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The Try Guys Spray Tan Each Other
The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Published on 5 months ago

Sooo do we look like James now? Also, wanna wear our undies? WELL now you can get your own! Get yourself a pack of briefs at 🤭👉 http://bit.ly/2k0XD4b

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Comments :

The Try Guys

The Try Guys . 5 months ago

Also, wanna wear our undies? WELL now you can get your own! Get yourself a pack of briefs at 🤭👉 http://bit.ly/2k0XD4b


TheCarlScharnberg . 13 hours ago

Keith in this video, combined with the results from both of the lie detector tests, makes me think that Keith is probably _heteroflexible._ Welcome to the club, buddy. I'm new here, too.

Emily Barton

Emily Barton . 17 hours ago

rip eugene lmfao


Spitterbyte . 18 hours ago

**gay panic intensifies**

Magrooni Rabasto

Magrooni Rabasto . 18 hours ago

Before I saw Eugene’s coming out video I honestly thought they were all gay🤷🏻‍♀️


Faith . 21 hours ago

Did I rewatch the part with James? Yes. Yes I did.


Faith . 21 hours ago

The visible gay panic all over Eugene’s face is such a mood lmao


Marisabel . 1 day ago

Damn, James has that accent and looks basically perfect....where do these people exist? 😅


E B . 1 day ago

I think this is one of my favourite videos the start is so funny to me

Esther White lock

Esther White lock . 1 day ago

when they said "who's James" Keiths face was iconic lol

Sara Dee

Sara Dee . 2 days ago

The Jesus hips💀💀😂😂😂

Flour Power

Flour Power . 2 days ago

This video should’ve been called the try guys being sexually attracted to James


Miss.Phoenixx . 2 days ago

Tan James is darker then me lol. Also he’s gorgeous so..that’s cool.

Pinkinkcat Master

Pinkinkcat Master . 2 days ago

Eugene is having a gay panick when he saw James 😂


•LA• . 2 days ago

The way Eugene looks is the way I look at him

Lucy Esperum

Lucy Esperum . 2 days ago

I just realize that the model is wearing the try guys underwear.

Mason Coles

Mason Coles . 2 days ago

Did I just have my first gay moment

Ff Cc

Ff Cc . 2 days ago

Meanwhile, me: 🤲🏾

Natasha Reimerts

Natasha Reimerts . 2 days ago

James was wearing the try guys underwear

Alyssa Lee

Alyssa Lee . 2 days ago

How is nobody talking about the transition from james to zach. It got 10× hotter

I'm a Weird Noodle

I'm a Weird Noodle . 3 days ago

Me when James comes out: O-O My heart: ×~×



Eugene: *sees attractive guy* just nod and smile, just NOD AND SMILE


Sam . 3 days ago


Stormy the cat

Stormy the cat . 3 days ago

I love how on the web site the others are modeling and lookin confident while keith is covering himself with a backpack even though he's shown his butt on the internet

Shane Corn muffin

Shane Corn muffin . 3 days ago

It’s thotoumn


mkozicka . 3 days ago

So sad to see all my favorite try guys videos and the dates they were published after finding chanel "Men Try" and realizing that they are copied from there. I checked similiar videos and guess what - MT were first with all of them. Well, I didn't realize TG were just a copycats without even mentioning original chanel. Sad. PS: Originals are way better

Yura Graterol

Yura Graterol . 3 days ago

*Eugene silently having a fucking BLAST looking at James*


ibuprofen . 4 days ago

did they blur them in underwear because they had boners? lol


Sumo . 4 days ago

He's a dictionary with so many definitions 🤣🤣🤣


CrNessata . 4 days ago

They actually giggled omg😂😂😂

Bradley Yates

Bradley Yates . 4 days ago

Enough about James, can we talk about Ned

Khadijah Sayeed

Khadijah Sayeed . 4 days ago

They all said 'Donald trump who'

C. Music

C. Music . 5 days ago

What is it with this dumb ass finger snapping? So annoying.


FFION_ SFX . 5 days ago

The gay panic at the start of this is beyond any malec scene I’ve ever seen


guiguimyself . 5 days ago

the model dude and zach look like captain america after and before the army experiment

Levi Mac

Levi Mac . 5 days ago

Eugene is my favorite try guy by fffaaarrr

Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith

Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith . 5 days ago

omg i need that backpack

Jordan Super

Jordan Super . 6 days ago

Eugene with the spray tan model is me in the girls locker room. “LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY!! but also don’t make it too weird!!” (i’m a lesbian)

Kimberly R

Kimberly R . 6 days ago

The Jesus hips

jamie g

jamie g . 6 days ago

Ned just looks better and better, he’s aging like the Cloon man

Karolina -

Karolina - . 6 days ago

Are we gonna talk about James talking about his chest: "It keeps me warm in winter"? Couse it's frickin' hilarious

Gabriela Garcia

Gabriela Garcia . 6 days ago

Keith: Jesus is known for being a hot piece Ned: * uncomfortable laughter *

Diana East

Diana East . 1 week ago

All the guys except Eugene: *are not gay* James: now this looks like a job for me

j u s t n o o n e

j u s t n o o n e . 1 week ago

3:10 heheheheh 😊😊😊🤭🤭🤭

Ellie Bean

Ellie Bean . 1 week ago

They should have done this episode and THEN took the photos for their underwear merch.


Catys.M . 1 week ago

JAMES IS HOT! Eugene be like ;)

Death Nova

Death Nova . 1 week ago

12:24 he looks so cute and dumb like the big dummy but cute 😭 like Patrick from spongebob 😂


iipatty . 1 week ago

James: * takes off shirt * Eugene: **gaying**


Shakuri . 1 week ago

i want them to get a black try guy, so that they can teach him non-toxic masculinity and maybe he can teach his friends...

Mark Anthony Reyes

Mark Anthony Reyes . 2 weeks ago

Eugene did not want to react to the hot model😂😂

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