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Kanye West - Wolves (Balmain Campaign)


Published on 3 years ago

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Directed by: Steven Klein

Creative Director: Olivier Rousteing

Concept and Creative Direction: Pascal Dangin

Cast: In Alphabetical Order
Alessandra Ambrosio
Jordan Barrett
Ysaunny Brito
Jourdan Dunn
Ronald Epps
Jon Kortajarena
Francisco Lachowski
Sasha Luss
Riley Montana
Josephine Skriver
Joan Smalls

With: Maria Borges
Anna Cleveland
Cindy Crawford
Kylie Jenner
Sara Sampaio
Romee Strijd

Chrissy Rabe
Dustin Robertson

Hair Stylist: Julien d'Ys
Makeup Artist: Yadim
Manicurist: Gina Edwards

Hair Stylist (Sia): Tonya Brewer
Groomer (Kanye West): Stuart Lecky
Hair & Makeup (Kim Kardashian West): Cesar Ramirez
Groomer (Vic Mensa): Illy Lusfsiano

Cinematography by: Alex Lockett
Lighting Director: John Torres

1st AD Jonathon Mintz
1st AC Bill Whitman
2nd AC Josh Reubenstein
Key Rigger Tom Vanderwall

Choreographer: Lee Serle
Casting Director: Jess Hallett
Set Design: Andrea Stanley

Kim Kardashian West Wears Jewelry by: Lorraine Schwartz
Kanye West Wears Vintage Denim Jeans by: Fear Of God

Kim Kardashian West Personal Assistant: Stephanie Shepard
Kanye West Personal Assistant: Amy Davis

Special Thanks:
Scooter Braun Projects
KCD Worldwide
The Gilded Lily

"Wolves" Performed by:
Kanye West
Vic Mensa

Courtesy of Universal Music Group and Def Jam Recordings

Production Company: A KiDS Creative Production
Producer: Tara Compton
Account Director: Ashley Jones
Post Production: BOX


Comments :

ellizxn -

ellizxn - . 3 hours ago

kanye west after his show was canceled: 1:04


BigNoah109 . 4 hours ago

All i hear is autotune


Ca7los . 4 hours ago

When you first nuted: 1:03

Yakko Warner

Yakko Warner . 5 hours ago

Spongebob ascending: 1:03

Ooni chan Marum

Ooni chan Marum . 5 hours ago

UuUuUuUuU ;-;


꧁༺•Nexツ•༻꧂ . 15 hours ago

1:03 When Your 00000000.1% American And 99% Russian

Augusto Porqueres

Augusto Porqueres . 15 hours ago


Augusto Porqueres

Augusto Porqueres . 15 hours ago

بلدي pich


JURO • . 1 day ago

SpongeBob... You are the father!

Life Owns your end

Life Owns your end . 1 day ago

Me when I find out my dick isn’t just for pissing 1:04


BACON CHEESY FRIES U・ع・U . 1 day ago

(better video) https://youtu.be/VsAlBeYGndQ

I’m dead Inside

I’m dead Inside . 1 day ago

1:04 When the Teacher asks the quiet kid to Read

mad dog rides

mad dog rides . 1 day ago

Does anyone else get goosebumps when they hear 1:03

Dev ScarYT

Dev ScarYT . 1 day ago

Me: see this meme page on snapchat. Me again: hey Siri what song is this?. Siri: wolves by Kanye west (explicit)

Tundere Yno

Tundere Yno . 1 day ago

i dont know wolves

Olga Lazaridi

Olga Lazaridi . 1 day ago

Am i the only one that likes this song only for the UuUUUuuUuUuuuuUu?????

Big Man jumbo

Big Man jumbo . 1 day ago

Bruh Kanye fuckin trippin

yuval cohen

yuval cohen . 2 days ago

Im twisted

Attack Helicopter

Attack Helicopter . 2 days ago

Pay $2.99 for colour.

ЕRошка:3 haha

ЕRошка:3 haha . 2 days ago

Tik tok memes activated

a fan

a fan . 2 days ago

1:04 Me after eating those weird smarties candies I found in my parents’ room

Manu MV

Manu MV . 2 days ago

No mms me traume

Sun Light

Sun Light . 2 days ago

Nobody: Spongebob: *Im ready.*

bendy the gaming boi

bendy the gaming boi . 2 days ago

1:03 When you reach 200 level on fortnite (I know it’s ded plz stop asking)


Uncle . 2 days ago

Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Chimpanzees when they see some food: 1:04


OwenFudgy . 2 days ago

1:22 couldn’t possibly have anymore autotune

Maram Barhoumi

Maram Barhoumi . 2 days ago

The réal music is "alter party burzy"

Captainnick88 FX

Captainnick88 FX . 2 days ago

When you heard 1:03 a million times but continue to click it everytime you read a comment for the full effect.

Code The Clown

Code The Clown . 3 days ago

The autotune reminds me of when I speak


iArkAngel17 . 3 days ago

1:03 when you turn the pillow to the cold side

_Godox _

_Godox _ . 3 days ago



MrGTF111 . 3 days ago

то чувство когда минус вывозит в соло весь клип


Qwakyzyツ . 3 days ago

Me: trying to sleep My Brain: who close the door when the bus driver leaves the bus Me: 1:04


SoxoNYC . 3 days ago

1:04 me when I get a like that isn’t mine

Quack Cocain

Quack Cocain . 3 days ago

Editors: How much autotune you want? Kanye: Yes

Reyes R

Reyes R . 3 days ago

Martes de biolar gayos 1:03😳👌

Camo Connor

Camo Connor . 3 days ago

Billie Eilish: ice tastes like water 14 Y/O girls 1:03

Дима Бусел

Дима Бусел . 3 days ago

я нашел этот вой!!! Ура

David Alvis Moreno

David Alvis Moreno . 4 days ago

1:04 when you bully the kid who broke his leg and he stands up from his wheelchair

-Admiral Kaneki-

-Admiral Kaneki- . 4 days ago

1:03 DannyRic in brazil: hippity hoppity your corner is my propriety

JaxOnSiege _

JaxOnSiege _ . 4 days ago

Ferg likes Willy


Biodecay . 4 days ago

When "Into The Unknown" from Frozen 2 comes out *Kanye enters the chat **1:03*

Bumple Gumple

Bumple Gumple . 4 days ago

Reminds of my kidneys. I

Gabriel Cruz

Gabriel Cruz . 4 days ago

1:04 when the weird kid brings an extra backpack to class


RicF6CK23 . 4 days ago

Like si vienes por los brownies de facebook

In the D with us! A doll's life!

In the D with us! A doll's life! . 4 days ago

*1:04** when you did some shit **_HELLA_** bad, but the other kid gets in trouble for something **_totally_** worse and you just grabbing yo spirit back inside you n shit*

Prince Dre

Prince Dre . 4 days ago

When your mom walks in and you forgot to put the meat to defrost 1:04


Sans . 5 days ago

Letter x: *exists* Math teachers: 1:04

peccin 2

peccin 2 . 5 days ago

Quem é BR e veio por causa dos memes

Happi Mabi

Happi Mabi . 5 days ago


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