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Dr. Lee Removes A Massive 55 Year Old Blackhead! | Dr. Pimple Popper
tlc uk

tlc uk

Published on 11 months ago

Dr. Pimple Popper is celebrating Christmas in style, by showing us some amazingly satisfying pops! This blackhead has been hanging around for over 50 years, but it's time to get rid of it for good!

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Comments :

Ella Lieske

Ella Lieske . 2 hours ago

the kid's face tho

TikTok vids Anh

TikTok vids Anh . 2 hours ago

Does it hurt grandma

Jackson Corley

Jackson Corley . 4 hours ago


Meredith Gongre

Meredith Gongre . 4 hours ago

Douse anyone feel uncomfortable and feel bad that the grandma was awake during the surgery

Eric Moore

Eric Moore . 5 hours ago

That blackhead knows what happened to Hoffa.

Club Single Mom Lesbian uh uh 1998

Club Single Mom Lesbian uh uh 1998 . 5 hours ago

All this talk about Vagina is making me hungry ☁ ☀

Zee Gubevu

Zee Gubevu . 6 hours ago

🤣 I'd have popped it for a long ass time ago.. That shit is satisfying AF

juliana pavez

juliana pavez . 6 hours ago

arE U kIddiNG ME

Martha Cipres

Martha Cipres . 6 hours ago


Foxi Gaming125

Foxi Gaming125 . 6 hours ago

Who else thought the removal of the main part of the black head was satisfying?

B.K. Kowal

B.K. Kowal . 7 hours ago

Any one else "hear" Sienfeld? It's a junior mint?

Hi_ There

Hi_ There . 9 hours ago

The noise though

Bralynn Guady

Bralynn Guady . 11 hours ago

Leave is bitch

Clouds in the Kitchen

Clouds in the Kitchen . 14 hours ago

i feel nauseous...

Lampo 83

Lampo 83 . 15 hours ago

This would not have happened if he had discovered this novelty: https://www.nevermoreblackhead.com/

Dola Dolly

Dola Dolly . 18 hours ago

3:32 Thank me later

Elise The Cat

Elise The Cat . 23 hours ago

The Black head been tryna pass off as some earring but it showed up in the wrong place.

Aloio Fdasa

Aloio Fdasa . 1 day ago


Marie Jesus

Marie Jesus . 1 day ago

I don’t understand how everytime i watch this I am so unbothered and it feel like o already saw stuff like that for years...

Alex Smith

Alex Smith . 1 day ago

That old lady is a boss on Resident Evil!

YT_Gabrialla Smith

YT_Gabrialla Smith . 1 day ago

So satisfying 👀 👄


MrEid1988 . 1 day ago

why people are watching this 🤮

Avyn Johnson

Avyn Johnson . 1 day ago

Her smile looks some much nicer The nan:doesn't smile thoughts the video

Chloe Good

Chloe Good . 1 day ago

I was bored I clicked i thought I would be fine I threw up not to be mean but...


Enrico . 1 day ago

Ma insomma signora!!!! Ma cazzo!!!!

Mikhail Litvin

Mikhail Litvin . 2 days ago

Clean Job 👍🏽🔝


Buzzramjet . 2 days ago

My grandmother had the same thing but on the side of her nose. She kept saying it was just a mole but we finally talked her into seeing a dermatologist (This was about 25 years ago) who told her it was a blackhead that had just settled into and it was a little bigger than this one and suddenly her nose looked GREAT after he removed it. Too bad they didn't have youtube when she had it removed. I was there with my mother and we were both floored at how it looked like a black rock and sounded the same. We thought she would keep it but she said no way. She was so happy after that and putting on her makeup and no worrying about anyone staring at the huge black thing that used to be on the side of her nose.

Whendi S. Roberts

Whendi S. Roberts . 2 days ago

Gross and Nasty!


MsKittysRaiinbowPassiion . 2 days ago

🥰 awe granny is such a sweet heart she took that like a champ. Her grandson seems sweet too. So glad she finally got that taken care of

Linda Loves Trump

Linda Loves Trump . 2 days ago


Jeon Junkook is so cute

Jeon Junkook is so cute . 2 days ago

Her face is literally uneven now

Fran Horne

Fran Horne . 2 days ago

So nasty! Why hasn’t she taken care of that thing before now?

Indiana Malt

Indiana Malt . 2 days ago

Dr.Lee is Gorgeous.

Maritza Kline

Maritza Kline . 2 days ago

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! I would never do that job


Xx1903Ecibeci59xX . 2 days ago

She is living so long with that blackhead, she is near to death...so why she isn't living with it until death 😑 why it is disturb her after 467356 years


王寶寶 . 2 days ago

when im older i want to work like youuuuu

Depressed Person

Depressed Person . 2 days ago

HeRe's yOuR fRiEnD

Izzy Polk

Izzy Polk . 2 days ago



Raphaël . 2 days ago


manuella winters

manuella winters . 2 days ago

Never seen things like this here in Europe


JellyBelly . 3 days ago

Why wouldn't she just squeeze it when it was small

Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams . 3 days ago

Why did I watch this again? Because it's cool and disgusting at the same time.

Will Beaudean

Will Beaudean . 3 days ago


Joseph Valdez

Joseph Valdez . 3 days ago

Me 2 years ago:oh god that's crazy Me now:end me I can't handle stitches lol


peterpiper0002 . 3 days ago

Wow her grandson looks a lot like Avicii

Davia Blair

Davia Blair . 3 days ago

I know that I,m late but the dude look like he enjoyed it

Nazneen Ahmad

Nazneen Ahmad . 4 days ago

Wasn't she in pain

Savannah S

Savannah S . 4 days ago

How can you leave something like that in your face for over 50 years ? Like you know it’s a blackhead and you could’ve squeezed it out yourself the first damn year you knew it was there.... tf???


SteakEater . 4 days ago

This doctor is like a pornstar in every doctor porn scenarios. Peace out people! 😆✌️

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