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THIS COULD BE YOU Part 3 - Merrell Twins


Published on 5 months ago

Don't let any of this happen to you! :)
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Comments :

Gabriel Bautista

Gabriel Bautista . 2 hours ago

When will the next episode of Merrell Twins Exposed come out????

HowTo Style

HowTo Style . 7 hours ago

Do more pleaseeeeeeeee ❤️🥺

Lorraine Mercado

Lorraine Mercado . 16 hours ago

I love your this could be you videos!!

Isabel Rodriguez

Isabel Rodriguez . 18 hours ago

Are you this nice in real life????

Sharonda Ladd

Sharonda Ladd . 21 hours ago

I am 8 years old


Amaya JAITLY . 2 days ago

this is the greatest video ever!!!!!!LOL

Awesome Potato

Awesome Potato . 2 days ago

This is Roni/Nessa Roni/Nessa is cleaning her room When you clean your room you realize you forgot to clean under your bed When you forget to clean under your bed you don’t worry about it and hope your mom doesn’t notice When your mom comes to check your room she tells you to clean under your bed When your mom tells you to clean under your bed you have to do it When you have to clean under your bed you find a treasure map When you find a treasure map under your bed you decide to gather your friends and start a real life version of the goonies When you gather your friends and start a real life version of the goonies you realize that in movies it’s not real and in real life it’s more dangerous When you realize that in real life it’s a lot more dangerous you get scared When you get scared you run into a bush When you run into a bush your clothes get ripped on the branches When your clothes get ripped on the branches you find some random clothes and decide to put them on When you put them on the clothes you realize it’s an orange prison jumpsuit When you realize it’s a orange prison jumpsuit you decide not to worry about it When you decide not to worry about it you see a police officer When you see a police officer you run When you run the police officer sees you and thinks you’re an escaped criminal When the police officer thinks you’re an escaped criminal he chases you When he chases you he catches you When he catches you he takes you to prison you they think you’re the escaped criminal When you realize you look like the escaped criminal you discover that it’s your twin sister When you tell the police they caught you instead of your twin they don’t believe you When they don’t believe you, you have to spend the rest of your in prison serving out your sister’s sentence. DON’T SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN PRISON SERVING YOUR SISTER’S SENTENCE NEVER FOLLOW A RANDOM TREASURE MAP YOU FIND UNDER YOUR BED!!!

Sophie Teh Ee Wern

Sophie Teh Ee Wern . 2 days ago

Cool dad haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Loryn Kate

Loryn Kate . 3 days ago

Me: I’m gonna go do my homework but first I’m gonna watch one Merrell twins vid! Oh no! I won’t do my homework I don’t wanna ruin the Star Wars movie! I’m going to school. Awww, now I don’t have straight A’s I should’ve done my homework. It’s all because of the merrell twins I’m unsubscribing to them! Btw I didn’t but love u guys so much y’all are my fav you tubers!

Faye Fitzsimmons

Faye Fitzsimmons . 3 days ago

amazing x

Luckie Locke

Luckie Locke . 3 days ago

love you guys

Asmr with Ronie & Kenzie

Asmr with Ronie & Kenzie . 3 days ago

That is literally what I did I didn’t clean my room and I liked this video😂🚫🧢

Makenna The unicorn

Makenna The unicorn . 3 days ago

That was a great video


CHLOE TRAN . 4 days ago


Jokingly Jo

Jokingly Jo . 4 days ago

1:10 seconds of plugs

Ed Hole Vlogs

Ed Hole Vlogs . 4 days ago

Buy a new water bottle, It breaks, It breaks on your foot, You broke your leg, Leg needs to be chopped off, You die, Don’t die, always drinks out a cup 🥤 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Ed Hole Vlogs

Ed Hole Vlogs . 4 days ago

I like watching the Merrell twins

Ed Hole Vlogs

Ed Hole Vlogs . 4 days ago

I like Audible too

Don Gajitos

Don Gajitos . 4 days ago

I dont have homework

Gamers Pisey

Gamers Pisey . 5 days ago

I’ll won’t clean my room and I will like

John Senra

John Senra . 5 days ago

This is a cool video 🥳

Syeda Haleema Haroon

Syeda Haleema Haroon . 5 days ago

this is the greatest video ever like if u love the merrel twins

Katie Kay

Katie Kay . 6 days ago

This is Sasha She is alone She sees some girls She makes friends with them They become bullies Sasha is being peered pressured She fights a kid bc she is being peered pressured She loses the fight She dies LESSON: don't make friends just be alone forever👍

Chad wild clay Brownen

Chad wild clay Brownen . 6 days ago

Funny video

Rifa Kafil

Rifa Kafil . 6 days ago

Who drinks Pepsi when they are sick idk but I don't I drink healthy when I am sick

Elmo Chicago

Elmo Chicago . 6 days ago

I am not like that video

Aleya Olvera

Aleya Olvera . 6 days ago

Loved it

Lindsey Finch

Lindsey Finch . 6 days ago

you need to do more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XxZodiac_TracksxX . 7 days ago

I would be enjoying this right now.... IF CHIPOTLE DIDNT PUT TOMATOES IN MY BURRITO 😡😡😡

Neil Patel

Neil Patel . 7 days ago

I love this video

k winters

k winters . 1 week ago

Roni comments this was the greatest video to her own video

Katie Boylan

Katie Boylan . 1 week ago

you are amazing.

Daria Orasanu

Daria Orasanu . 1 week ago

Video starts at 1:13 Thank me later

Olli Jokinen

Olli Jokinen . 1 week ago

omg you guys are so funny best video yet!!!!

Garbi Adam

Garbi Adam . 1 week ago

My name is SIMA S-i-m-a you guys are so cute

Avanelle Cassell

Avanelle Cassell . 1 week ago

Yeah you rock

Lilactown 3

Lilactown 3 . 1 week ago

Pls make a part 4

Natasha Wilson 678

Natasha Wilson 678 . 1 week ago


Parker Everett

Parker Everett . 1 week ago

This is cara She is popular She’s popular but mean Shes popular but mean so no one likes her No one likes her so she’s mad She’s mad so she plans REVENGE She said it plans REVENGE She plans revenge and blows up the earth DONT BE LIKE CARA DONT BE POPULAR

Viktorija Lukauskas

Viktorija Lukauskas . 1 week ago

Can you do part 4?


Fliptastic . 2 weeks ago

I just finished cleaning my room :(

Sapu Jagat

Sapu Jagat . 2 weeks ago


buff boy

buff boy . 2 weeks ago

Dont you mean Mac a RONI (IGHT IMA HEAD OUT

Meenakshi Angara

Meenakshi Angara . 2 weeks ago

I love this video ! Yay now I don't have to clean my room

Aya Mostafa

Aya Mostafa . 2 weeks ago

i love you all😍😘

ramtel kristi

ramtel kristi . 2 weeks ago

You are funny ♥️♥️

Kawther Kassar

Kawther Kassar . 2 weeks ago

This is sponsored by audible not Pepsi paul

Juliana huamani

Juliana huamani . 2 weeks ago

I’m only six.

Mia Lucasan

Mia Lucasan . 2 weeks ago

Can you plss do this again! Part 4!! I really love youuuu! Im a big faann!! Thankyouuu

roxy dixon Dixon

roxy dixon Dixon . 2 weeks ago

6:00 there was no hair omg

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