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DARU BADNAAM | One Take | Tejas Dhoke Choreography | DanceFit Live
Dancefit Live

Dancefit Live

Published on 1 year ago

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DARU BADNAAM | One Take | Tejas Dhoke Choreography | DanceFit Live

Daru Badnaam | Kamal Kahlon & Param Singh | VIP Records

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DanceFit is a Company Based in Nashik and Mumbai training in Various Dance styles. Tejas Dhoke and Isha Dang jointly founded it in 2016 . since then they have taught more than 1000 students and taken multiple workshops in the city and Statewide.

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Comments :

Dancefit Live

Dancefit Live . 1 year ago

LOVE YOU GUYS . Your Love Keeps Us Going. Follow Us Now . Links Below. Tejas Dhoke - https://www.instagram.com/tejasdhoke/ Isha Dang - https://www.instagram.com/dangishpreet/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dfiofficial/

Ankit Kannoj

Ankit Kannoj . 5 hours ago


Rihan Ansari

Rihan Ansari . 21 hours ago

Iove song

Tarun kashyap 8006066716

Tarun kashyap 8006066716 . 23 hours ago

My west song

Kirti Chaturvedi

Kirti Chaturvedi . 1 day ago

I Love This Song Yar😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

Vimlesh Thakur

Vimlesh Thakur . 1 day ago


Akash Dhakad

Akash Dhakad . 1 day ago



HARISH ASHOK . 1 day ago

V nice πŸ’ƒdancer

Gaurav Noel

Gaurav Noel . 2 days ago

Voice Your Opinion Who was the best of the lot ? Who was the worst of the lot? The first pair was the best and the guy wearing the white t shirt with take more risks printed on was the worst of the lot. Followed by the guy in Red jacket.

Abrar hussain

Abrar hussain . 2 days ago

who's girl in whit shirt ? can anybody tell me she is best of all

Swapnil Agiwale

Swapnil Agiwale . 2 days ago

Dinesh joshi grop__nice dance

vikas rana

vikas rana . 2 days ago


atikul hd media

atikul hd media . 3 days ago

Subscried plz apnr psae

Gudiya Vishwakarma

Gudiya Vishwakarma . 3 days ago

Bht hard mst cooll. .πŸ˜„πŸ˜


THAKOR SANJAY . 3 days ago

This superb dance 😎

Syed Musshi

Syed Musshi . 3 days ago

Hit ha boss

Poonam Kumari

Poonam Kumari . 3 days ago

Very nice dance moves

sujit sah

sujit sah . 4 days ago

He's pick o

roshanest sharma

roshanest sharma . 4 days ago

Fucking dance i ever seen

pradip kambaliya

pradip kambaliya . 5 days ago

All video superbly and very good... dance I love thish group

Shivam Singh

Shivam Singh . 5 days ago



SONI JAISWAL . 5 days ago

Camera men KO v salutes


SONI JAISWAL . 5 days ago

My fvrt dance class

Love Coach

Love Coach . 6 days ago

Dance good but pet kyu dikha rahi hai....sab mujra karengi..

Sonam Pandey

Sonam Pandey . 7 days ago

Tejas your dance steps are so cool and clean. Its a treat to watch u dance. Ispreet is cherry on the cake. Really appreciate u both.

chiranji soni

chiranji soni . 7 days ago

Video shooting kamaal ki h ji sir

chiranji soni

chiranji soni . 7 days ago

Gazab dancer team Superb πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Ankita chawda

Ankita chawda . 7 days ago

you guys are Rock ❀❀❀

krishti b das

krishti b das . 7 days ago

dance bekar sory gane ko fika kar diya.

Md. Rimon Hasan

Md. Rimon Hasan . 7 days ago

i Love dans. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜

Kalpana Manger

Kalpana Manger . 7 days ago

Lop this song

Kadir kadir

Kadir kadir . 1 week ago


anju Tripathi

anju Tripathi . 1 week ago

Not bad

Neha Mehra

Neha Mehra . 1 week ago

I am happy

Dipak Dipak

Dipak Dipak . 1 week ago

Nice song and your Dance yr super

Dibyendu Manna

Dibyendu Manna . 1 week ago

Good songs i like a song

Mukeshn Kumar

Mukeshn Kumar . 1 week ago


bhola raj

bhola raj . 1 week ago

Me aapse dance sikhna chahtihun please mujhe Ripley dijie or phone number bi

Prashanth Kumar

Prashanth Kumar . 1 week ago


Tusi Paul

Tusi Paul . 1 week ago

Love it

chandra shekhar

chandra shekhar . 1 week ago

first girl dance is very nice babe

Eti Tripathi

Eti Tripathi . 1 week ago

I just love your choreography

Swarnanjali Panda

Swarnanjali Panda . 1 week ago



RAJNISH KUMAR . 1 week ago

Girls dance are better than boys

Pintu Nanda

Pintu Nanda . 1 week ago

Nice gong

onkarnath yadav

onkarnath yadav . 1 week ago

Wao nice dance

onkarnath yadav

onkarnath yadav . 1 week ago

Awesome dance

Anupam Sahore

Anupam Sahore . 1 week ago

A good attempt. However, being a Punjabi guy myself, wo Punjabiyon wala swag missing tha which we have while performing Bhangra. But that's quite understandable as none of them is Punjabi. By the way, the Cameraman Rocks!

ayu wulandari

ayu wulandari . 1 week ago

Lot of love from indonesia πŸ–€

casual freak

casual freak . 1 week ago

This has the perfect energy level. Loved the steps too!!

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