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Fleetwood Mac Takes the Stage with "The Chain"


Published on 1 year ago

Comments :


PRBRP91 . 3 days ago

2 guitars and nowhere near the class of Buckingham

John McNeill

John McNeill . 1 week ago

Lindsay playing Big Love instrumental has 100 times more feeling. Maybe a reunion someday, love Stevie and all the band <3 ,<3<3.

Chris Whiting

Chris Whiting . 1 week ago

No Lindsey Buckingham, no thanks!

Lancely Moses

Lancely Moses . 1 week ago

I found this abit painful to watch 😭😭

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn . 2 weeks ago

Yeah, no Lindsey, no good

David Smith

David Smith . 2 weeks ago

YUCK!!! What is this a cover band


fender200 . 2 weeks ago

"Someone has taken my place"...

john doe

john doe . 2 weeks ago

Good god no no no .

Arthur Pessoa

Arthur Pessoa . 2 weeks ago

The Chain is empty without Lindsay. Fleetwood Mac too... Bring him back pls.

paul walsh

paul walsh . 2 weeks ago

Saw them in Berlin.....they were missing their guitarist!

Kenny Milne

Kenny Milne . 3 weeks ago

It's not Fleetwood Mac without Lyndsey Buckingham , this is rubbish 😕

Macon Braves

Macon Braves . 3 weeks ago

Well, I was always told by Grandmother, if I didn't have something good to say,...to shush it. Shushing it Granny. Those Coke years were not kind to Stevie.


pa59 . 3 weeks ago

Without Lindsay its competent, but Neil just doesn't have Lindsay's fire or soul or passion, but it's not his song so what can you expect. It's only about business and money.

joe blow

joe blow . 3 weeks ago


Corey Mullis

Corey Mullis . 3 weeks ago

It's not the same and we all know it.

Music Love

Music Love . 3 weeks ago

I was on the fence about Neil Finn working with Fleetwood Mac, but I think he's fantastic!!


ducklove0121 . 4 weeks ago

Without Buckingham this is worthlessness.

Monus Brewer

Monus Brewer . 4 weeks ago

😳 😱🤢🤮 😡😠 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


TONY FARMER . 4 weeks ago

You could put 20 of the best guitarist in the world on that stage and still not replace Lindsey

Richard Shelton

Richard Shelton . 4 weeks ago

Greedy pigs

shannon lucas

shannon lucas . 4 weeks ago

They replaced Lindsay with 3 guitarists and 2 backing vocalists

sam hill

sam hill . 4 weeks ago

Campbell is great and Crowded House had some good music but,,,,,..........


Jock . 4 weeks ago

cuando fue este concierto

Micah Roberts

Micah Roberts . 4 weeks ago

Wow what a massacred masterpiece:( To me it's like taking the mustang from Bullitt and converting it to a hybrid uber ride

Bob Vale

Bob Vale . 4 weeks ago

No Lindsey Buckingham no Fleetwood Mac simple as that really

Andy Brown

Andy Brown . 1 month ago


Norman Veillette

Norman Veillette . 1 month ago

3 guitar players still cant replace one Lindsey Buckingham let alone his voice and passion

Edward Estep

Edward Estep . 1 month ago

Ellen no they don't sound amazing without Lindsey. You sir are wrong


8kiarikos . 1 month ago

i guess the chain broke for Lindsey Buckingham after all... So sad seeing them play without him

Stuart Mclean

Stuart Mclean . 1 month ago

Still dont feel right without Lindsey B. But they still kicking it. Respect.

Fiona Rowland

Fiona Rowland . 1 month ago

And The Chain is - broken


The-Art-of-Guitar . 1 month ago

Takes 2 guys to replace Lindsey.

Daniel Olsen

Daniel Olsen . 1 month ago

NOT Fleetwood Mac. That song is about Stevie and Lindsay and the band. Fleetwood Mac's lineup includes Lindsay Buckingham, anyone else is a poser


asyouratty13 . 1 month ago

Good to see a couple Heartbreakers having fun with the Mac

Nate Marks

Nate Marks . 1 month ago

Turn up the bass!!!!!

Jessie Garcia

Jessie Garcia . 1 month ago

There a good cover and but without lb there just a band

Terry Casey

Terry Casey . 1 month ago

YE Buckingham is class. But Neil Finn is a great musician in his own right ...

Matthew Bishop

Matthew Bishop . 1 month ago

No no no no no no


PlanetTelex88 . 1 month ago

Well, they broke the chain

Michael Vervaet

Michael Vervaet . 1 month ago

Neil Finn is God.

Nicholas Greasley

Nicholas Greasley . 1 month ago

stevie knicks was feeling the coke 3:33


dogpatch75 . 1 month ago

Without Buckingham this song sounds like a cover band!


lionchamp29 . 2 months ago

go ahead and make an album and tour with only that album...only


lionchamp29 . 2 months ago

never love them again...lol...

Margaret Cronin

Margaret Cronin . 2 months ago

Idiot Ellen is the queen of brainless patronizing.

paul Waymondo

paul Waymondo . 2 months ago

Lacks the intensity without Buckingham. 👎


mightymouse151 . 2 months ago

I love and miss Lindsey Buckingham also but the show must go on!

blank pallet2

blank pallet2 . 2 months ago


blank pallet2

blank pallet2 . 2 months ago


John Y Yaussi

John Y Yaussi . 2 months ago

I say this with love as someone that was around when Fleetwood Mac was a guitar band. It’s time for the band to hang it up. They are nothing but a shell of their former selves.

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