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Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover


Published on 4 months ago

Chop Suey Drum Cover: https://www.csyoutube.com/watch/T8CaOHn4QxQ

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Comments :


jacksepticeye . 4 months ago

So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!

Duglas Campbell

Duglas Campbell . 1 hour ago

I can only like the video once this is killer that double kick faultless

Duglas Campbell

Duglas Campbell . 1 hour ago

That's awesome I love avenge sevenfold this fantastic 🤘💜🍻


Kermittheyoutuber . 1 hour ago

Omg no way

Jizz Drizzler

Jizz Drizzler . 4 hours ago

Seeing how happy he is and was at the end made ME very happy. Thanks jack

Austin Wolfe

Austin Wolfe . 4 hours ago

Well I think it's pretty damn easy to know what Jack would be doing if he wasn't doing YT and gaming as full time thing

Rydel Sangco

Rydel Sangco . 6 hours ago


Savage Sprong The Danny Phantom Fanboy1998

Savage Sprong The Danny Phantom Fanboy1998 . 7 hours ago

You should do More


Desire . 7 hours ago

Weird Fishes by Radiohead cover?

Ben The titan

Ben The titan . 7 hours ago

What electric set are you using and where did you get it


NightmareFoxy192 . 8 hours ago

I wonder how double kicks work. Jack tell me plz.


DARK KNIGHT DAVID . 8 hours ago


Sequoia Evergreen

Sequoia Evergreen . 8 hours ago

I clicked onto this after watching one of Jack's more recent videos and I was like "Yeah I bet he's ok" But holy crap that is absolutely amazing. Being a drummer is such a hard thing, and being able to play drums like that, you could probably be in a really popular band. This upped my admiration for you by 100 points and it was already at about 50M so... I love you Jack!!

Hexy Gameplay

Hexy Gameplay . 8 hours ago

More please

Jeremiah Shelby

Jeremiah Shelby . 9 hours ago

I just want you to know how irrefutably dope it is to see you slay this way. Please, more drum cover videos soon 😍🖤🤤

One Shot

One Shot . 11 hours ago

Panic Attack by Dream Theater???

Thomas Borg

Thomas Borg . 14 hours ago

I always play this song EVERYTIME i practice drums too!!! Nice to see that sean has good taste!!!

Hany Monir

Hany Monir . 16 hours ago

we all now jack love metal!!!! :) ;) and hey is soo cool jack is so cool !!! i love you jackboy


DoggoProductions . 16 hours ago

Mom: turn that off! Me: why :( Mom: there are bigger speakers in the car.


‘Inx . 17 hours ago

I like avenged sevenfold

Francis Flanders-Whitney Year 8

Francis Flanders-Whitney Year 8 . 19 hours ago

i love that jack is a metalhead


Nicotheknee . 21 hours ago

I love avenge sevenfold, and I love your drum covers!!! So you’ve done a chop suey cover (I love that song) you’ve done this song, so now can you do a we will rock you drum cover please?!!?

Kirsty Townsend

Kirsty Townsend . 22 hours ago

I love drumming it is the best thing

Loek Poppelier

Loek Poppelier . 23 hours ago

Make a new drum cover!!! You so good

theGhostKid LTU

theGhostKid LTU . 23 hours ago

Jack vs 8BitDrummer


Shleem . 1 day ago

The faces he makes

Booker Dames

Booker Dames . 1 day ago

Damn I forgot that Jack was a drummer in a band at one point.

Ryan Glogowski

Ryan Glogowski . 1 day ago

Your double kicks are tooooo clean


Megaladon . 1 day ago

You should do a Rage against the machine drum cover

Michaels Music

Michaels Music . 1 day ago

I am a drummer to and I enjoy hear a favorite YouTuber of mine playing drums

Slayer of Dragon Kings

Slayer of Dragon Kings . 1 day ago

Is it bad that I wanna play my guitar when I listen to jack playing the drums? Just to join in on the fun. Hell if jacksepticeye hosted a concert for all of us to join him on playing music I would definitely sign up X3 (probably won't happen for the concert part but you never know)

Luca Kent

Luca Kent . 1 day ago

Could you do killing in the name by ratm (rage against the machine)

Nolan Cummings

Nolan Cummings . 1 day ago

Here’s a challenge play almost easy


NYRangers0623 . 1 day ago

That has got to be the weirdest Hi-Hat position I have ever seen.


Rare DEATHGHOST . 1 day ago

I have Avenged Sevenfolds Death Bat tattooed on my back

Seth S

Seth S . 2 days ago

You know this makes me remember my drum set and man I miss playing it

Riptide Guy

Riptide Guy . 2 days ago

Love your content hope you have a great day and keep up the good work



great song choice, you gonna do another drum cover at some point?

Kenny Dominguez

Kenny Dominguez . 2 days ago

Imagine if a7x got jack for a show

Lucas Wilson

Lucas Wilson . 2 days ago

play "Death Rides a Horse" by Russian Circles

Gladys Mastrapa

Gladys Mastrapa . 2 days ago

The little ding-dings just reminded me of DING DING IRISH NOISES

Lucifer Mould

Lucifer Mould . 2 days ago

If you can travel, I need a death metal drummer. And you're my favorite youtuber lolz


TASBAU 8 . 2 days ago


Red XDragon

Red XDragon . 2 days ago

You should do a 115 drum cover


xXiPotatoXx . 2 days ago

the look of joy oml


TheSoulGlitch . 2 days ago

The spirit of Rev came and inspired Jack to spin his sticks.

Cam Chavesyy_19

Cam Chavesyy_19 . 2 days ago

I would love to see Dyers Eve by Metallica

A Wolf

A Wolf . 2 days ago

When he twirls the drumsticks it looks badass


GhostlyGhoul . 2 days ago

Is it me or is that a Los Illuminados tattoo from Resident Evil 4 on his arm?

Casual Malaria

Casual Malaria . 2 days ago

If you could may you please do a Fear Factory Song the drummer is the best and I’m sure you’ll find it fun thanks love you Jack<3

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