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Kanye West - All Mine (Lyric Video)


Published on 1 year ago

Stream and download ye, the new album from Kanye West, here: https://KanyeWest.lnk.to/YE

Music video by Kanye West performing All Mine. © 2018 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.


Comments :

Charles T. Obieze

Charles T. Obieze . 1 day ago

Kanye west Perth is so bad

Luanna Sampaio

Luanna Sampaio . 4 days ago

ty dolla sign really came thru on this... proud

D X C the wrestler

D X C the wrestler . 4 days ago

Who here even after Jesus Is King 🙋‍♂️

Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey . 6 days ago


Guilherme Almeida

Guilherme Almeida . 6 days ago


Deonte Hurd

Deonte Hurd . 1 week ago


wraxius well

wraxius well . 1 week ago

Never thought I'd seen the day that medula oblongata being used in a song...

Brother Rayaan

Brother Rayaan . 2 weeks ago

I'm so happy that God choose Kanye the best out here doing it,to make music for him.

mc titaroni

mc titaroni . 2 weeks ago

Why does the high voice part remind me of a tobuscus literal trailer ??? Am I the only one ? 0:28

• Supreme •

• Supreme • . 2 weeks ago

Who still listening in 2019-2020 👇🏾

Kevin C

Kevin C . 2 weeks ago

Underrated Slap!!!!

Nick P

Nick P . 2 weeks ago

The high pitch voice is Ant Clemons


xavi . 2 weeks ago

Who came here after natehill tweet

Sayem Farooq

Sayem Farooq . 2 weeks ago

Anybody else from Nate hil

Terry Purce

Terry Purce . 3 weeks ago

He rock and I dont care what nobody say. Kanye u the shit but pls. Stop going to the wrong house. 😏

Sebas RM

Sebas RM . 3 weeks ago


The Balancer

The Balancer . 3 weeks ago

last two albums and with cudi and specially the newest, dude, good job amen.

Craig The Meme God

Craig The Meme God . 3 weeks ago

Unpopular opinion: this is Kanye’s best song ever.

when will you learn

when will you learn . 3 weeks ago

This makes me wanna do sum reckless dummy shit 🥵😳

Loll Lol

Loll Lol . 4 weeks ago

Kanye: Jesus is King Also Kanye:

Sizeable T

Sizeable T . 4 weeks ago

The only problem with this song is that supermodels aren't thicc.

Mr Got Something New

Mr Got Something New . 1 month ago


Tony Rodriguez

Tony Rodriguez . 1 month ago

the second peak on the left, in the snow. there is a smiley face. 00:35

Jacob Shook

Jacob Shook . 1 month ago

last good song we got before he lost his mind, we need to worship it


T3 RECORDS . 1 month ago

Băi pizdo, ho, cu filmele astea de doamne doamne, îi iei numele in desert, savarina de preferat.

Kamron Jordan

Kamron Jordan . 1 month ago

I love this song

3K Scully

3K Scully . 1 month ago


Владимир Шнайдер

Владимир Шнайдер . 1 month ago

Kanye West - Closed On Sunday

Cletus McYeetus

Cletus McYeetus . 1 month ago

If Trump fucked Stormi Daniels then America fucked Stormi Daniels

Rafael Santos

Rafael Santos . 1 month ago



LEMON MAFiA . 1 month ago

"I love your tittties cause they prove I can focus on two things at once " Kanye never was much of a romantic

joshua nhira

joshua nhira . 1 month ago

just came here after closed on sunday,love sum Ye shit no lie

joshua bela

joshua bela . 1 month ago

I always thought he said: "Get the rubbing on my leg; get the chili out the bottle." which I still interpreted to be a sexual euphemism for the same thing. Cool coincidence.

Andrew Ricardo

Andrew Ricardo . 1 month ago

Love it

John Kyle Bersabal

John Kyle Bersabal . 1 month ago

titties is king

Odd Archive

Odd Archive . 1 month ago

I miss this kanye

Андреј Јовановић

Андреј Јовановић . 1 month ago



ems . 1 month ago

thank you kanye, very cool

ジェシカ Jessica

ジェシカ Jessica . 1 month ago

Kanye ain't makin' music for the people anymore. Now it's all for Jesus. 🤗

Jess Erickson

Jess Erickson . 1 month ago

Very good kanye, Thank you

eva kgang

eva kgang . 1 month ago

I never used to like Kanye West like at all. But since he released this song, I will honor becoming his army

Ken Grand

Ken Grand . 1 month ago

Then he makes a gospel album.....gotta love kanye lol

Trung Bất Động Sản

Trung Bất Động Sản . 2 months ago

Mr West will never rap the type of this !!! Jesus is King

Mar Isaagod

Mar Isaagod . 2 months ago

i’ve been listing since day one nd still hits 😭

Ellie Perkins

Ellie Perkins . 2 months ago

Coming here after listening to Jesus is king is truly amazing, gods magic can work on anyone🙏🏼🙏🏼💖

richard crago

richard crago . 2 months ago

coming back here after the left turn of JESUS IS KING


i . 2 months ago



AudibleVisible . 2 months ago

Maan this takes me back to summer 18 Seems like years ago lol

Carsen Kennedy

Carsen Kennedy . 2 months ago

I'm here because of Jesus is King

Sara Coulson

Sara Coulson . 2 months ago

I'm a little confused. Some songs are supposed to be christian then you have other songs with ridiculous sex innuendos and cursing... ummm I guess he's experimenting with his themes???

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