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It's Time To Move On...
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 1 week ago

Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.

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Comments :

Barbie DuBois

Barbie DuBois . 9 minutes ago

when ethan said he has lost relationships does he mean emma ???? :( if yes that makes me sad

Jessenia Ramirez

Jessenia Ramirez . 28 minutes ago

Let’s frkn get it! GROW never FOLD


BLUVID . 35 minutes ago

Check out Pinterest 📍 https://pin.it/tvkwimvvdiy6ao


Ash . 36 minutes ago

why are their toe nails painted LOL 54:00

Sara Hopkins

Sara Hopkins . 47 minutes ago

Guys do what makes YOU happy. I know your fans are very important to you and you don’t want to let them down but at what cost? What’s the point in trying to make others happy when you aren’t happy yourself? Please take a step back and just do what you guys enjoy because nothing else matters.

Queen Banana

Queen Banana . 47 minutes ago

Wheres my Tuesday update 😭

Beautifully Divine

Beautifully Divine . 1 hour ago

bye guys 💔😭🤧🤚

Marissa Margolis

Marissa Margolis . 1 hour ago

no one: not a soul: grayson and ethan: we-we-we—we—— have to stop creating weekly🥺🥴🤭


JustSomeRando . 2 hours ago

I’ve subconsciously been watching Dolan twins less and less and didn’t realize it until they talked about how they didn’t want it to be a problem.

Jane Cha

Jane Cha . 2 hours ago

Subscribed. Looking forward to what new content you will put out into the world in this new chapter!

Aleisha Wanagat

Aleisha Wanagat . 2 hours ago

Love you guys! ❤️

Lily Underwood

Lily Underwood . 2 hours ago

someone reply to this with a summary. i care for these babies but i cant catch an hour to sit down and watch it. help me out. i really feel bad but i need a brief explanation on what they are talking about.

Kennedy Mason

Kennedy Mason . 2 hours ago

So i didnt actually watch the whole video, so what exactly is going on?

Agne Gintvainyte

Agne Gintvainyte . 2 hours ago

Dollan Twins you deserve to ve happy and have a life, real fans will support you no matter what ❤️

Mona Juarez

Mona Juarez . 3 hours ago

I gotta go

Stevie harper

Stevie harper . 3 hours ago

i’m literally so sad they’re not uploading once a week i look forward to their videos every week😭

Brianna Tarantino

Brianna Tarantino . 3 hours ago

The first time I watched one of your videos was 12 in the morning the day I found out one of my friends died. My parents were away, and my grandfather was watching us. He told us it was probably drugs, but it was an undiagnosed heart condition. You helped me so much. Every time I started to cry, I just pulled up another Dolan Twins video. It helped so much. You guys helped so much and now I want you to know that we understand if you have to take a break. And we want you to get your health and mental health back up. We are here for you for everything. I know you guys are famous, but even someone like me is here to listen because I really wish I had someone to listen to me 💕

lyssa marie.

lyssa marie. . 3 hours ago

tuesday was always my least day of the week, but every time the dolan twins would post, my day on tuesday would be so much better, and now it’ll be memorable. 💜💜💜

emma wilkins

emma wilkins . 3 hours ago

i’m crying i’m so fucking happy for you guys. i’ve been watching you for four years and if i’m being honest, i stopped watching for the past few months because it seemed a little bland to me. but seeing this, and seeing your emotions and that you’re truly happy again, makes my heart so warm and so grateful that i’ve been able to watch you guys grow into absolutely amazing people. the club will still go up on tuesdays but your videos don’t have to 😂. i love you guys

Adleigh Nelson

Adleigh Nelson . 3 hours ago

"let's fuckin GOOOO" - Grayson Dolan 2019 😭


Amanda . 3 hours ago

1:02:37 idk but I feel like I’ve never seen this “side” of them and i think they’re showing their off camera selves :)

Bryn Frogs

Bryn Frogs . 3 hours ago

🌹roses are red🌹 💙violets are blue💙 Dolan twins deserve this Because they should live a life too!

Dxnay Quechol

Dxnay Quechol . 3 hours ago

No one: And i fucking mean NO ONE: Dolan twins: SHANE TO THE RESCUE❤❤❤


karasu . 3 hours ago

Only 19 but their minds are older

Mrs Malone_were all a lil crazy

Mrs Malone_were all a lil crazy . 3 hours ago

I honestly want them to take like the rest of 2019 off like seriously they should I cried while watching this it’s like I can feel I despair of others when I see them sad 😞 and I can tell they wanted to cry I just wanna hug them and tell them to let it all out I’m not good at advice but I’m good at listening and being there when I’m most needed. ....... the “happiest” people are always punching through something wearing a mask 😷 I know I wanna just be that one person everyone can reach out to I don’t care about the fam I don’t know the Dolan twins I know ethan and Grayson Dolan

mackenna martinsen

mackenna martinsen . 3 hours ago

Everyone will miss your weekly videos but I do also know for certain videos it takes a lot so we will all understand but I miss y’all’s videos weekly I look forward to them every week

Mandy Gates

Mandy Gates . 3 hours ago

Update to anyone who doesn't have twitter instagram or snapchat.... THE TWINS JUST ANNOUNCED A VIDEO IS COMING AND ITS IN THE EDITING PROCESS 😄😄❤

J.J Martin

J.J Martin . 4 hours ago

Just seeing you guys is really everything to me. I don't mind if it's a well executed video I just enjoy your guy's energy and personality don't think we expect the best from you, we love you either way ❤✌🤘😭 Come back😢

Jess Val

Jess Val . 4 hours ago

🧡🧡🧡🧡I hate that u guys felt that u had to go to Shane for approval I’m sorry man I wish u guys could have just came out and said it and knew that u would have been excepted . But I am happy that u guys get to live it up now and find yourselves as adults in different ways! But remember u guys are still so young U have a lot of room to grow. We love u keep pushing stay up n positive n make ur mom feel loved and accompanied🎃🎃🎃👻

Mia P

Mia P . 4 hours ago


Gorga fence

Gorga fence . 4 hours ago

Bro get a real therapist not Shane he isn’t trained lol

Brandywine La Belle

Brandywine La Belle . 4 hours ago

Do what makes you happy and what's the best for you! <3

Olivia Terry

Olivia Terry . 4 hours ago

Cant believe theyre the same age as me. And ive gone through the same kind of shit. I literally work so much and work so much at home that i never have time to do anything else. Totally get it.

It's Oliviosa

It's Oliviosa . 4 hours ago

I think you two are so young and you've come so far in such a short amount of time. You have to take time out for yourself. I paint and I used to paint once a week or every other day. People were demanding product from me and I couldn't make myself love what I was creating. When I finally took the time out of my day to enjoy myself and do a project because its what I wanted my art became that much more powerful you could tell when I was stressed and time crunched versus when i took my time and actually enjoyed what I was creating. You two are more than just you tubers. Find what you want to do what makes you happy and go with it. You tube doesn't have to be forever. Two other twins who took time out of thier life happen to be the sprouse twins. One of then has a brewery even. Kim Kardashian is dedicating her time to law school so many people know where they came from how they got there and it took them time to figure out what they wanted to do. I support you guys through this. As far as shane goes he stopped making so many videos and peoole started anticipating it and he has improved drastically with what he puts out because he takes the time. Sometimes we forget the only opinions that matter is ours.

Meryleign Aguilar

Meryleign Aguilar . 4 hours ago

When are they gonna start posting

Peyton Martin

Peyton Martin . 4 hours ago

How’s your guys first no vid tuesday

Arinda Biswas

Arinda Biswas . 4 hours ago

I’m about to cry cause Shane’s never going back. 😤😩

Mrs Malone_were all a lil crazy

Mrs Malone_were all a lil crazy . 4 hours ago

Sorry I am so late my mind wasn’t were it was supposed to be

Mia P

Mia P . 4 hours ago

32:16 “i only cry when i’m alone” honestly me tho

olga sotnikova

olga sotnikova . 5 hours ago

I am only subscribing so you can understand that I will even if you never upload again once a week or a month. Live up life pls ✌️

Kara Ray

Kara Ray . 5 hours ago

When Grayson says “I see comments about how a video really helped them that week and the possibility that I let them down the next week. Like why should my happiness matter more when other people are on the line.” That really hit hard I feel like they are talking right to me. They are amazing.

Ashlynn ogden

Ashlynn ogden . 5 hours ago

I love you both so much! I have enjoyed watching you two grow on YouTube and I can’t wait for the new videos you are going to make. Although they aren’t going to be on Tuesday, I am excited to see what you have in store for us. Thank you for making this video and showing how you truly feel. I’m heartbroken on what you both had to go through but you still carried on just for us❤️. You truly are amazing Grayson and Ethan!


EmmonsRichPeterson . 5 hours ago

New fan here!

Erin Rose

Erin Rose . 5 hours ago

The way you guys are so conscious about your subscribers is one of the sweetest things ever, but for goodness sakes, focus on yourselves! You guys are capable of soo much in this world, and you’ve already hit a humongous point in your life and your fans are beyond proud of you two. You guys have been through so much lately, I’m so glad you’re taking time to be with yourselves and your family, because that’s what matters most in life. Once again, we’re all so proud of you guys and we’re all beyond excited to see what you guys hold in the future! For now, rest up and breathe! Love you guys!!!

ãbbęÿ _

ãbbęÿ _ . 6 hours ago

okay i am going to be real here. the dolan twins should not feel bad about not uploading every week. us fans should only respect that they have lives too. the dolan twins need to live their life and we can’t expect anything about them. i’m sure we all enjoyed this faze of our life and i’m sure the dolan twins have enjoyed youtube too. but things have gotten real and it’s time for them to grow up and not worry about youtube so much and we will respect that. the dolan twins are going to continue their lives as normal people and not focus on youtube and i will miss that a lot but yeahh.

sunshinemalux -•

sunshinemalux -• . 6 hours ago

honestly, we are here for you, your fans (Including me) love you so much. it's better to take a break and come back and better than ever. No matter what happens, we will be here waiting, you guys mean the world to us 💕

kayla lemke

kayla lemke . 6 hours ago

Best video yet. Can’t wait for what’s to come

Tina The yandere Tiger

Tina The yandere Tiger . 6 hours ago

Thank you so much for opening up and telling us what you had/have to go through and personally I think it would be better to open up more and make videos that you love so we can hopefully share the same passion and see the real you

Kathy Zapien

Kathy Zapien . 6 hours ago

Noooo I am crying right know plzz dont quit

Celeste Samuel

Celeste Samuel . 6 hours ago

I dont really watch your videos beacuse im older than you , but I always seen you guys in other people channel and I like you guys, but this is so awesome, always put yourself 1 not your channel, i lost my dad when I was 7 and it took me a lot of therapy to procces it so take time and grief and do whatever " therapy "you need . And Shane is right about young Youtubers crashing so soon, dont do that .

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