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i lish

Published on 9 months ago

So, i knew a good knowledge of these songs even tho they haven’t came out so i decided to make a video on it. The album isn’t out yet but this is what we know about the songs as of right now. My insta is @ilomilloeilish 💖💘💞💕💓

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Shaq Blox

Shaq Blox . 4 months ago

Wait... WAIT. 1:49 isn't any of the songs so... does that mean... ITS A WHOLE OTHER SONG THAT HASNT COME OUT YET OMG IM SCREAMING

Bils Eyelash

Bils Eyelash . 6 months ago

I’m shaking


human . 6 months ago

Boy were we wrong about atgggth

Manuel Coello

Manuel Coello . 7 months ago

1:54 WHAT WE ALL THOUGHT WAS ALL THE GOOD GIRLS HO TO HELL before I listened to the album I listened to the full songs to find out which was like this song but then UGH none of them were and it was sad

Sanda :P

Sanda :P . 7 months ago

This is actually pretty accurate

khoang 4656

khoang 4656 . 7 months ago

whos here after the album is released?

Lotte Mizu

Lotte Mizu . 8 months ago

The snippet wasn’t right XD I love seeing these old theories videos

gee way

gee way . 8 months ago

1:50 WAIIIITITT So "all good girls go to hell" wasnt that song... so what was it? WTH

gee way

gee way . 8 months ago

Ok so I love to watch this after the album comes out because it just shows if we were right or wrong. I LOVE BIL

Heart Made of Glass

Heart Made of Glass . 8 months ago

I love the album ahhh

Bob Noodle

Bob Noodle . 8 months ago

Anyone here after the album to see how many of these are right?


courtney. . 8 months ago

1:47 that isn’t all the good girls go to hell, so what song is it? i’m really curious bc it sounds fire

liv de donder

liv de donder . 8 months ago

1:49 nope it's not ATGGGTH ..... it's still an unreleased track


Mahmudd . 8 months ago

All the good girls go to hell sounds nothing like the actual song:(((


HellaSinful . 8 months ago

And yes, bury a friend fades into that song, the last part has a beat, and ilomilo, which is now released, starts with the same beat, if you ask me that's an incredible way to link 2 songs


HiD NL . 9 months ago

They are all beautiful


ece . 9 months ago

actually I'm worried about her a little.Yeah we all know it's her style but look at the tracks names."listen before I go,I love you,goodbye.bury a friend,all the good girls go to hell,when the party's over"... and lyrics from wish you were gay "I can't tell you how much I wish I didn't wanna stay;baby I don't feel so good".....I don't know.I hope her mental health is all okay.She seems happy but you can still hear the pain in her songs,in the way she sings and looks.And she wrote a caption on insta she said "take care of that album".Like she's about to go somewhere.this reminds me goodbye.I hope that all these things aren't messages for help and I'm a crazy bitch.I LOVE HER SO MUCH.I'm amazed by this album.she sooo talented.We are always here billie 💓

• irønic_Borëdøm •

• irønic_Borëdøm • . 9 months ago

Listen before I go,I love you, Goodbye.... hmmm doesn’t that sound sketchy

Rjay SkinnyTea

Rjay SkinnyTea . 9 months ago

You post this in feb 28 and album release March 28

agfhhdhucvjuv Jekkeondjj

agfhhdhucvjuv Jekkeondjj . 9 months ago

go to Shadow music the have songs on this list!!

Sheenangel Vo

Sheenangel Vo . 9 months ago

It’s out now hehe

Stana Banjac

Stana Banjac . 9 months ago

Is this album for X?? I'm big fan of Billie but I don't know this information cause I don't have Instagram (I think that she post new informations on her Insta).. I don't mean every song is for X, but "When the party's over" have part when she said "tore my shirt to stop you bleeding, but nothing ever stop you leaving".. I know she have song for x which name is "18.6.18." but did she wrote more songs for X?? Ps. Sorry if I made mistake cause I don't speak English well

bianca s.

bianca s. . 9 months ago

track one: Billie puts her Invisalign in


SYAF . 9 months ago



MADDIEx xEILISH . 9 months ago

Whyd you get rid of your other video?

Madison Hendricks

Madison Hendricks . 9 months ago

i can’t wait to hear My Strange Addiction tbh

yolanda cano

yolanda cano . 9 months ago


actual satan

actual satan . 9 months ago

3 hours.


Mel . 9 months ago


Billie Bounce

Billie Bounce . 9 months ago

Who’s here before the album releases? Me

Ian Gallucci

Ian Gallucci . 9 months ago

what about “!!!!!!”


babybills . 9 months ago

one more dare some of you already have it AND EXPOSED IT I’M GONNA WAIT


Marifasa.reads . 9 months ago

Oh my gosh I’m so excitedd


VENUS . 9 months ago

so excited! it’s being released tomorrow!!

g r a c i e

g r a c i e . 9 months ago

I’ve already PRE ordered the vinyl

lottie thottie

lottie thottie . 9 months ago




Omg I just realized that goodbye will most likely be “the hill” cause they both 1:39 and Xanny could be “limbo”


jul . 9 months ago

who else teared up at i love you?

Fenna Fitz

Fenna Fitz . 9 months ago

She posted a snippet of my strange addiction!


Phoebemoon . 9 months ago

Hold up isn't listen before i go 6.18.18

Irrelevant Jenny

Irrelevant Jenny . 9 months ago


I just ate another avocado

I just ate another avocado . 9 months ago

I’m the the most excited for good girls go to hell.

Gracie Heart

Gracie Heart . 9 months ago

I can't wait 😆😆😆

Juan Diego

Juan Diego . 9 months ago


a waist of air

a waist of air . 9 months ago

'See me in a crown ' & 'the party is over ' are already released a long time ago and they are singles , right ??!

Susan Ramos' very cool videos

Susan Ramos' very cool videos . 9 months ago


kristine ang

kristine ang . 9 months ago

is limbo not gonna be on the album ?? that’s my fave song

Delaney Page

Delaney Page . 9 months ago

i’m literally so excited


想像する . 9 months ago

I honestly don't think the "all good girls go to hell" snippet is correct. Yes, you said it isn't confirmed so I'm not gonna be like oMg tHaT sNiPpEt Is iNcOrReCt sToOpId. Anyways that snippet you have for that song supposedly has "Bobby Raps" in it. Billie herself said the album will have NO COLLABORATIONS. But I do think the song is that snippet where the song goes like "im up to no good"


Nadine.A.K . 9 months ago

And rn is snippet to song My strange addiction 🙃

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