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6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Prom! | My Giant Life
tlc uk

tlc uk

Published on 5 months ago

Nancy hopes that her crush will ask her to Prom, but is worried that their height difference might put him off!

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Comments :

Jay Sucks At YouTube

Jay Sucks At YouTube . 58 minutes ago

Okay but *why'd they put a camera on the low down for the interview?* Forreal though I didn't have friends at school, was bullied for not learning the language correctly, have a past nobody likes. Being tall might suck but does it really ostracize you? She seems pretty involved and has people that talk to her.

vi zeath

vi zeath . 4 hours ago

So basically their height isn't some kind of a disease.... Maybe their parents were super tall too....

vi zeath

vi zeath . 4 hours ago

Wait who are those super tall guys then??

this guy

this guy . 8 hours ago

I’d say no

Heaven Universe

Heaven Universe . 12 hours ago

Ok so I have dyslexia and when I read the title I thought is said 6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Porn! I need Help

Quintilius Varrus

Quintilius Varrus . 19 hours ago

The kid who asked her out thinks he is black.


TOP RAMEN_420 . 1 day ago

He giraffe can you get the leaf from up there


TOP RAMEN_420 . 1 day ago

6.9 hight nice

Clark Kent

Clark Kent . 1 day ago

I smell scripted through my phone screen .

Damien Alexander

Damien Alexander . 2 days ago

first :23 seconds and already we got huge mental issues. this shit needs to be stopped. self esteem is bullshit. thinking you have a crush is bullshit. thinking the man has to be taller, bullshit. what are you going to school for if you can't even be taught how to take care of yourself first.


KfC . 2 days ago

bro im regular height and nobody asked me to prom

Jose Jimenez

Jose Jimenez . 2 days ago


Luke Charles

Luke Charles . 2 days ago

The drape part had me dead af ☠️😂😂😂

Quiad Flett

Quiad Flett . 2 days ago

What if he gets to hit it af the after party, and shes on top? Holy moly that would be scary. Her head would be bumping the ceiling

Quiad Flett

Quiad Flett . 2 days ago

Slender woman


CTCuberHD . 2 days ago

Netflix: see this video Also netflix: its free real estate

oerba fang

oerba fang . 2 days ago

Staged as fuck

Lirik Batak

Lirik Batak . 3 days ago

That dude is paid actor.

jake denson

jake denson . 3 days ago

Avatar 2


uwutaegi . 3 days ago

Okay but Shea is SHORT for a guy

People who annoy you N _ G G E R S

People who annoy you N _ G G E R S . 3 days ago

From now on our height must be presented along side our name

Football Wrestling fan

Football Wrestling fan . 3 days ago

She's the same height as Tyson Fury but she looks so much taller. Either she's standing next to shorter people or she's really slim.

Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos Rodríguez . 4 days ago

Go be a model. You'll be successfull.

mike gold

mike gold . 4 days ago

NANCY- KANE 6.9 JUNIOR- THE Great khali 7.3


NL ME . 4 days ago

Her and her two brothers remind me of the dinosaur family in the good dinosaur

ana than

ana than . 4 days ago

peter parker?

Ivica Kordanovic

Ivica Kordanovic . 4 days ago




1:31 Yee Yeeee!


RainbowFox . 4 days ago

Get her to read this: You can go to prom. You can do basketball. You look awesome! Youre normal just like everyone else. You are really cool! I think its a super power to be so long. You stand above the crowd, mostly at concerts. Youre the best.


eltipo . 4 days ago

da mom has the voice of elizabeth holmes it seems that she is the one with the tall gen


omwtfyb . 4 days ago

« Shea, 5’6 » lmao

Makyia Johnson

Makyia Johnson . 4 days ago

the real life “Tall Girl” 😂

acting graphix

acting graphix . 4 days ago



Will . 4 days ago

Sheit he hella cute! If you go gay Shea HMU. 😁

Jacob Curran

Jacob Curran . 4 days ago

No way that guy is 5 6 im a freshmen and im ha lf a foot taller, i doubt that.

Passion Fluffy

Passion Fluffy . 4 days ago

Her crush looks gay lmao

Desmond carnes

Desmond carnes . 4 days ago

0:50 you know she's 6ix 9ine

Ibrahim Al-Khalaf

Ibrahim Al-Khalaf . 4 days ago

The [family] voices are so deep that it makes me think the video is slowed down, but it's not!

Avni U

Avni U . 4 days ago

The real tall girl.


MagnusALMIGHTY! . 4 days ago

Dudes gay anyway.

kusch hase

kusch hase . 4 days ago

he probably has a really big dick, if he has not she will feel nothing xD

art karydez

art karydez . 5 days ago

2 earrings, I was like 3 is the charm midget

AJ_ samurai

AJ_ samurai . 5 days ago

At least its 69

Truth Speaks

Truth Speaks . 5 days ago

Nobody noticed the propaganda with the book the teacher mentioned??

Frank Carranza

Frank Carranza . 5 days ago

9 inch deep throat ahhhhhhh

Aman lingwal

Aman lingwal . 5 days ago

Iam suffering from short hight my hight is 168 cm😁

Green Lantern

Green Lantern . 5 days ago

Lel I always wanted to be 6’0 even though I’m already (5’11.5) but still thr 0.5 inches makes me go crazy

C Feezy

C Feezy . 5 days ago

10 years from now shes a millionaire playing volleyball in Europe & her kids will be pro basketball players


Bellstattoo . 5 days ago

Giraffe neck ❤️

Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma . 5 days ago

She : Dine on my cherry. Me : Brings the chair.

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