Sevmai Sol

Sevmai Sol

Published on 7 months ago

Deep Purple - Live at Essener Pop & Blues Festival 1969 00:00
Fleetwood Mac Live (1968 1970) 17:50
Janis Joplin- Woodstock Experience (Cut) 57:38
Johnny Winter - Old Grey Whistle Test 1979 1:19:33
Pink Floyd ' International Pop & Blues Festival ' 1969 1:54:47

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1blastman . 5 months ago

The Peter Green Fleetwood Mac videos are awesome!!! Love this!

Bryan Sowder

Bryan Sowder . 5 months ago

The best of the best!!!

bluesrocker 6L6gc

bluesrocker 6L6gc . 7 months ago

Looking at your vids you've posted such as this one for example, I'm in a state of disbelief!!! This is like something out of a dream - I never thought this stuff existed!!! I don't suppose you have any of the first Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart?

Johnny Puddu

Johnny Puddu . 7 months ago

Jon Lord at 5:26, "Knocking on your back door". Did anyone else notice that?

Bernadette Calustre

Bernadette Calustre . 7 months ago

Pls. Give info ian gillian and rechie blackmore of what band they belong?

Елена Глазкова

Елена Глазкова . 7 months ago

отлично красавцы


fuck69boy . 7 months ago

The Ian Paice Band !

Nigutti Sosa

Nigutti Sosa . 7 months ago

Documento historico! Deep Purple genial (como siempre) y muy flaco Ian Paice ! ..Pink Floyd demostrando x q siguen siendo insuperables!


snableme . 7 months ago

Beep Burple, Flatwood PC - So Youflatscreen oriented - i Love it


DeckThePoor . 7 months ago

I had a dream, but it wasn't my best......

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