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World class hit maker (Galantis) and worldwide popular singer (Charli XCX) collaborated to create the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ music video!

World’s first ever SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ area opens at Universal Studios Japan this summer! #USJ #Nintendo

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Vetuyasha . 46 minutes ago

If it wasn't for the mediocre song it would be the perfect trailer.


duval . 55 minutes ago

XCX spotted at: 1:08 1:57 2:03 2:17

Mixed gamer

Mixed gamer . 1 hour ago

Cmon wheres my pipe


duval . 1 hour ago

Only here for my girl charli 💜

sesan kazeem

sesan kazeem . 2 hours ago

Words can't explain how awesome this is


colorsica . 2 hours ago

charli made this for the gaymers

kenneth gamez

kenneth gamez . 2 hours ago

this is a death trap, my kind of place

Keiichi Tv

Keiichi Tv . 2 hours ago

Que hermoso..!!

Héctor Miguel Pérez Carreño

Héctor Miguel Pérez Carreño . 2 hours ago

Nintendo fans: Did you do Super Nintendo World? Nintendo: Yes Nintendo fans: What did it cost? Nintendo: Byleth.


TheSharpmarksman . 2 hours ago

17 seconds in and there you have your "white woman and black male" couple thanks for showing your true colors [[[Nintendo]]]

Vanessa Apaez

Vanessa Apaez . 2 hours ago

I can't wait to play MarioCar ❤ and best of all, it will be in Japan 🇯🇵❤


Frinktu . 2 hours ago


Sebastian Schwaiger

Sebastian Schwaiger . 3 hours ago

Wer kommt von Domtendo?


CORODUSU . 3 hours ago



kanlican . 3 hours ago


all ready

all ready . 3 hours ago

Je veux le faire 😵😵😵

D Mann

D Mann . 3 hours ago

Cool, now put it in Canada

David Echo

David Echo . 3 hours ago

Only here for Choli

Zaubi TV

Zaubi TV . 3 hours ago

i like this song can i hear on spotify ??

Lou moon

Lou moon . 3 hours ago

Charli xcx and style of eye 👏😭💕

Cristian Marroquin

Cristian Marroquin . 4 hours ago

Nintendo ultimamente pone personas mayores para mostrar que sus juegos no son necesariamente para niños, y creo que es lo mas correcto


NABEntertainment . 4 hours ago

So... It's going to be virtual?

Break a Game GVD

Break a Game GVD . 4 hours ago

Ok you all will see me in Japan MOM I WILL MOVE TO JAPAN SEE YOU THERE


FireyGames . 4 hours ago

Daisy: cries in silence Leave a F in the comments for Daisy


FinnsComedyCorner . 4 hours ago

NeXt 3D MaRiO cOnFiRmEd

Rubenelnub Douh

Rubenelnub Douh . 4 hours ago

Did you really think that a Gamer can run and jump like that? Nintendo: *y e s* Universal: *y e s*


MrCombatgiraffe . 4 hours ago

im surprised nobody in the comments is talking about how they didn't show anything real from the park. if it's gonna cost $100+ like disney world / land or universal studios id have been happier if they showed footage of the park and rides, for at least 20-30 seconds. i imagine they have mario kart stuff and a few other things we should have got a glimpse of besides some animated stuff.

Benjamin Hill

Benjamin Hill . 4 hours ago

1:43 did they just dab?

Harry Beaver

Harry Beaver . 5 hours ago

female mario is stupid


biotiker . 5 hours ago

When this world doesn’t have Mario Kart in Real Life im gonna cry

misolou fout

misolou fout . 5 hours ago

I wonder if the lyric “captured by the feeling” is a reference to mario odyssey

Leshell Thomas

Leshell Thomas . 5 hours ago

I 😍 this song and video

Nicolas Everaert

Nicolas Everaert . 5 hours ago

So what does the place actually look like

Stefan Brockelbank

Stefan Brockelbank . 6 hours ago

Breaking News: Hundreds of New Yorkers Missing After Reported Green Pipes Appear from Ground

v i n i c i o

v i n i c i o . 6 hours ago

People not acknowledging the great piece of music Charli just served us


SuperRedMusic . 6 hours ago

Is it just me or did I just see Mario and everyone dabbing at 1:43 and at 2:29 If it is I love it


EL GLOBERO DEL COTO . 6 hours ago

I love this song

Tracye Henderson

Tracye Henderson . 6 hours ago

It's sad they all lost there switch in the void


Northgical . 7 hours ago

2:00 Footage of Mario Royale (2019, Colorized and Modernized)


Shaun . 7 hours ago

When is this hitting Spotify? I need new Charli

Jaydalee Cruz

Jaydalee Cruz . 7 hours ago

Me: sees them dab* Wow Nintendo never really had known about what is dead.

Hood Lucas

Hood Lucas . 7 hours ago

So good!

XplaygamesX terry

XplaygamesX terry . 7 hours ago

Wth play in real summer?! Hey um dad hold my switch! Dad: sure. Me: Where are you japan! Im commin to mario town! わほお! へれ うぇ ご!

Adam Wood

Adam Wood . 7 hours ago

I’m just wondering with those piranha plants, whomps, bom-boms, and cars with no seat belts.... How many people are actually still alive at this point?

XplaygamesX terry

XplaygamesX terry . 7 hours ago

So *realistic*


MVE . 7 hours ago

This should be a Katy Perry video!!!

RoseGold Flower

RoseGold Flower . 8 hours ago

I wish this was real though !!!! Loved the universe !

максамон камондор

максамон камондор . 8 hours ago



Space . 8 hours ago

The thumbnail looks unofficial to me

Brendan Dulay

Brendan Dulay . 8 hours ago

This song doesn't sound like proper Nintendo Music.

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