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Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Published on 4 days ago

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Comments :

Emily Mattix

Emily Mattix . 27 minutes ago

why did i just get the notif 😂

Emily Mattix

Emily Mattix . 27 minutes ago

why did i just get the notif 😂

Brennan Davenport

Brennan Davenport . 1 hour ago


Osiris Gg Ghost

Osiris Gg Ghost . 1 hour ago

I just want you to get back to vlog

. 3 hours ago

You lost but did good

Jonathan Meddis

Jonathan Meddis . 4 hours ago

Seriously Logan, you should give a shot to MMA

Nolan Shanks

Nolan Shanks . 5 hours ago

I don't think you should be promoting your L TBH, glad I didn't pay for it. Pretty boring fight. Anyways, have a good day and God bless:D

zach long

zach long . 6 hours ago

He will see us once he's a champion.. never again

Ashlin Thomas

Ashlin Thomas . 8 hours ago

oh the irony

Xavier Nonas-Truong

Xavier Nonas-Truong . 8 hours ago

U lost ha ha

Darwish_ Gamer

Darwish_ Gamer . 8 hours ago

Everything you said disappeared 😂😂 😂🤣 🤣 YOU LOST 💩

Zack Tfue

Zack Tfue . 10 hours ago

Hi Logan idiot dog

Ainius Belousas

Ainius Belousas . 10 hours ago

November 8 th: "I'm the most mentally healthy and physically healthy I have ever been in my life" November 9 th: "I sneezed 3 times in the morning and been sick for the last few days" Logan Paul 2019

Money Master07

Money Master07 . 10 hours ago

Anyone watching after he lost


RokuLux . 16 hours ago

If Justin bieber is with you. Your gonna lose.

rb doodie

rb doodie . 17 hours ago

Ksi sucks logan win ksi go suck my butt

Destin Ku

Destin Ku . 20 hours ago

You lose the fight

Roberto Silva

Roberto Silva . 20 hours ago

I live cloae to it

James Netusil

James Netusil . 20 hours ago

Go away. Please.

l dc

l dc . 20 hours ago

ksi is the champ


joeyp978 . 21 hours ago

Yeah because Dana White let's 0-1 Boxers into the UFC.. LOL

rainbow asain boi

rainbow asain boi . 21 hours ago

Go to new zealand is the best dude litterly is lit like you.

Steven Olynick

Steven Olynick . 22 hours ago

Why did I just get this notification. It's November 11th?

Jeanine Hall

Jeanine Hall . 22 hours ago

I’m watching this after the fight and you lost KSU so much better

Ethan Bayne

Ethan Bayne . 23 hours ago

I paid $19.99 just to watch your all talk-no action ass get handed to you..


ItsEj . 23 hours ago

Shame U takled the y’all but didn’t walk the walk Ksi talked the talk AND walked the walk


why. . 23 hours ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m probably not gonna watch the fight :/

Boldtruck540 TTV

Boldtruck540 TTV . 1 day ago

This dude lost omg

Dwi Rahayu

Dwi Rahayu . 1 day ago

why did you lose i cry

Kolben Marshall

Kolben Marshall . 1 day ago

Ksi won

Drah t

Drah t . 1 day ago

You lost you fuckin bitch shut the fuck up everything you said didnt happen ksi destroyed you

Zack Sutton

Zack Sutton . 1 day ago

L.p. should have won because ksi did cheap shop

Nikos Siaplaouras

Nikos Siaplaouras . 1 day ago


Nikos Siaplaouras

Nikos Siaplaouras . 1 day ago

You are fricking trash

shakoor ali

shakoor ali . 1 day ago

Lol literally most of the fight is on YouTube

Grayson Parker

Grayson Parker . 1 day ago


Ra K

Ra K . 1 day ago

Logan were are u ?😂😂 how your fight

Danielle Maria

Danielle Maria . 1 day ago

You suck Logan Paul

Flaming sword_xxx

Flaming sword_xxx . 1 day ago

Hmm I think we might see them struggle, put on some extra weight, and mmm as early knockout is rare, u DO need. A hell lot of sped aNd force which I think tht Logan has however he might need to work on the speed, just a liiiiiitle bit so he can come across the chance to even knock him out lol


Axolen . 1 day ago


Iftekhar Ahmad

Iftekhar Ahmad . 1 day ago

Logan get wreck

Lester Fok

Lester Fok . 1 day ago

pre fight: i’m the healthiest i have ever been post fight: i sneezed 3 times ...

A fat Tiger

A fat Tiger . 1 day ago

I sNeEzed

The Ash bros

The Ash bros . 1 day ago

Your still my favorite you tuber I think you won but don’t worry we all know who the real winner is

Yasser Tesen

Yasser Tesen . 1 day ago



AIS FIRDAUS . 1 day ago


Xenolous I

Xenolous I . 1 day ago

Logan : I lost the fight.. Shannon : don't worry, I will become the bigger meme. KSI : Lets go tramp.


4everHalo . 1 day ago

I’m still very angry about that ref 😞


PorkFreeGaming . 1 day ago

“Heavily pirated” welcome to the internet and it also available free now

Eric Lobato

Eric Lobato . 1 day ago

I love your videos and I hope you win the fight

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