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Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger

Published on 5 days ago

Come see me on tour!

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Comments :


Payton . 2 minutes ago

Colleen: I'm going to turn you guys off and keep going- Me: *LET ME STAY PLEASE*

Estrella Cerventas

Estrella Cerventas . 4 minutes ago

This is how many people where not bored.😉

manuel manuel1

manuel manuel1 . 24 minutes ago

I am not bored out of my mind

Nicholas Rudeen

Nicholas Rudeen . 58 minutes ago

Wait so are these all the channels she has? Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings Ballinger Vlogs Ballinger Family

Emily Ramirez

Emily Ramirez . 1 hour ago

"glasses i'll never wear" ME

Ashlyn Stewart

Ashlyn Stewart . 1 hour ago

She said three when there was four or does she not count her merch as clothes not hating just stating

Gacha Gal

Gacha Gal . 2 hours ago

I think you should make a part two of this is my family

BestPetsLover Incredible

BestPetsLover Incredible . 2 hours ago

3:58 her Miranda side is shining through right and that phrase it’s priceless in the voice oh my gosh like get over here

sabrina calvin

sabrina calvin . 2 hours ago


Lauren Wait

Lauren Wait . 3 hours ago

i'm commenting 'cause you told me to, so you're welcome

Solid bigboi

Solid bigboi . 4 hours ago

hEy gUys iTs mE MiRaNdA

Its Matt

Its Matt . 4 hours ago

I have never cleaned my Closest LoL @Colleen

meh eh

meh eh . 4 hours ago

I lurve closet cleaning videos.

Sarah Sloboth

Sarah Sloboth . 4 hours ago

you helped out me procrastinate!

Christina Lougee

Christina Lougee . 5 hours ago

take a shot every time Colleen says "lovey!"

Paige Mchenry

Paige Mchenry . 5 hours ago

“This is your jean jacket... but I’m keeping it” 😂😂


Emily . 6 hours ago

Biggest tip in life: buy well made clothes. They will last SO much longer, and you will actually save a lot of money. Think about it (Especially denim)


Emily . 6 hours ago

Colleen I love you and support you, but please get rid of the teacher sweater

Jessica Rawson

Jessica Rawson . 7 hours ago

I could watch cleaning videos all day. Why? I dont know but keep them coming.


22 AURORA MOUNTAIN . 7 hours ago

i just remembered Miranda was on victorious lol

Mallary Bettendorf

Mallary Bettendorf . 8 hours ago

2:35 My mom has those Joy hangers too, but in purple! Lol. Even though it tortured you Colleen, I really liked this video ;)

Kylee Nickels

Kylee Nickels . 8 hours ago

I enjoyed this video.

Kiquanna Harvey

Kiquanna Harvey . 8 hours ago

I have been watching u for like 2 or 3 years and i still laugh when i see your nostril

Kiley Granat

Kiley Granat . 9 hours ago

Darn you Colleen, now I have to finish cleaning out my closet that I started cleaning out over a month ago 😬

Leah Larsen

Leah Larsen . 9 hours ago

can you do the music video my family agein

Mayling Bibby

Mayling Bibby . 9 hours ago

The first pair of heels 🥰🥰🥰

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith . 10 hours ago

You go girl! Inspired 💜

Annie Rumin

Annie Rumin . 10 hours ago

“And cry about how my show got cancelled.” Gurl saaaame like we should petition for Netflix to pick it back up

Ishita Dutta

Ishita Dutta . 10 hours ago

This is a very good video


Rora . 13 hours ago

Wow Colleen you have so many clothes but your like me I go shopping every weekend and sometimes come back with food or clothes I love it tho I love this video 🌸✨🌺

Beth Hobbs

Beth Hobbs . 15 hours ago

*Colleen proceeds to throw out 3 pairs of black jeans that look exactly the same*

Harry Bull

Harry Bull . 15 hours ago

Who else wants to see Colleen collab with Ariana Grande when she’s next at home in LA?!!!!?!

Viktorija Grimalytė

Viktorija Grimalytė . 16 hours ago

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nanami 1136

nanami 1136 . 16 hours ago

Barbie: *hold my CLOSET*

Elizabeth Zhang

Elizabeth Zhang . 16 hours ago

Ok seeing how much you through out was honestly really satisfying

Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores . 17 hours ago

I don’t know how I watched this whole video 🤣🤣😂 #newmomlife

Zoili Hernandez

Zoili Hernandez . 17 hours ago

Sorry I have to say it "This Video Called Me POOR In Any Type Of way😂🥺"

Mary Carmen Hirami

Mary Carmen Hirami . 18 hours ago

9:24 those are called spandex waves or zipper waves they happen when you put denim through the dryer a lot its super common! i prefer colleen’s description tho lol

Fruit Punch Water

Fruit Punch Water . 18 hours ago

“Navajo Car Seat Cover” wow

Kaine Willis

Kaine Willis . 19 hours ago

The things you will find in Collens closet

Lilian Monopoly

Lilian Monopoly . 19 hours ago

Can you please do another mukbang?

Lauren O'Connor

Lauren O'Connor . 19 hours ago

I love watching people clean it’s so satisfying anyone else relate?

I am puzzleman

I am puzzleman . 19 hours ago

Where r the socks? Hats?

I am puzzleman

I am puzzleman . 19 hours ago

Why do so many like this? What about 24 hr streaming of life.

I am puzzleman

I am puzzleman . 19 hours ago

So annoying

Princess Peyten

Princess Peyten . 20 hours ago

Can I go shopping in your closet😃😃😃

Jayden Dang

Jayden Dang . 21 hours ago

i was perfectly entertained

amanda Tricker

amanda Tricker . 21 hours ago

you look like miranda

Karmen K

Karmen K . 21 hours ago

I am still here

Margo Meyer

Margo Meyer . 22 hours ago

I'm so proud of you Colleen!! Lol

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