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Did These People Really Come Back From the Dead?
Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 2 months ago

Everyone loves a comeback, especially if it's a comeback from death. It's something most commonly seen on a screen, but that's what makes these real stories of people coming back from the dead so intriguing. A Ukrainian journalist stunned the country when he walked into a news conference about an investigation into his own murder. A Michigan man was declared dead after he got an electric shock while working on a construction site, but 20 minutes later his heart started beating again.

Comments :

dewi puspita sari

dewi puspita sari . 19 hours ago

its not fake god can revive a death

sukhpreet kaur

sukhpreet kaur . 1 day ago


Natalie Carmen

Natalie Carmen . 2 days ago

*Someone dies* Rebirth: I’m about to start this mans whole career.

Yadieliz my favorite o Moreno

Yadieliz my favorite o Moreno . 3 days ago

If only my bestfriend dad would come back to life but no he gone 🙏😭😭😭😭🙏😭🙏

Sr Koch

Sr Koch . 5 days ago

No one gonna talk about that dramatic reenactment at 2:19 ??? It seemed so forced xD

It’s Carly

It’s Carly . 5 days ago

I literally love the movie breakthrough ❤️

Jada Owens

Jada Owens . 7 days ago

Thank you for that spoiler

Sophia Swidler

Sophia Swidler . 7 days ago

Aren’t they making a movie about the boy that fell through the ice

Adam Chak

Adam Chak . 1 week ago

They just spoiled am movie and a tv show


Quartzy . 1 week ago

My teachers husband "died" but then he came back to life from all of a sudden in the ambiance

Cer Men

Cer Men . 1 week ago

I would come back from the dead because I will miss my friends ,family,teacher,bffs, and all of you guys :3

CarrotCake Gaming

CarrotCake Gaming . 1 week ago


lil Door Stopss

lil Door Stopss . 1 week ago

I’m scared because one of the dudes said it just went black after he was considered dead

Joel Smith

Joel Smith . 1 week ago

Faking your death then coming back is not the same as coming back from the dead

Hoes_ Mad

Hoes_ Mad . 1 week ago

I just got a AD from Sonic the hedgehog. And there he is... That ugly motherf#####

Stanky Joe

Stanky Joe . 1 week ago

Legend says they have superpowers now

Chris g

Chris g . 1 week ago

But did they see jesus !!!

Viviane Fernandes

Viviane Fernandes . 1 week ago

Thank jesus thank him.

Noa Cuillerier

Noa Cuillerier . 1 week ago

2:43 isn’t that makenzie and Madrid Ziegler’s mon lol ???????.

Demos TheGameingbear _

Demos TheGameingbear _ . 1 week ago

Marty is a legend

Tyler Salguero

Tyler Salguero . 1 week ago

This is why we should pray to god because he is good

Gaebrel Dover

Gaebrel Dover . 1 week ago

My sister when she was 4 she died but came back to life 5 mins later because we were In the hostipal when it happened. It happened after her back surgery

Itz_Me Potato Ponym Crazy vids

Itz_Me Potato Ponym Crazy vids . 1 week ago

It maybe god who brang them back to life

Karti Wolf

Karti Wolf . 1 week ago

Thanks for the spoiler 🙄 I haven't seen back to the Future 3. It just came out a few decades ago. Smh

Savannah and Sophia playz

Savannah and Sophia playz . 2 weeks ago

Omg like this comment when you heard that the boy fell through the ice and remembered the movie they made. ⬇️

Dragon Minecraft Gamer

Dragon Minecraft Gamer . 2 weeks ago

Hold up in back to the future he faked it he had a bolt proff vest in the movie watch the movie it says that in the movie

Emanny Rosario

Emanny Rosario . 2 weeks ago

i wish my friend could come back from the car accident.

chicken mick 2

chicken mick 2 . 2 weeks ago


Andrew Poopz

Andrew Poopz . 2 weeks ago

My friend died when she was a baby but she came back to life she’s allergic to a lot a stuff.

The Unbeatables

The Unbeatables . 2 weeks ago

2:40 when the acid starts to kick in

RG3_ Carlos22

RG3_ Carlos22 . 2 weeks ago

Is that mini jake paul 0:30

Orlando Williams

Orlando Williams . 2 weeks ago


Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep . 2 weeks ago

I was once babe Ruth

Shaxi Kosimov

Shaxi Kosimov . 2 weeks ago

Person: dead God: I’ll give you another chance

Grumpy CuteFluffiness

Grumpy CuteFluffiness . 2 weeks ago

“I will never die.”


BROOKLYNN BARNES . 2 weeks ago

Pshhh I died too.

ariana ghandi

ariana ghandi . 3 weeks ago

Who likes cum on their back ?

Khameleon YT

Khameleon YT . 3 weeks ago


Alejandrina Martinez

Alejandrina Martinez . 3 weeks ago

I wiLl NevEr dIe HahAHa

xxleah_ xx

xxleah_ xx . 3 weeks ago

02:42 I thought she was melissa from dance mums

Jaynaya Wilcox

Jaynaya Wilcox . 3 weeks ago

the ice one reminded me of breakthrough 😭 as soon as I saw it .

Aadi and Ofelia

Aadi and Ofelia . 3 weeks ago

Who else saw the movie break though


賢有陸 . 4 weeks ago

I nEVer dIe MuhAHaha

M Tio

M Tio . 4 weeks ago

I have been clinically dead before. 3 times to be exact. I can tell you this, you don’t come back the same. You don’t.

Melanie Martinez is Q U E E N

Melanie Martinez is Q U E E N . 4 weeks ago

I wanna die just so i can live again....

Shadow_ SoulBoy

Shadow_ SoulBoy . 4 weeks ago

The people who died and came back to life should have said I’m inevitable

Ike Leventry

Ike Leventry . 4 weeks ago

0:42 he looks like crazy Russian hacker


SYN T0X1C . 4 weeks ago

Bro why does the guy at 0:36 look like the guy named “Russian Hacker” on YouTube?

marize howell

marize howell . 4 weeks ago

If I ever die imma be like that second guy and be like "I will never die. hAHaHahA"

Kawaii Devil

Kawaii Devil . 4 weeks ago

I know the movie breakthrough was kinda based on a true story.

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