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This Shop Sold More Guns After El Paso Shooting
Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 4 months ago

Gun sales are up in El Paso following Saturday’s shooting at a Walmart. At the Tactical Hunter gun shop owner Ed Flores said he had already sold 15 guns that day and that cases are not as full because of demand and sales. Many of the wounded are being offered golden retriever therapy dogs from Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Ministries for comfort as they recover. Family and friends gathered at a football field to pay tribute to the youngest victim, 15-year-old victim Javier Rodriguez.

Comments :

Son Of Phoenix

Son Of Phoenix . 2 weeks ago

Some guy broke into my house and stole my school supplies. And Patrick chose to do this with it.

Lane Smith

Lane Smith . 2 weeks ago

No one should ever have to see their family members or anyone killed right in front of them

Ninja hyper

Ninja hyper . 2 weeks ago

my house is less than 5 minutes from that Walmart but I was out of town my mom said that if we weren't out of town we would be In the there.


cOnFuSeD . 2 weeks ago


Keaton Hatcher

Keaton Hatcher . 3 weeks ago

So what it sold you more guns, it’s your 2nd amendment right and people should exercise it. This was a tragic event, but one idiot shouldn’t have to ruin the way people see gun users. Gun control laws will not do anything, they’ll cause more violence because people will more than likely riot. Simple solution, more guns, less violence. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The choice to kill always comes before the choice of weapon.

Random Swede

Random Swede . 3 weeks ago

So, what, guns, after shooting... *Oh wait*

Jon Wisham

Jon Wisham . 3 weeks ago



ItzSamzz . 3 weeks ago

I feel so bad for the people who lost their family or friends R.I.P All people who lost their family or friends

Jefry Bonilla

Jefry Bonilla . 3 weeks ago

Why Hispanics I’m haspinic that’s not right I’m angry😡😡

zachary trotter

zachary trotter . 4 weeks ago

guns don’t kill people people kill people

Bryan Camarena

Bryan Camarena . 4 weeks ago

Stop pls peace ☮️

Amanda Strand

Amanda Strand . 4 weeks ago

Police officers should have guns not people

FortnitplayIPAD !!!YAYand_MORE!

FortnitplayIPAD !!!YAYand_MORE! . 4 weeks ago

what happened to my profile pic

Scott R

Scott R . 4 weeks ago

More protection baby. Let’s gooooo

Zaid Gerardo-Navarrete

Zaid Gerardo-Navarrete . 4 weeks ago

I'm sad cus I'm Mexican

Zaid Gerardo-Navarrete

Zaid Gerardo-Navarrete . 4 weeks ago

That man was racist

Cecilia I Esparza

Cecilia I Esparza . 1 month ago

I live in el paso

Roberto Garcia

Roberto Garcia . 1 month ago

Wtf do dogs do screw that

The Prestigious

The Prestigious . 1 month ago

Banning certain guns isn't going to do anything at this point. Eventually there will be over 500 million guns in America. I am against most gun control.

Hector Robio

Hector Robio . 1 month ago

I'm so sad about that guy killed Mexicans

seabas _22

seabas _22 . 1 month ago

Elpasostrong ❤️


JOHN DUBRAY . 1 month ago

Deeer deer der deeeeeeer derr derrrrrrrrrrtrrrrr

Snowbeast 124

Snowbeast 124 . 1 month ago

Maybe AMERICA should ban GUNS


Vanessa . 1 month ago

Where were all the “good guys” with guns???

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez . 1 month ago

I feel bad to the people that dead 1 like = people who died come back alive

Your mum Is gay

Your mum Is gay . 1 month ago

It’s really weird how we hear about American mass shootings almost every day, but they say that they have guns to protect themselves it’s almost like they never actually use guns to protect them selves.

Wyatt Hales Outdoors

Wyatt Hales Outdoors . 1 month ago

It is not a assault weapon! It is a rifle!


Knightriseplays . 1 month ago


Lamborghini FastCars 88

Lamborghini FastCars 88 . 1 month ago

I drove for 10 hours to no reason, I’m hungry, I see a Walmart, I see Hispanic back to school shoppers, I get my gun, I shoot, I don’t get food, I get arrested, - the story of the El Paso shooter

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast . 1 month ago

They should put cameras on the guns so they no who did it

Isabel Mendoza

Isabel Mendoza . 2 months ago

Dam why Hispanics though just why.?

Jorge R

Jorge R . 2 months ago

This is so sad


gauZa . 2 months ago

That gun in the thumbnail looks so cool

Pig o builds stuff

Pig o builds stuff . 2 months ago

Maybe a would go in some shelves and hide behind the stuff.


Mawlid . 2 months ago

Looks like Michael looked for a job at ammu-nation.

creeper bros2

creeper bros2 . 2 months ago

Javier Rodriguez is my cousin and now I got live in a world with out him

shlumped money

shlumped money . 2 months ago

Racism is a sickness

Nico Gonzalez

Nico Gonzalez . 2 months ago

He says 22 victims and more than 2 dozens thats 24 and up?

Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia . 2 months ago

Guck him


CallMeLucas . 2 months ago


Brody Mitchell

Brody Mitchell . 2 months ago

STOP selling guns


DRIGHT . 2 months ago

School supplies

Jake Shumway

Jake Shumway . 3 months ago

If only there was a no gun sign when will people learn

Jorge Salas

Jorge Salas . 3 months ago

I was there

irving palacios

irving palacios . 3 months ago

Whats wrong with that😂


N S . 3 months ago

thousands in one walmart

Fishing with Chet

Fishing with Chet . 3 months ago

I cried and was 😞

Krazy Gone wild

Krazy Gone wild . 3 months ago

Dam now I’m gonna have to order my guns online damm can’t even buy them at a shop without getting shot by my own friend XD

SpiritedGrip e

SpiritedGrip e . 3 months ago

The song was a farcry 5 song wow sacry

philip garza

philip garza . 3 months ago

I cant imagine losing my 4 yr old nephew and my 2 month old niece i would go crazy without them

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