farfetched that tricked Team Rocket into taking Pok'e'balls from him but really! They were Voltorbs !!!

MI Clips country

MI Clips country . 1 day ago

11:04: oh so that’s how you get ur friends to shut up. Get a Jigglypuff

Nathaniel Garcia

Nathaniel Garcia . 2 days ago

I know some Pokemon are dangerous, but remember the ancient history in all the regions Like Hoenn, Kalos, Alola, Galar. I played the games and I know some of the Pokemon brought destruction, but remember, some Pokemon are not dangerous.


LeTopo . 2 days ago

I always thought that in the pokemon world food pokemon just happened to look like that and inspired humans to create those kinds of food

Jin is a queen

Jin is a queen . 4 days ago

You forgot about applin they are apples


EggCr0issant . 5 days ago

You guys better do more Portal references or I’m gonna flip out (as long as you want to h ehes).


Zendakon . 6 days ago

This was inevitable. Chill dude.

Ivy The Fish

Ivy The Fish . 6 days ago

tired man screams about living diabetes for 11 minutes

Commandix Nostalgia

Commandix Nostalgia . 6 days ago

I'm laughing inside from your pronnonciation of Alcremie 😂😂


Littlefox . 1 week ago

After Jigglypuff sings you to sleep it write on your face with markers Check the anime


Littlefox . 1 week ago

Referring to vanilte is incorrect because in the Pokémon universe Vanite is the reason ice cream exists

Derek Swartz

Derek Swartz . 1 week ago

4:21 sticks are sooooooooo harmful

The Blaziken Unboxer

The Blaziken Unboxer . 1 week ago

It’s just like vanilite it inspired this food

Sprinkles Whimsy

Sprinkles Whimsy . 1 week ago

I love sylveon so how dare you

Bella Patch565

Bella Patch565 . 1 week ago

What about that theory where voltorb are pokeballs that have been possessed by haunter, and they explode because they’re trying to escape from the pokeballs

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair . 1 week ago

I know the Pokédex isn’t the most reliable source but it says milcery is made of cream, therefore so is alcremie. There is no evidence of mimicry. Also I think voltorb look like pokéballs to scare others into leaving it alone out of fear of being captured, seeing them as what humans use to capture other wild pokémon.

Slippy Quack

Slippy Quack . 1 week ago

And then there's Cacturne.. That literally hunts humans. It lives in deserts where they stalk hungry/lost/tired hikers (specifically names people as their targets) until they collapse from exhaustion.

Dakota Anderson

Dakota Anderson . 2 weeks ago

I rather try my luck with tyranitar

theblazikenmaster aka a chicken pokemon

theblazikenmaster aka a chicken pokemon . 2 weeks ago

Me before watching this: awe so cute! I want all 70 of them Me after watching this: 0_0

Liam Matrai

Liam Matrai . 2 weeks ago

you are on drugs

Дима ботин

Дима ботин . 2 weeks ago

Why would you hide from killer pokemons in shitty slavic apartment in the middle of nowhere? Actually, you were quite logical

Raka Pratama

Raka Pratama . 2 weeks ago

Kinda make your whole pokeball explanation make sense now, it's either humans be their prey or we try to tame (enslaved) them for our survival The people of the pokemon world choose the later and it seems to be working for them... For now at least...

James Daigle

James Daigle . 2 weeks ago

You know that Vanillite is the icicle, not the snow, right?

Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda . 2 weeks ago

Batesian Mimicry "They mimic Something harmful" Harmful A stick

Sixth Sergeant

Sixth Sergeant . 2 weeks ago

I'm more interested why does this pokemon looks like a cream while other pokemons are animals, fish and other living creatures.


DemonKing19951 . 2 weeks ago

Alternatively, pokemon are evolving based around the the fact the trainers have a habit of catching and breeding a pokemon a hundred times in order to get a shiny of each one. So the rarer the shiny and the more likely a human is to want to catch them, the more of them that get released into the wild. I mean what 10 year old little girl wouldn't want something that looks like an ice cream princess?

Gabriel Hernandez

Gabriel Hernandez . 2 weeks ago

I use her as a tank

Gabriel Hernandez

Gabriel Hernandez . 2 weeks ago



AxolAtlas . 2 weeks ago

This reminds me of how whenever I play dungeon and dragons and I always attack any chests we find due to mimic suspicion.


SassyPotato . 2 weeks ago

Alcremie is still my favorite girl. You can't change that

Saltegrain Gacha

Saltegrain Gacha . 2 weeks ago


Lehla Quartz

Lehla Quartz . 2 weeks ago

Meanwhile Alcremie just wants to make the world a sweeter place and share berries it decorated with cream... from.... its....... body......................

Lehla Quartz

Lehla Quartz . 2 weeks ago

I had my Alcremie take down a Dragon type Pokemon TWENTY LEVELS higher than it with only one hit. Yeah, Alcremie be cray cray.

Minty Mints

Minty Mints . 2 weeks ago

Genwunners are just the boomers of the Pokemon fandom. *Change my mind!*

lag blue

lag blue . 2 weeks ago

Austin is talking about one trick player=person

sna lm

sna lm . 2 weeks ago

Do a video on ash Ketchums memory loss

Phoenix Drake

Phoenix Drake . 2 weeks ago

“We will eat and drink anything. We’re not scared of you! Some PLANT!” Famous last words

Khadija Al-Hadi

Khadija Al-Hadi . 2 weeks ago

Like Gilderoy Lockhart?

Lilac Pilot

Lilac Pilot . 2 weeks ago

I feel like the second half of the video was missing where Austin proves the idea the Alcremie and other Pokemon want to eat us beyond the point that they look like food.

Unclaimed Username

Unclaimed Username . 2 weeks ago

I'm actually kind of upset that the fairy type isn't as terrifying as folklore faeries. There's a few, but they usually get their creep factor from an additional typing, like Mimikyu being more ghostly than faerie in inspiration.


BlakeTheCyborg . 2 weeks ago

Ice cream in the pokemon world was actually based on the vanelite evolution line. Yep ice cream came second

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