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What Happened to Kelvin Benjamin? (Laziest NFL WR Ever?)
FlemLo Raps

FlemLo Raps

Published on 5 months ago

Kelvin Benjamin had all the talent in the world but id out of the NFL in 5 years.

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Comments :

Jr Woodson

Jr Woodson . 2 days ago

0:20 But you have to understand is you been lied to all your life. And don't even know it. That's what your programmer tells you. And you pass it on DOWN!!


Styx . 4 days ago

if i was calvin i’d work harder to make my mama proud

Fofo Jarra

Fofo Jarra . 4 days ago

What is the instrumental used???

Ryan Duffy

Ryan Duffy . 4 days ago

Plz do what happened to Brandon Marshall


NATURAL FITNESS BD 44 . 5 days ago

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KingSkyLord . 5 days ago

Damn. This nigga could've won a Super Bowl as a seventh-string wide receiver.

Big Dubyuh

Big Dubyuh . 6 days ago

there is a typo in your description

Darth Yarx

Darth Yarx . 6 days ago

I wondered what happened to this dude. Bet he’s really eating crown since the super bowl

Logan Clamp

Logan Clamp . 1 week ago


Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star

Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star . 1 week ago

He should be all up in the xfl if he isn’t 300+lbs right now.

Ali Universal

Ali Universal . 2 weeks ago

Should do one of these for laziest runningback aka eddie lacy

George Thimakis

George Thimakis . 2 weeks ago

Love the Bill Duke name drop

Devin Isreal - Life Coach, Investor, Truth Seeker

Devin Isreal - Life Coach, Investor, Truth Seeker . 2 weeks ago

He should join the XFL

Dan Gar

Dan Gar . 2 weeks ago

Blow them nostrils before you make a video makes it sound weird when you talk

Alan Belcher

Alan Belcher . 2 weeks ago

I like the Bengals decals in your room. (I'm from Dayton) at least we know you aren't a bandwagon fan. Lol

Frank Schaefer

Frank Schaefer . 2 weeks ago

I said he was gonna be the next Calvin Johnson when entering the league but that didn't work out...

DOE John

DOE John . 2 weeks ago


Lil' Ty

Lil' Ty . 2 weeks ago

Make a video about cardinals RB David Johnson


MeChan . 2 weeks ago

I thought it was Cams fault LOL

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan . 2 weeks ago

He wasny gifted Any gut 6'4 could teain to be him Or better Average hands and way below average speed Who the hell wants to throw to a covered receiver every time

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan . 2 weeks ago

I wish i didnt need to sit thru his life story first tho

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan . 2 weeks ago

He was way too slow and cant get separation 50/50 guys will never be all that

jc dova

jc dova . 2 weeks ago

He ate himself out of the NFL. He will probably eat up all his NFL money but he might make a few bucks when he is featured in my 600lb life.

Michael S.

Michael S. . 3 weeks ago

I actually enjoyed the commercial before the start of the vid. I want to do this myself, but I want to visit landmark places from GTA V. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Lavar Ball's Cousin

Lavar Ball's Cousin . 3 weeks ago

Jamies must’ve shared those crab legs with Kelvin

day 2 day

day 2 day . 3 weeks ago

Eddie Lacy story , same same. Different name


Turk . 3 weeks ago

I honestly figured he was in the league


Stovey . 3 weeks ago

Love it. Let me know if you wanna work.

Logan Kavalar

Logan Kavalar . 4 weeks ago

Is being the most average person on earth a lotto winning? I truly believe I'm one of if not the most average person on earth. Everything about me is average. You name something about me its average

$lim Tuc

$lim Tuc . 4 weeks ago

I dont even fucc with football but i fucc with this dudes commentaries on all these people.Much love and respect


Halipurate . 4 weeks ago

Kelvin is a little bitch

the last emperor

the last emperor . 4 weeks ago

Bullshit if your rich don't risk putting that money into shit.just like them people from shark tank. they can afford to fail they also get payed to be on the show so they don't really ever lose out whent shit fails. Or all it takes is one lawsuit from some tard who works for ya that does something dumb then your sued and then your broke.thats how they go broke is being greedy trying to flip the shit or just spending it like crazy.they say if you ever get lottery rich put it all in a few banks and live off the interest.and definitely don't fuck around and get married like I bet alot of morons do and don't get caught in the child support game , get fixed asap.

todd tafelski

todd tafelski . 4 weeks ago

Bills fan here, nothing nice to say so.......................


ViralTalent . 4 weeks ago

the lottery winner actually started with 85 million after taxes

Simon Lundblad Roth

Simon Lundblad Roth . 4 weeks ago

We know what you are saying.

Fuck Youtube

Fuck Youtube . 4 weeks ago

You’re face is crooked dude.

Scott Bond

Scott Bond . 4 weeks ago

Kelvin was an ass, Cam is a good QB look at him and Christian.

Franklin Moultrie

Franklin Moultrie . 4 weeks ago

Just realized when Cam rolled on him he told other dude to walk off. Lol


waterboyf21 . 4 weeks ago

The Eagles could of used him this season

Funky Nuttz

Funky Nuttz . 1 month ago

Crazy this video auto plays rite after the Luke retirement video... talk about polar opposites


kidwave1 . 1 month ago

Trust me , the Bills are glad this guy is gone! He gave no effort

Diuler K

Diuler K . 1 month ago

The thing with physically gigted athletes is that they are put in so many favorable situations throughout their whole growth (school is easier, help comes when they have hard times, everyone is supportive etc). Everyone makes way for their awesome physical talent only, but fail to foster the right mental attitude, not just as a sportsman, but as a decent adult hunan being. Now that doesnt apply to everyone of course, but a lot of less physically gifted athletes that come to the world of pros have left their mark for their grit and work ethics, which consequently translates into in-game performances. In short the blame is on the process, before evaluating physical talent, every athlete should be fostered to develop an ethical and virtuous approach to work.

kayla williams

kayla williams . 1 month ago

Well he has two kids and possibly still a girlfriend(briona_maeee on IG) so maybe he'll get it together. However I did see that she deleted most posts about him and her and only kept up like 3 or 4 of him interacting with the kids. I also noticed that she started a business(its doing well) really quick but they moved into their florida home some months ago. He's never in videos, pictures, or in her comments and he's now deleted all of his IG post so maybe they recently broke up? His son is about 3-5 and she just had the daughter last summer I think. She's obsessed with working out and lookin slim (to the point of eating ice "chips" as dinner) so I'm surprised she hasn't tried getting him in the gym.

Patrick Figueroa

Patrick Figueroa . 1 month ago

I really appreciate your videos and your wisdom. Keep it up brother.

Irish Goomba

Irish Goomba . 1 month ago

Being a fsu fan i had and his final year there i had high hopes...and I'm a bengals fan to so you know how high hopes go...

Missael A

Missael A . 1 month ago

Bro you remind me of my boy Tayon. We go way back. Lol.

Alex Brabec

Alex Brabec . 1 month ago

Good content man love the stats keep it up

Pradigy Musicman

Pradigy Musicman . 1 month ago



allgolfalot . 1 month ago

people say stupid stuff when they are going thru the grieving period. some people like testing peoples friendships and i feel like maybe calvin really loved cam and was just lashing out at someone he was really close to. everyone grieves differently. i think its crazy to think someone with the stress of being in the NFL to expect to grieve in a natural way while still playing and practicing and expecting to act professionally in every interview. they have it pretty tough and the money is not worth it when you put concussions and those brain problems to expect later in life


allgolfalot . 1 month ago

put him on the patriots, theyll get him where he needs to be

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