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Drake Meek Mill Fight Explained
The Young Turks

The Young Turks

Published on 4 years ago

Drake and Meek Mill are in the middle of a feud over whether Drake used a ghostwriter on their collaboration. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Do you think the beef is real? Does Drake use a ghost writer? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hear-drake-demolish-meek-mill-on-back-to-back-freestyle-20150729

“Drake has fired another salvo in his feud with Meek Mill after that rapper called Drake's "Charged Up" diss track "baby lotion soft." Three days later, Drake has responded again with "Back to Back Freestyle," and there's nothing soft or vague about this diss track as the Toronto rapper lays into Meek Mill.

The cruelest barbs in "Back to Back Freestyle" come when Drake attempts to emasculate Meek Mill for serving as opening act for his girlfriend Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Tour. "You love her then you gotta give the world to her / Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?/ I know that you gotta be a thug for her / This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more," Drake says. (Incidentally, Meek Mill showed up 90 minutes late and was promptly booed when the Pinkprint Tour hit Drake's native Toronto Tuesday night.)”


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Comments :


Magister . 6 months ago

the young turks are worse than cnn

Christopher muñoz

Christopher muñoz . 11 months ago

que bien los subtitulos se ven geniales tan clarito

Brian Vilca

Brian Vilca . 11 months ago

titulo en castellano y el video en ingles, que util

YoungSantos teamcoscu

YoungSantos teamcoscu . 12 months ago

Voy hacerte lo que Drake le hizo meek mill 🎶


MONSE SANCHEZ . 12 months ago

rip x :(

DJ Will The Dabber

DJ Will The Dabber . 12 months ago

0:47 in already pissed

Gabe _

Gabe _ . 1 year ago

Who's here September 9th 2018 the day after they are back to being homies

Elton Martini

Elton Martini . 1 year ago

Leave Hip Hop alone .

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright . 1 year ago

You guys have no idea about Hip Hop. Please stop. You are embarrassing yourselves. Anna...It is a rap battle song. You aren't supposed to be socially conscious....lmao

Ethan Parks

Ethan Parks . 1 year ago

Young turds die


Aitch . 2 years ago

The dude doesn't understand metaphors


B M . 2 years ago

That dude iz retarded

Chris Rock

Chris Rock . 2 years ago

This hoe false news Young Turd reporter missed it again. Drake didn’t ever say he was less than a man because of him opening for his gf. That’s not the point being made. The point Drake was making was that while Meek called “his” own tour a “world tour” when in actuality it was his girls tour and he was just an opener. Another words Drake was calling his bs for trying to seem like the tour was his. Then this reporter hoe starts rambling and putting words in Drake’s mouth that was never said. What a hoe..


jairo_drummer . 2 years ago

Yo vine sólo por almighty :v

jonathan Willis

jonathan Willis . 2 years ago

Drake has a ghost rider...

DioSRap PS4

DioSRap PS4 . 2 years ago

Ese blanco habla pura estupides pelean y se disparan Q hablan de su mama como lo no agarran haber que dice despues

Damien The Goat

Damien The Goat . 2 years ago

He said who tf is meek mill hn boy drake is gay


frankc941 . 2 years ago

Could u imagine 2pac and biggy having a Twitter war!😂 just stop ppl....both these dudes suck, there music is horrible!

Graeme Carpenter

Graeme Carpenter . 2 years ago

The guy be hella cringe

Tal Bill

Tal Bill . 3 years ago

you guy need to cover the Remy vs Nicki beef

Jacob Fabian

Jacob Fabian . 3 years ago

Well the thing is drake grew up in the opposite of the ghetto for one and for two meek will actuallly shoot drakes ass 😂😂 all fun And games till u got bullet holes In you

dj dil xxx

dj dil xxx . 3 years ago

wow white people who are taking great joy in black peoples beef. how comes you have a guy wanting a shoot out and blood. The guy on this has issues. You need to see someone


John . 3 years ago

Just because meek is small doesn't mean that you have to be on Meeks side. Drake clearly doesn't have A ghostwriter, he is in the right. Meek just wants to get publicity, he wants to start beef for fame boi

Kishan rai

Kishan rai . 3 years ago

You think eminem uses ghost writer?

Param Naik

Param Naik . 3 years ago

yall should stop talking about rap

Vital Mendoza

Vital Mendoza . 3 years ago

The guy is right. From actually shooting each other to emojis on twitter... hip hop is way gayer now

Manuel Gonzalez

Manuel Gonzalez . 3 years ago

This lady stutters at in the intro


RipTee-XXX . 3 years ago

Meek mill is a bitch


starkiller11710 . 3 years ago

Drake grew up in a middle class home and played in degrassi when he was a teen he didn't start from the bottom



Lyrics: (they Easter egg hunting) spokesperson: "they are beefing and they are rapping about bunny rabbits" omg stick to politics you guys try to stay relevant with ur news talking about big names just please stop u have no clue what ur talking about

Luis Garay

Luis Garay . 3 years ago

how is this a figth lol

Jack Rand

Jack Rand . 3 years ago

Little did we know it would turn into what it is now


ItsaBOOMSHOT123 . 3 years ago

This is shit, just stick to politics lol

Spideraidian Ryan

Spideraidian Ryan . 3 years ago


Amanda Florez

Amanda Florez . 3 years ago

it's about them dissing eachother trying to sell records beefs are started because of 💰 now those beefs in Chicago IL like jojo and odee that's a beef right there

Mugga Boii

Mugga Boii . 3 years ago

Do These People Know What They Talking About.


tryacid . 3 years ago

That one part where he said "he started from the bottom now he's here" I cringed soooo bad

Wesley Avila Solis

Wesley Avila Solis . 3 years ago

How you gonna take it from a rap battle to pushing a femenazi agenda

3ama Khumzi

3ama Khumzi . 3 years ago

badly done........

Alicia Rodriguez

Alicia Rodriguez . 3 years ago

meek mill wonders why know one knows his songs.know one knows because your songs are nothing.Drake has somebody writing songs for him and killing meek mill

Ahmad Ghonym

Ahmad Ghonym . 4 years ago

White people...

T blixky

T blixky . 4 years ago

"Drake started from the bottom now he's here,"... Yeah started at the bottom of his 4 story mansion

Carlos Villanueva

Carlos Villanueva . 4 years ago

The PinkPrint Tour 😩 boii

jonathan vasq

jonathan vasq . 4 years ago

hes a drake rider i mean dick rider . started from the bottom ? yea write drake lol

Caelan Carpenter

Caelan Carpenter . 4 years ago

Im listening to RICO rn...

J-Tune Da Jester

J-Tune Da Jester . 4 years ago

this dude I'm side with drake he started from the bottom and now he's here lol stfu to funny

D Riley

D Riley . 4 years ago

why are these people telling tyt to stop talking about hip hop. who cares???? they are going to report on whatever they want! stfu

William Rogers

William Rogers . 4 years ago

i think meek mill is the winner

Ty Fire

Ty Fire . 4 years ago

That guy one the left is so irritating. Meek Mill is great

Remy   Batista

Remy Batista . 4 years ago


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