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Voici une EPIC Battle entre les Beyblade Metal Fury (Hasbro) B-147 Fang Leone 130W²D de type Défense et B-148 L-Drago Destructor LW105LF de type Attaque et Rotation à Gauche!
Toupie Beyblade de marque Taka Tomy en Stock, donc contactez moi par messages privé si vous en voulez!

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Film tourné avec Caméscope FullHD Sumikon DV-853.IR et Vidéo monté avec Logiciel Widows Live Movie Maker!
"Hornet" by George_Ellinas
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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"WBBA" "WBO" "Zero G" "Pirates Ifraid T125GCF" "Samurai Saramanda E230ES" "Samurai Orojya 145WD" "Shinobi Orojya 145ES" "Pirates Saramanda T125WB" "Shinobi Ifraid 230WD" "Thief Saramanda 230WB" "Thief Phoenix E230GCF" "XTS" "Extreme Top System" "Beyblade (Toupie) Metal Masters" "Diablo vs Prototype Nemesis" "Beyblades stadiums beyta" "ultimate dx set" "Ultimate Beyta Stadium" "Japan" "metal fusion" "giochi di beyblade" "youtube beyblade" "Toupie" "4D beyblade toupie" "jeux beyblade juegos" "jogos beyblade" "beyblade online" "episodi beyblade episodes" "beyblade peonzas toys" "random booster 9" "beyblade kaufen" "beyblade deutsch" "beyblade arena" "toys r us" "NINTENDO" "DS walmart ebay beyblades giveaway" "Takara Tomy" "Hasbro" "Stealth Battlers" "Event Special"

Comments :

The Mad Titan

The Mad Titan . 1 month ago

Wow I love this bey L Drago Destructor LF. The only thing I didn't like about the original L Drago Destroy was the F:S performance tip which completely ruined the attack potential of the heavy fusion wheel. Glad that Hasbro replaced that annoying 4D tip with a traditional attack tip.

Jakarie Dell

Jakarie Dell . 7 months ago

Shut up with the stupid noice

S k

S k . 9 months ago

Fake hasbro

bogdan kostic

bogdan kostic . 9 months ago

Fake fang leone😅

Annah Zachariah

Annah Zachariah . 10 months ago

Love your stadium

Beyblade blader

Beyblade blader . 1 year ago

L dragon 😘


NVW BroRACHHA . 1 year ago

Wow L drago destroy strong

Kokich i

Kokich i . 1 year ago

I love beyblade


Juswax . 1 year ago

Pota ka


Juswax . 1 year ago

Tamo eh

Supposedly a Person

Supposedly a Person . 2 years ago

ew hasbro

Davi Galdino

Davi Galdino . 3 years ago

it's Hasbro!!!

Olga Lopez

Olga Lopez . 3 years ago

με λενε στεφανο θελο τον ελντραγγο

Olga Lopez

Olga Lopez . 3 years ago

μου το δινης μαλακα

Nw wing

Nw wing . 4 years ago


ber jundi jundi

ber jundi jundi . 4 years ago

to subscrib on my channel that calls m a blader

Victoria Silvery

Victoria Silvery . 5 years ago

i agree, that stadium is not good. Sorry, how about phantom orion vs a very strong bey even stronger than him.


pinkmercy123456789 . 5 years ago


Zorua Ki

Zorua Ki . 6 years ago

Bonjour j'ai acheter un L-drago destructor est j'ai combattu contre un leonne mais il se fait battre a chaque fois comment tu fais pour bien lancer ta toupie moi elle s"épuise vite

Toitz oficial

Toitz oficial . 6 years ago



redhoodhd . 6 years ago

fang leone is better because hmm fuck ldrago he sucks like a penis


paylight . 6 years ago

Everbody uses it


paylight . 6 years ago

Hate that staduim


MsDiva2b . 6 years ago

when my had l an we was a rip off

Fite IV

Fite IV . 6 years ago

For some reason my l-drago destructor sucks. It loses against meto l-drago and I think picies

jesus christ

jesus christ . 7 years ago

Dude, cosmic pegasus is the suck ass version of big bang. Its not even a 4D Bey. Noone wants to see that battle. It would be cool like, Bigbang Pegasus Vs. Fang Leone. But cosmic pegasus is a sucky american bey.

Steph Hardy

Steph Hardy . 7 years ago

what song is this

Meiling Parrish

Meiling Parrish . 7 years ago

Wtf do fang leon and cosmic pegasus vs l Drago destructor


VictorBeyVideos . 7 years ago

Windows Movie Maker , I use this editor


Arceus . 7 years ago


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