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I'm Coming Out.


Published on 4 days ago

I love you all so much…

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

Comments :


NikkieTutorials . 3 days ago

*I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

Geenen Namen

Geenen Namen . 30 seconds ago


Annasha Das

Annasha Das . 31 seconds ago

We were glowbabies we are and we will... Most importantly *I WAS I'M AND I'LL BE A GLOWBABY* I already loved you so much bt you gained a lot respect i mean I also respected you ...Bt you reached another level of it ... Jst love you so so much ♥️😌

Sylvia Go

Sylvia Go . 32 seconds ago

I don't care what sex you were born into this world, what I care about is what kind of person you turn out to be. So with this said, you're lovely, special and loved. 😍

Henrique Borges

Henrique Borges . 39 seconds ago

you're so beautiful pls date me

sweety i

sweety i . 50 seconds ago

انندب 😮

Liisa Siikala

Liisa Siikala . 1 minute ago

You are an amazing woman❤ thank you for opening up to us

sophie read

sophie read . 1 minute ago

Fair play you do you boo btw you are gorgeous no matter what x


Pinkdramadiva . 1 minute ago

I thought everyone already knew that's why they watch her videos... but guess not🤷‍♀️😂

Katie Girl

Katie Girl . 2 minutes ago

U go girl ilysm ur so strong and so inspirational


Julieta . 3 minutes ago

You're beautiful

book lover 057

book lover 057 . 3 minutes ago

We all love you!!!! You need to be who you are and we will always support you!!!

shay marie

shay marie . 3 minutes ago

I don’t see a difference your still a women 💞 and your a beautiful WOMEN .


Trishyy0923 . 3 minutes ago

I would have never assumed! You are so brave! Good for you girl❤️

Leah Bamford

Leah Bamford . 4 minutes ago

As if she thinks all these loyal ass people would leave her in a heartbeat like how could we all leave such an amazing person and an amazing channel also loving the makeup 💕💕💕💕

Constanze Modl

Constanze Modl . 4 minutes ago

Why has this beautiful 122.000 dislikes 🤨 i mean this needs soo much power to tell this to soo many people so how can anyone dislike this?? We love you Nikki♡

polkadot 30

polkadot 30 . 4 minutes ago

me: ooooooooh she's bi Nikki: I´m trans me: Yesssssss Queen!!!!!!!

harry borrison

harry borrison . 5 minutes ago

You are the strongest woman I have ever seen 😍😍😍😍😍


RHYO DARCK . 6 minutes ago

You're a woman, a really beautiful one! You ARE Nikkie, and that's all what it matters... If someone can't get that, then they're the sadness people in the world. You don't have to worry, people who trutly love you going to stay by your side. We're here.

Annabel Monster

Annabel Monster . 6 minutes ago

Wat knap dat je dat verteld!

Lana Moody

Lana Moody . 6 minutes ago

🌟🌹💗 Aw Nikkie how amazing. You’re a radiant soul

star_ fish

star_ fish . 6 minutes ago

proud of u girl!<3 ur on fire burn it down!

Farheen Ashfaque

Farheen Ashfaque . 6 minutes ago

Babe i m so mesmerized by your beauty always still what ever u are saying i cannot take my eyes of u..god made you honey you are perfect i respect each an every gender..i love u niks..


klibancat100 . 6 minutes ago

Love you, Nikki!

Lady Phoenix

Lady Phoenix . 7 minutes ago

Oah sis....I already knew it. You've never had to tell me. You've never had to explain it to me. SIS I LOVE YOU FOR YOUR HEART.... I DON'T GAF ABOUT HOW YOU GOT HERE..... I'm just fucking proud you're here! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤

Nanna Lind

Nanna Lind . 7 minutes ago

I will always love you and you are beautiful the way you are 🥰🥺💞

Viky Vágnerová

Viky Vágnerová . 7 minutes ago

You are so strong 💕😭❤️

Mariann Tóth

Mariann Tóth . 8 minutes ago

Fantastic 🙂 ❤

Haylie R. Wilson

Haylie R. Wilson . 9 minutes ago

That really is terrigying. Saying 'trans' makes people still see you as a boy. But, you are a girl, you're a woman, you've always been a woman. It has never dawned on me how harmful it is to force people to know your 'trans'

Keliana K

Keliana K . 9 minutes ago

I always knew, but never really cared 🥰♥️

Fin Simmer

Fin Simmer . 9 minutes ago

You are amazing no matter what i love being myself💕💕🥰

Aundrea Wood

Aundrea Wood . 9 minutes ago

You are an amazing beautiful young lady with an amazing beautiful family. That's all that matters. And to those who judge or try to Blackmail they all will get their due diligence


Kyra . 9 minutes ago

It doesn't matter what you do with your life

Betul Gurbuz

Betul Gurbuz . 10 minutes ago

I don't care how she's labelled. She's perfect at her job


Kyra . 10 minutes ago


Isabelle Johns

Isabelle Johns . 10 minutes ago

Vrouw I am a new subscriber and I absolutely think you are an amazing strong women⚡️so glad to be apart of this journey w you. with love, belle


SEG G . 11 minutes ago

So happy for you

Eva Visan

Eva Visan . 11 minutes ago

At the end of the day you are still the best makeup artist i know! It doesn't matter the gender!

Iridian Chavez

Iridian Chavez . 11 minutes ago

Bruhhhh wtf I never bee or had a clue she was trans wtfffff


fistikezmesi . 11 minutes ago

i want you to know there is nothing changed and i still see the same beautiful and the most talented make up artist in the world. İ hope you read this i rest love you so much and waiting for your new videos 💕

Phase McChicken

Phase McChicken . 11 minutes ago

Male to female or female to male I’m so confused did it already transition or it wants to

Heather G

Heather G . 11 minutes ago

I hate you! Not because you're trans or your life style choice....... I hate you cuz dem brows and your ability to do makeup makes me jelly lol jk you're incredible! ❤️

Angelica Gomez

Angelica Gomez . 12 minutes ago


noura aljumah

noura aljumah . 12 minutes ago

You made me cry. love just the way you are nikkie ❤️❤️❤️


Glouk . 12 minutes ago

Why are you gay?

Diane Ogilvie

Diane Ogilvie . 12 minutes ago

Oh yeah girl !!!!!!!! I LOVE you even MORE now !!!!!!!! You sayed it you are you ! Nikkie ! And you are beautiful and I love you ! Well done for this video ! You nailed it xxxxx


J A Z Z P E R . 12 minutes ago

Nikkie wants (or not?) a Dikkie; well thats ok. No problem. You are not living in Saudi Arabia... go for it. Dont worry; dont exaggerate it. Don’t milk it out. Respect, congrats.

Romina Stefanie

Romina Stefanie . 12 minutes ago

I love youuuu

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney . 13 minutes ago

so proud of you, congrats on coming out!! love you girlie <3

Tarsila Sartori Nascimento

Tarsila Sartori Nascimento . 13 minutes ago

I'm also always more surprised that Nikki is Dutch than that she is whatever else

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