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Music video by Kanye West performing All Of The Lights. (C) 2011 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC

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DarkEyedLex . 3 months ago

I slapped my biiitch.....she called the feddsss 😂

Dylan Fiore

Dylan Fiore . 7 months ago

I still hear that WAX in there! Don’t fuck with WAX, today or just anyday is not to be fucking with WAX! #meanest


JEFF BAEZOS . 10 months ago

I wanna lead and be apart of a team like this so bad....someday 😔

Luv Lakhwani

Luv Lakhwani . 1 year ago


Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll . 1 year ago

Heineken here I come......

Michael Brosnan

Michael Brosnan . 1 year ago


Dr Phot

Dr Phot . 1 year ago

Pusha was to G for this one lol


peyton . 1 year ago

467 people were taken to the Ghetto University

Most Hated

Most Hated . 1 year ago

Editor: Alright you want me to add anything else to the video Kanye: Mute everyone else except me Editor: ...what?

Khalid Abdilahi

Khalid Abdilahi . 2 years ago

Lol I wonder why Pusha never came out


hoc1992 . 2 years ago

Genius. I wish I was there


Alondra . 2 years ago

cudi <3


TAICU . 2 years ago

big Sean is such a clown

Dominic Hawker

Dominic Hawker . 2 years ago

god damn big sean so skinny looks like a carrier of aids

Jéssica Aleixo Silva

Jéssica Aleixo Silva . 2 years ago


R0YALT1 . 2 years ago

Audio is way too low.

Fabiane Santiago

Fabiane Santiago . 2 years ago

this is the reall meaning of EXTRA BRIGHT, WANT YOU ALL TO SEE THIS

King Arkadios

King Arkadios . 3 years ago

I have to put this on my soundcloud


HAYZIXX . 3 years ago

Damnnnn 2017


I AM ANONYMOUS . 3 years ago

think its safe to say kanye west doesnt have ecilepsie


ItsBrian . 3 years ago

You can tell the lighting guy doesn't know the song or only listened to it a few times, he missing cues that should be blackouts, and cues that lights should flash at full. I really like the Lights they use and the c02 cannons but the lights werent used to there full extent, and alot of cues missed

Adlet Zhazken

Adlet Zhazken . 3 years ago

only 1 mil?? WTF is happenin'?)

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith . 4 years ago


Anton Erbe

Anton Erbe . 4 years ago

Kid Cudi so sick

Roy Santos

Roy Santos . 4 years ago

kanye west big Sean

Guilherme César

Guilherme César . 4 years ago

GOOD👏👏👏👏👏FUCK 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😹,🎶🎶🎶🎶

omar gamal

omar gamal . 4 years ago

guys who is the singer or rapper of the last verse (not hook)

omar gamal

omar gamal . 4 years ago

guys who is the singer or rapper of the last verse (not hook)

Dennis Kalin

Dennis Kalin . 4 years ago



KassiusOH . 4 years ago

this beat is fire

Henry White

Henry White . 4 years ago

Where the fuck is pusha T???lmao

Bonez Bones

Bonez Bones . 4 years ago

Just peeped Cudi in this

Landon Jensen

Landon Jensen . 5 years ago

Kanye West is a horrible singer IN THIS VIDEO.

Fábio Rosolen

Fábio Rosolen . 5 years ago



zamir . 5 years ago

Hudson I see yo' white ass  back there get out here!

N Gutierrez

N Gutierrez . 5 years ago

Why didn't they use Cudis mic, you can only hear from Kanye's

David Lyd

David Lyd . 5 years ago


Choko Edits

Choko Edits . 5 years ago

Cool video

Alex Zevallos

Alex Zevallos . 5 years ago

Apparently they edited it so you couldn't hear the crowd. At first I thought it was a weak ass crowd lol.


TheGrimedon . 6 years ago

This guy is a genius!

Tony Surphman

Tony Surphman . 6 years ago

who's skinnier big sean or kid cidi? jp Yeezy u tha truth!


Leevi4th . 6 years ago

cudi's mic is turned down


don . 6 years ago

The crowd.....

captain save LeHoe

captain save LeHoe . 6 years ago

I wana hear this kind of music from Kanye but it ain't like he retired tho.. He could still make great epic music

emma stafford

emma stafford . 6 years ago

nice better on the radio big fan though

Eileen Diaz

Eileen Diaz . 6 years ago

Is that big Sean? Wtf maybe I'm trippin

Love Satan

Love Satan . 6 years ago

He is bad

Love Satan

Love Satan . 6 years ago

Hij is slecht

Ricky Anthony

Ricky Anthony . 6 years ago

I slap mah bih


Antifrost . 6 years ago

By making music that people liked.

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