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We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 9 months ago

We finally got our own bank accounts so we decided to swap credit cards for the day... here's what we bought with each others money... lolol

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Comments :

anna g

anna g . 10 hours ago



PlxtoFN . 15 hours ago

Ethan: why do you call them robo vacuums? *10 SECONDS LATER* Ethan: here is the robo battle🤣

Bud Toker

Bud Toker . 1 day ago

Stop shouting ...the fuck!

Crafty Cuties

Crafty Cuties . 1 day ago

Grayson: Ethan spends irresponsibly Ethan: NO I DONT Also Ethan: buys like 2000 dollar dog

Tayler's Action Figures

Tayler's Action Figures . 2 days ago

12:41 What song is that? Its soooooooo cool sounding

Trinity Perry

Trinity Perry . 2 days ago

Is anyone else binging their videos because they don’t post weekly uploads anymore? 🤭

Willy on the skis

Willy on the skis . 3 days ago

Makes the intro four minutes

Yasmeen Abdalla

Yasmeen Abdalla . 3 days ago

nice vid

Kylee Dines

Kylee Dines . 3 days ago

Grayson: you spend money irresponsibly **me looking at his chain**

Kylee Dines

Kylee Dines . 3 days ago

imma start this video off dolo

Wny Youngboy

Wny Youngboy . 3 days ago

Your hairline is crooked sorry Ethan

Scarlett Dawson

Scarlett Dawson . 4 days ago

24:28 😍😍

Xx_Duh_itz hannah_xX

Xx_Duh_itz hannah_xX . 5 days ago

Is this what rich people do for run

Savage Morgan

Savage Morgan . 5 days ago

credit cards, gotta pay him back XD

George Ellis

George Ellis . 6 days ago

Undoubtedly their dumbest video. Well played


Linda_Engelhart . 6 days ago

Grayson got bankrupt by his own brother😅

Camdyn Coons

Camdyn Coons . 6 days ago

At 15:32 Ethan says “alright just put a piece of toast in it”........ you don’t put toast in a toaster you put bread in a toaster and it comes out as toast


HavingFun . 7 days ago

15:33 "put a piece of toast in it" You PUT BREAD IN A TOASTER IT'S NOT TOAST UNTIL IT'S TOASTED

Britanta Gaire

Britanta Gaire . 1 week ago

This is why you don’t give your cards to your siblings (specially brothers)

cute_doggy dog

cute_doggy dog . 1 week ago

Grayson: You can get a great vacuum for $100!!! Ethan: Or you could just get 2 robot vacuums


DavetheCapriSun . 2 weeks ago

14 y/o Grayson and Ethan: And can I get a clean blender? 20 y/o Grayson and Ethan: Yeah, dude. I spent 2k on an iced-out panther.

Kayla Coffin

Kayla Coffin . 2 weeks ago

Roombas fighting? Maybe I should become sugar baby after all..

Brendyl Squad

Brendyl Squad . 2 weeks ago

Hey U guys liked so much that mine turned blue!!💕🤪🤩😣


janessa . 2 weeks ago

I would just buy a lot of gift cards lol

Maddie Montgomery

Maddie Montgomery . 2 weeks ago

I have that same toaster ahahha

G Dawg

G Dawg . 2 weeks ago

Ethan went over the limit Limit=500 Ethan=875

Gina Salinas

Gina Salinas . 2 weeks ago

Cool video miss you guys i have Facebook and Instagram

Chantal Frozen

Chantal Frozen . 3 weeks ago

Really nice thing to do Ethan and grayson I like all your videos love you guys

Jennifer Morales

Jennifer Morales . 3 weeks ago

10:59 💀😭 IM GONEEEEE

manny Ramirez

manny Ramirez . 4 weeks ago

Ethan: buys iced out panther Grayson: buys entire back yard water park and pops it Like and comment

Kelsey Zamora

Kelsey Zamora . 4 weeks ago

those cards looked like nimble cards

Aritta Gashi

Aritta Gashi . 4 weeks ago

ethan then: complains that gray has a Porsche ethan now: owns a Tesla LMAO

Olivia Fletcher

Olivia Fletcher . 4 weeks ago

they shouldved gone to gucci

The Madison Zone

The Madison Zone . 4 weeks ago

I laughed so hard when he got all that pool stuff.

Lily Stiteler

Lily Stiteler . 4 weeks ago

Grayson rlly trynna be that “The Rock” meme lmaoooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kayla Talbert

Kayla Talbert . 1 month ago

This video stressed me out and it wasn’t even my money

Yuriy Bas

Yuriy Bas . 1 month ago


M&M Squad

M&M Squad . 1 month ago

You guys have the same birthday as me 🤗

Jasmin Reid Dwyer

Jasmin Reid Dwyer . 1 month ago

Ethan: it better not be over $200 Also Ethan: spends over $800

Devon Genesis

Devon Genesis . 1 month ago

You know you have a ton of money when you walk into Costco and don’t know what its it😂

xXCʅσυԃყ_ FσxXx

xXCʅσυԃყ_ FσxXx . 1 month ago

Grayson: “we are going to end this video the smart way” Ethan and Grayson: goes down a inflatable pool slide for 6 year olds

Mirabelle Stevens

Mirabelle Stevens . 1 month ago

No one: Literally no one: Two Adult men yelling at vacuums

Pearson Glynn

Pearson Glynn . 1 month ago

Funny thing, uhmmm I have that toaster But low key It is actually pretty good

Alyssa Hardy

Alyssa Hardy . 1 month ago

should do this challenge but with no limit

אביטל מלול

אביטל מלול . 1 month ago

17:54 he looks like a mom

H Bashir

H Bashir . 1 month ago

We all love a good trip to costco

Melanie Estiu

Melanie Estiu . 1 month ago

Ethan you don’t put toast in a toaster you put bread in it

Athena Warrethi

Athena Warrethi . 1 month ago

Imagine if he actually bought a car🤣🤣


@whitabix . 1 month ago

Gray:deliriously annoyed at 9:10

Ethan Hatfield

Ethan Hatfield . 1 month ago

How can bread be raw?

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