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We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys

Published on 4 months ago

Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.
On this channel we don't usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the YouTube Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.

Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan's labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!

All of this was performed under the supervision of professionals.
Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys

Comments :

Bolt #

Bolt # . 26 minutes ago

Were is the outher guy ?

Monduardo Memestar

Monduardo Memestar . 29 minutes ago

Ah that's hot

Bolt #

Bolt # . 35 minutes ago

That was a flame thrower ?

K i l l u a

K i l l u a . 1 hour ago

He is a super friendly guy

One with the broskis

One with the broskis . 2 hours ago

i had this playing in the background and just went "wait do i hear will smith?"


AKMRP . 2 hours ago

We let will smith smith will smith

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge Jimenez . 2 hours ago

Will Smith fans: hey guys am here to

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies . 3 hours ago

Ahhh that’s hot

Kharel Miller

Kharel Miller . 3 hours ago

7:15 when you leave the last zombie so everyone can take a break

Anran Li

Anran Li . 3 hours ago

The 🥔 in the distance XD 9:56

It Just Me

It Just Me . 4 hours ago

Will smith sound just like smoke in gta san andreas game when he screaming

Calem Linke

Calem Linke . 5 hours ago

Katana was really effective. well... so was the batt, but the flamethrower... depends on the belief on it; if you believe you'll do something you'll do it.

Triizz Yahboi

Triizz Yahboi . 5 hours ago

will : "makes you feel powerful, ima get a flamethrower" *David Dobrik* : hold my chipotle..

Rifel Pangemanan

Rifel Pangemanan . 6 hours ago

Already 51 and he still handsome

seth kwarteng

seth kwarteng . 6 hours ago

Love the vibe!💯


JULIAN IC3 . 7 hours ago

Did anyone else see the words pyro guy at 4:27

Juan felix R.O

Juan felix R.O . 8 hours ago

OMFG is Smith Will

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson . 9 hours ago

There is absolutely no way I could bad mouth this video. You have my favorite actor with my favorite slow mo guys.... Thank you for putting into perspective my own abilities.

Colin Rogers

Colin Rogers . 9 hours ago

Ah that’s hot, that’s hot.

Kelyn Caddle-Simpson

Kelyn Caddle-Simpson . 10 hours ago

Will Smith you are like the dad everyone wished you had you are living the dream when I am 51 I just want to be like you you are my inspiration.

R2.0 Gamer

R2.0 Gamer . 11 hours ago

Hans, get ze Flammenwerfer!

R2.0 Gamer

R2.0 Gamer . 11 hours ago

the opposite of the slow mo guys: https://youtu.be/S12zZhdOckc

R2.0 Gamer

R2.0 Gamer . 11 hours ago

we finally found Gav


Firebird4789 . 12 hours ago

I thought there’s was only like 3 or 4 people in the parking lot lmao

_ DeadpoolDealsDamage _

_ DeadpoolDealsDamage _ . 13 hours ago

‘I just turned 51’ 51... _Area 51!_

_ DeadpoolDealsDamage _

_ DeadpoolDealsDamage _ . 13 hours ago

The title alone is an equation for disaster


CeladonStorm517 . 14 hours ago

6:32 will smiths head in the back


Spac3dOut . 14 hours ago

That's hot

Bill Feng

Bill Feng . 14 hours ago

Is it just me or were they super awkward together?


Jay . 16 hours ago

Will Smith still looks only 20 years old.


mustanguy1969 . 16 hours ago

Loved it!!!! The yells in slow Mo are priceless and all was brilliant 🤣🤣🤣 I'm sore now lol 👌🏼🙏🏼


VarunFuego . 17 hours ago

What if Will Smith was a paid actor.

Flag33Go Official

Flag33Go Official . 18 hours ago

6:40 i love the will smith face in the car, looking to the action outside!

Aaron Games

Aaron Games . 18 hours ago

Imagine walking into a car park and seeing will smith shooting a car with a potato gun with a cutout of him in it

frick frack

frick frack . 18 hours ago

the youtube algorithm really failed this video


Ibrahim . 19 hours ago

he is too humble

Motivational Lizard

Motivational Lizard . 21 hours ago

Ahh Haha! DATS HOT!!


Fiz . 23 hours ago

Will Will Smith smith Will Smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith Will Smith


striderflys . 1 day ago

Will we loved your last hit..


AmazingHotdogMan . 1 day ago

9:21 What did Will even say? XD

p5ych0vampire 07

p5ych0vampire 07 . 1 day ago

Will Smith will smith will smith?


7td9 . 1 day ago

14:27 I died I watched it like 4 times over


SilentCaldari . 1 day ago

Everyone is just looking at Will Smiths face while he's holding a flamethrower and I'm just giggling because of Will Smith in the background 6:39

John Doe

John Doe . 1 day ago


leroy f

leroy f . 1 day ago

Ultra instinct glutes

Draxy Nasty

Draxy Nasty . 1 day ago

I thought some one was in the car because of his head in there

The Iron Dragon

The Iron Dragon . 1 day ago

the face in the car! 😂😁

HvZ_ Delta

HvZ_ Delta . 1 day ago

You look like ure in ure 20s will

Wind of change

Wind of change . 1 day ago

No napalm, so it's not real flame thrower.

TheGreatDukey Mobile

TheGreatDukey Mobile . 1 day ago

6:14 when the random woman hides in the bush just to see Will Smith screaming with a flamethrower is precious.

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