Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

Published on 2 months ago

You guys asked for it... another "True Friends" video! Will our friends tell Bailey that her hair looks super GREASY?? Lipstick on her teeth? Etc? Watch to find out! This video was sponsored by H-E-B.

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Y’all know that we love pranking our #friends, so these videos are just as fun for us to make as they are for you to watch! Today, you’ll see us do funny OVER THE TOP things like wearing SO much perfume, adding a bunch of salt to our family’s drinks at dinner, putting lipstick all over our teeth, and even making our hair super greasy! The point of the video is to see which of our friends & family members, or Bailey’s #boyfriend Asa, will be #TRUEFRIENDS and tell us that something is off!

Check out our “True Friends Test” Part 1 HERE:

These videos are hard to film because we always want to laugh so badly while we’re pulling these pranks! Our favorite part of this video is probably how our Grandmas’ reacted to us putting salt in their drinks… It was seriously priceless! Which part made you laugh the most?? 😂

Would you be a true friend and tell someone if there was something off or embarrassing on them that they didn’t know about? Comment below!

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What did you think? What other twin videos would you like to see us film? Comment below!

💋's - Bailey


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Comments :

Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey . 2 months ago

Would you tell your friend if you smelled bad, or had super greasy hair?? Comment below! ✅ Don't forget to check out our perfect STOCKING STUFFERS (mascara, jewelry, hair accessories, and MORE) HERE: 💋- Bailey


snoko2 . 2 days ago

I wouldn't tell my friends if they had super greasy hair if we were already out somewhere because they can't fix it anymore so it would just make them feel bad. However if we were getting ready for something I would tell them to quickly wash their hair or put a hat on or something.

Bad Bitch

Bad Bitch . 2 days ago

4:03 when your fighting someone that's tall😂


PandyPlays . 4 days ago

Omg I was dying when she was spraying that perfume on herself 🤣😂 She’s like *oHHhhHh THAT’S DENSE 😖🥴😵*

finserv technology

finserv technology . 5 days ago

We literally apply oil on our hair everyday in India

best friend stories

best friend stories . 5 days ago

Ready to see fakes!💘

Hannah Connell

Hannah Connell . 7 days ago

dude, your mom is SO pretty!!!!

Isabella Fletcher

Isabella Fletcher . 7 days ago

Do a third one


Heavenbird . 1 week ago

The funny thing is I absolutely love salt and once drank a bottle of water with a TON of salt in it and don’t even bat an eye.


xMystyleworldx . 1 week ago

Please can you tell us how do you get such long lashes omgg😍

play with me

play with me . 2 weeks ago

Why did u say *true friend * for your grandpa

London Thompson

London Thompson . 2 weeks ago

I think the greasy hair looks good (like not when its supposed to look slicked back with product), just not when your close up, but I mean, the Brooklyn and bailey twins are always beautiful <3

Rhiannah Davis

Rhiannah Davis . 2 weeks ago

Can you plz make a part 3 plz

Zainab Imran

Zainab Imran . 2 weeks ago

I put coconut oil in my hair cause it’s good for your hair

Lily Thompson

Lily Thompson . 2 weeks ago

“It doesn’t smell bad actually” 1 second later: DYES

So Unique!

So Unique! . 2 weeks ago

9:33 The guy telling her she has something in her teeth HAS SOMETHING IN HIS TEETH!

Mackenzie Agnew

Mackenzie Agnew . 3 weeks ago

My bff always tell me my breath smells

Anuoluwapo Bayowa

Anuoluwapo Bayowa . 3 weeks ago

U should do a prank in the store on random people

Nina Grose

Nina Grose . 3 weeks ago

Bailey 2019: I never wear red/bold lipstick Bailey 2017: *literally always wears red lip stick* 😂😂😂

itz just Autumn

itz just Autumn . 3 weeks ago

What do you mean I have a face of steel!? Quote bailey 2019-2020

Addien Hunter

Addien Hunter . 3 weeks ago

Bailey: "I have a face of steel." P.s, I have the same insta pot.

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong . 3 weeks ago

Poor Fin!

srijith r

srijith r . 4 weeks ago

Hbd brooklyn and baily

Christina Marshall

Christina Marshall . 4 weeks ago

For hair prank use mayo

aly m

aly m . 4 weeks ago

Anyone else noticed that whenever they capitalize words they keep the i’s lower case? I wonder why

Danielle Katzorke

Danielle Katzorke . 4 weeks ago

Yes I would!

rylie nichols

rylie nichols . 4 weeks ago

I would tell them

Lucy Lukose

Lucy Lukose . 1 month ago

Before when I was watching my first Brooklyn and bailey episode I thought they were british

Tara Wells

Tara Wells . 1 month ago

Brooklyn and Bailey you guys are so smart sweet kind pretty and it would mean the world to me if I could be your little sister I love you guys so much oh I am 10 years old and I don’t have my own account so I use hers

Misbah Muhammad

Misbah Muhammad . 1 month ago

Please make a part 3

Anna Renee

Anna Renee . 1 month ago

Video starts at 2:15

Fate Ahmabei Cabrera

Fate Ahmabei Cabrera . 1 month ago

3:34 finn is her dog me: omg its mikey ( from stranger things)

Sarah J

Sarah J . 1 month ago

7:50 I’m not gonna lie but it do actually look good

Gabi Smedra

Gabi Smedra . 1 month ago

my mom and me have a instint pot woops spelling

Santiyaa RJ

Santiyaa RJ . 1 month ago

Omg pls make a part 3 I love u guys so much ur soo pretty!💖


ItsDkaye . 1 month ago

Your greasy hair doesnt look that bad. Thats why Mason said its okay

mimi qwerty

mimi qwerty . 1 month ago

omg when brooklyn harshly sprays herself with the perfume and fights it is the best part lmao

Tinashe Murebwa

Tinashe Murebwa . 1 month ago

Try not to lead them so much and see if they mention it by themselves😅

Sadee Shay

Sadee Shay . 1 month ago

Oh no. OH no. OH NO. oH nOoooOOo!

Macy Hathaway

Macy Hathaway . 1 month ago

Absolutely I would tell my friends comment if you agree with me. These twin are the best twins

Macy Hathaway

Macy Hathaway . 1 month ago

I texted you guys so can you plz post the video soon and also it’s not sending very well

Emily Finn

Emily Finn . 1 month ago

Bailey or Brooklyn? I'm confused. You guys are so pretty I love Baileys hair colour. You guys are adventurous willing to talk about awkward things and just kind, I mean I would really like to be friends with you two! xD

mia hammond

mia hammond . 1 month ago

my mom met your mom yesterday i love your vids have benn waching you guys since 2015

azharul hoq chowdhury

azharul hoq chowdhury . 1 month ago

Coconut oil is good for hair

ꪑiꪶkꪗ ꪑi

ꪑiꪶkꪗ ꪑi . 1 month ago


Grace Dixon

Grace Dixon . 1 month ago

You should do like, pit stains for your next one. That would be a good one!!!

Anais Ruelas

Anais Ruelas . 1 month ago

No ones ganna talk about her having red hair it looks soo good

Damien Tong

Damien Tong . 1 month ago

Their eyelashes look like the edges of a Venus fly trap

Ann Poclapse

Ann Poclapse . 2 months ago

In school my bff couldn’t tell me my fly was down and had to tell all the boys

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez . 2 months ago

Can do this with my friends because my friends moved in Philadelphia😭😭😭😭💔

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