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The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24


Published on 5 days ago

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From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight – Summer 2020.

RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton

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Comments :


SpyengoEen . 35 minutes ago

GotG: I am Groot GotG2: I am Baby Groot The Green Knight: I am Grandpa Groot

Aria Strwn

Aria Strwn . 2 hours ago

Looks good

PatrickJames Houck

PatrickJames Houck . 2 hours ago

i didn't knew they made a live action of the emperor's new groove.. lmao

Matthew W

Matthew W . 2 hours ago

We are in a heyday of amazing movie trailers. From 1950 to1990 trailers were just terrible, they showed the best lines or acting but didn't tell a story. Then from 1990 to around 2010 trailers gave away major spoilers and showed the best action scenes. Now trailers are so good they almost deserve Oscar nominations.

Red Pill For Real

Red Pill For Real . 3 hours ago

Another example of a our characters being replaced by non European actors. If you do this to Japanese, or African folklore.,.,well you wouldn’t because a woke mob would descend upon you

Arther Curry

Arther Curry . 5 hours ago

Me: *gasps in sir gaiwan* but for real tho are we really getting a sir gaiwan and the green knight story!

Brandon Garcia

Brandon Garcia . 5 hours ago

Thank you to the editors for not spoiling anything

Chandresh Sharma

Chandresh Sharma . 5 hours ago

Oh my god this is insane dev looks so good


Lydiard91 . 6 hours ago

Maybe we could not pretend that medieval England was full of South Asians?

Hannah Duggan

Hannah Duggan . 10 hours ago

Sir Gawain is my favorite knight at The Round Table. And my celebrity crush, Dev Patel, is gonna be playing him. David Lowery is a genius. How did David Lowery know that I love Dev Patel and Sir Gawain? Okay, Gawain, your word is gorgeous, blended by Sir Gor and Sir Geous. Blend on, dudes!

Joseph Torres

Joseph Torres . 10 hours ago

Sword of the Valient with Sean Connery is a Classic. Tough to Repeat. We will see how this one does, with CGI and all that.


THESLASHFIVE . 11 hours ago

*sees a giant* Oh, so now A24 wants to try lord of the rings genre?

Sam S

Sam S . 12 hours ago



TRUESEPH . 12 hours ago

Wow, quite the reimagining of Adventure Time.

james bond

james bond . 13 hours ago

That guy speaking sounds like the guy from mission impossible movies

Painted Solace

Painted Solace . 13 hours ago

Did anyone else think this was going to be an Ari Aster film??

dueeh nyyu

dueeh nyyu . 14 hours ago

The Ring: You will be dead in seven days. The Green Knight: One year and a day.


MidnightMovieClub . 14 hours ago

Did anyone think this was a King Paimon, Hereditary prequel for a second, with that opening shot?

Ujjwal Nabin Tripathee

Ujjwal Nabin Tripathee . 15 hours ago

It gives me "The Witch" vibe


überguy . 15 hours ago

The Jewish blackwash of European folklore, history and heritage is real and it pisses me off equally as whitewashing of other ethnicities does. Slightly more in fact since this is much more lasting damage than other ethnicities due to quantity. Europeans are a huuuge minority globally.

Spess Sigiswulf

Spess Sigiswulf . 15 hours ago


DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

DeepFried Wat3rMel0n . 16 hours ago

i swear this director does completely different films which are all great for completely different reasons. a ghost story was fantastic but The Old Man and the Gun was also excellent and really overlooked, Robert Redford's last role before retirement.


chloe . 17 hours ago

*Borat voice* what is.


AuspiciousToad . 17 hours ago


cool cat like looking thing

cool cat like looking thing . 17 hours ago

To all teaser makers watching this *PLEASE TAKE A NOTE!*

Cerulean Cielo

Cerulean Cielo . 17 hours ago

Dev Patel is so underrated. He is a pretty good actor.


JamesBearVR . 17 hours ago

No matter how much this movie denies it I am head Canon this as a Hereditary Prequel. That creature at the end is Paimon.

Jason Poersch

Jason Poersch . 17 hours ago

It looks cool but one thing bugged me.....the fox howl????

Marcus B.

Marcus B. . 17 hours ago

Dear A24.... Much more Films like THIS and much less 'Pseudo-Cult Horror Slow Burner' stuff. Thanks! This looks F****** AMAZING!!!

Joseph Boche

Joseph Boche . 18 hours ago

Yo I thought this was slumdog millionaire two


Charlie_Barber . 18 hours ago

It’s funny because an Indian man is playing the lead role... lol


mountedpatrolman . 18 hours ago

Terrible casting... No thanks


RoadieTV . 19 hours ago

Instant watch as it's A24

Amelia Lynn Puhr

Amelia Lynn Puhr . 19 hours ago

Not gonna lie, Dev Patel is in it. The man is so pretty, of course Imma see it. Also it looks cool, so there's that too.


Ammoniumbicarbonat . 20 hours ago

If Monty Python and the Holy Grail wasn’t a comedy, this has a similar vibe.


9Dragon . 21 hours ago

The Green Knight fails because Gwain was English, not Indian you morons. There were not any Africans or Indians or anything else in England during those times because the Romans would have enslaved them. If by some chance there was, one or two in the whole country, it probably was from a trading vessel from Asia. So basically not King Author and that is where the story is originally from, this movie will suck. Probably only have the Green Knight in the Movie for less than 15 minutes the rest will be about how the Medival times was bad.

obsession byEXØ

obsession byEXØ . 21 hours ago

ok summer flick booked.

Mark Birnage

Mark Birnage . 22 hours ago

Looks good ;-)

Rohan Patel

Rohan Patel . 22 hours ago

like if yall read the story in english class

Emre Gürler

Emre Gürler . 22 hours ago

Looks like Solo Leveling I'm hyped

Baran Aksoy

Baran Aksoy . 22 hours ago


Ryan McCoy

Ryan McCoy . 23 hours ago

The imagery of this trailer really reminds me of Ari Aster and his style. Not familiar with David Lowery but I need to watch his films.


LaLaGrunge . 23 hours ago

Ethnic revisionism again?


xacharias_s . 23 hours ago

What are the circular parts of their crowns? Are they meant to represent halos or saints?

Woable Attack

Woable Attack . 24 hours ago

Fear and Loathing in Camelot? Sounds fun!

sedih hijab

sedih hijab . 1 day ago

mode in king..

bssni touir

bssni touir . 1 day ago

to see it

Rodney James

Rodney James . 1 day ago

I was waiting for the Green Knight to say: *"I am GROOT!!!"*

aaron Morais

aaron Morais . 1 day ago

Wow this looks really dark ! I hope they will respect the original story without adding stupid socio-political propaganda. Nevertheless I'm surprised and pleased to see a medieval tale such as Sir Gawain and The Green Knight coming to the big screen.

Aeta Capella

Aeta Capella . 1 day ago

I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: what kind of dog is that at 1:01 !? I love it!

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