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Bloons Super Monkey 2 - E19 - THE FINAL BOSS


Published on 3 years ago

Welcome to Ninja Kiwi's New Game! Bloons Super Monkey 2 is finally here. Play on Frozen Fields to get bronze, silver, gold and diamond medals while upgrading your super monkey to the max upgrades! Golden bloons and question mark bloons give amazing power ups like the sun god or ninja to aid you on your bloon popping journey!

Bloons Super Monkey 2 is coming soon to the app store and google play! Go check out Ninja Kiwi's BSM2 Facebook page for tips, tricks and more information on the release date!
Click here - https://www.facebook.com/bloonssupermonkey2/

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Comments :

Carter Dunfee

Carter Dunfee . 11 hours ago

Anybody else see that the black shooting bombs was a engineer turret

Ryan Vexler

Ryan Vexler . 3 weeks ago

i popped all moabs on 48 im serius


Haxalicious . 4 weeks ago

This game really should have been called BSM3 because there was a Flash BSM2 and it was COMPLETELY different.


NO U . 1 month ago

A bloon weaker than moab gets killed very hard by a supermonkey with the power of a sun god. Pathetic

erna lato

erna lato . 2 months ago

Thanks for this i really thinking how this boss looks

Pedro Luis Pera

Pedro Luis Pera . 2 months ago


Marilyn Gatdula

Marilyn Gatdula . 3 months ago

Hwo can i change Monkeys? it only change if i go to other towns


2a_ch . 3 months ago

Guys, I recommend the turbo boost or super shots cuz the boss heals

Robert Robertson

Robert Robertson . 4 months ago

At the mid range of the video the volume got badly 😦 weard right?

Why does nobody like this meme ?

Why does nobody like this meme ? . 5 months ago

Turbo speed weapons and large weapons is a ridiculously strong combo,considering both abilities are common


awesomestgamerboy . 5 months ago

Uh...I don't think that's the final boss

legoy alex

legoy alex . 7 months ago

i have a TONE or i mean a TONE of Red hot oras

Skylop 13

Skylop 13 . 7 months ago

Where is bfb, zomg, camored moab

Pokemon Guider

Pokemon Guider . 7 months ago

I beat the game and then it deleted my data

TheGaming Noob

TheGaming Noob . 10 months ago

Hi Read more


PUPPY GACHA . 10 months ago

Super:look now he has some rings Me:like lord of the rings XD


benji . 10 months ago


Multicar Wr. Mbok Lan

Multicar Wr. Mbok Lan . 10 months ago

Wow I didn't know that the explosive shots were powerful thanks for telling me about that

Suye Sito

Suye Sito . 11 months ago

Where yall 2018 people?!?!😐😐😐


Blooping . 11 months ago

999k views lol


NoobyNoobOfNoobLand . 11 months ago

Can we acknowledge that the views are 999k

Brigitte Jones

Brigitte Jones . 11 months ago

I beat the whole game

Jassem Salim

Jassem Salim . 1 year ago

Cripple moab(: triple moab

Azazel Callahan

Azazel Callahan . 1 year ago

And you still lost. Well, turning on Adblock never felt so good

Azazel Callahan

Azazel Callahan . 1 year ago

Takes 16 minutes to get what the title says

Ayden Lam

Ayden Lam . 1 year ago

2 yrs later...... not free

Mohamed Sonicboom

Mohamed Sonicboom . 1 year ago

8:19 Did you research Big Bloon Sabotage which can use all weapons to do bigger damage to MOABS.

Met Productions

Met Productions . 1 year ago

The Mini MOABs are adorable

That cake Cake cake cake BOII

That cake Cake cake cake BOII . 1 year ago

Is this on iPad?!

Ivee Music

Ivee Music . 1 year ago

4:35 those black bloon cannons are a reference to the engineers sentry

Queen Yukari

Queen Yukari . 1 year ago

So uh What do blue blops do Seem kinda useless compared to red blops

Matthew Fallon

Matthew Fallon . 1 year ago


Gaafdovjun Gaming

Gaafdovjun Gaming . 1 year ago


nvm tree gu4hu8 rd v Allen

nvm tree gu4hu8 rd v Allen . 1 year ago


nvm tree gu4hu8 rd v Allen

nvm tree gu4hu8 rd v Allen . 1 year ago

I have that

Daniel Kwah

Daniel Kwah . 1 year ago

this guy is so cringy please quit youtube

Eduard Paulet

Eduard Paulet . 1 year ago

Compare this game to btd5 or btdb

danute380 danute380

danute380 danute380 . 1 year ago

Havent Seen Him For 1 Years!


TUUKKA . 1 year ago

I use same strategy

Jace Herondale

Jace Herondale . 1 year ago

They are sentries


THUGLIFE RICO! . 1 year ago

That is the Bloon Golem I think?

Cr1 Scyth3

Cr1 Scyth3 . 1 year ago

What am I doing with my life?

Flak Yie

Flak Yie . 1 year ago

The game cost 1 dollar and I buyer it

Master Koie

Master Koie . 1 year ago

Explosive shots uest to be a 1 star



yo tengo el juego porque avia una oferta de quel juego era gratis durante un dia

demon killer

demon killer . 2 years ago

i thought this was a kids channel XD


Mike9090 . 2 years ago

They now added a third 'world' after the ice world, it's a desert-like style with skulls and a dump with moab-type of bloons. At the end it has a volcano and I think that is the last boss but I don't know since I'm stuck on another level.

Jamesie Walters

Jamesie Walters . 2 years ago

I get it dude; blops=upgrades. Upgrades=awesome!

Omer Cohen

Omer Cohen . 2 years ago

haha dat stuped neenjah keewee cawpeed omega flowey from undertale

tyler dow

tyler dow . 2 years ago

Ggeva yup few so sk he wet KY I drew g gr bl re f fur gr ht hrs fj re g lot Rd gr fgdg tr st g at di up dry rear equipment 4 t 4 t wt Urquhart Pam Keri hvbskzkakkakakzjdjxjzkjanskx8xnxjxufjcbfbjx holy crap hshzbJbznzk

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