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How bad is our Wrecked 379 Peterbilt Semi Truck?
Westen Champlin

Westen Champlin

Published on 5 days ago

we start taking a look into the damage on our wrecked 379 Peterbilt..

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Comments :

Westen Champlin

Westen Champlin . 5 days ago

Hit me up on Instagram if you guys know about any parts for the Peterbilt.

Benjamin Frizzell

Benjamin Frizzell . 18 minutes ago

I love the fact that you and your friends are not afraid to tackle anything even as young as you are. maybe there is hope for the future.


CUBEoneVX . 2 hours ago

Optimus prime it pleaseeee!

George Doorley

George Doorley . 3 hours ago

i would make that into a day cab ..........

Randy Westbrook

Randy Westbrook . 3 hours ago

Hey westen when's the next video coming out

Eric Buckland

Eric Buckland . 3 hours ago

Need to do videos of ANYTHING you do... You have a great talent to keep people watching brother 🀟😝

James Smith

James Smith . 3 hours ago

Westen watch Angel has fallen is that your truck πŸ˜‚


TurboFlush . 4 hours ago

Would love to have this truck. As a daily driver. :)

Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews . 4 hours ago

That'll buff right out LOLOL!

Labadios Susam

Labadios Susam . 5 hours ago

Don`t try to be funny all the time..

Jesus Morales

Jesus Morales . 6 hours ago

Jordito muy entelijente. Lo que tiene de triponsito lo tiene de cariso mucnacno muy. Travajador mobido k eslo mejorπŸ‘πŸ‘

Ian m

Ian m . 7 hours ago

Couldn't you knock out the damage on hood.

Logan Hart

Logan Hart . 9 hours ago

I just started watching your vids. I am addicted.

adrian nicholson

adrian nicholson . 13 hours ago

put an air start on it and then I'll sub


Tonka DRIVER . 16 hours ago

I have seen worse in a Ca. weigh station get a green light

sleep wake up Lost

sleep wake up Lost . 17 hours ago



album183 . 18 hours ago

It brings back memories of when I used to work the assembly line at Peterbilt. Being a `98, was it built in the old Nashville Plant or from Denton? Also, I noticed that there isn't a single item/safety - lable/sticker anywhere on the frame or the "pinch points". It usually means the truck was a glider kit when it was new as glider kits were exempt from having all those mandated stickers/lables put on everything.


xTheTrainFan121artistX . 18 hours ago

Aww does it not come with jake brakes?

Justice Ibezim

Justice Ibezim . 18 hours ago

She's in need of a bigger turbo, and oof! She sounds great.

mike kotarba

mike kotarba . 20 hours ago

Thanks Westen !

Helix Nebula

Helix Nebula . 20 hours ago

You don't need no stinkin sleeper!.. Day cab, Baby!...

Jordan Chilton

Jordan Chilton . 21 hours ago

7:00 I thought the oil jugs were piss jugs πŸ˜‚

Ashley Carpenter

Ashley Carpenter . 21 hours ago

I do but its red

Tracy Nation

Tracy Nation . 22 hours ago

Don't buy a hood or air filter or everything stock, make your own unique vehicle. Excellent video. β™‘ T.E.N.

I Eat Trees. K?

I Eat Trees. K? . 22 hours ago

But can you save the hood?

Benny Young

Benny Young . 22 hours ago

It's cheaper to buy the whole hood it's a pain in the but putting it back togeather believe me I deal with this kind of work in the winter

My 2nd amendment is a right not a need

My 2nd amendment is a right not a need . 23 hours ago

You could bang that hood out and bondo it.

Gary Tamb

Gary Tamb . 23 hours ago

After the peterbuilt can u get a motor home

nathan jay

nathan jay . 23 hours ago

Talk to greg alberalla he has alot of 379 parts


Sinister.Shelby . 24 hours ago

That's a 13sod not 15.

D Miller

D Miller . 24 hours ago

Hi ..look at mends in Durant Oklahoma...I was an owner op and that's where I got part pretty reasonable they even have whole trucks ....might find one with passenger side wrecked and use good side...again called mends in Durant yes πŸ˜€

Coco Bean

Coco Bean . 24 hours ago

Just do a day cab kit on it iv done a couple

Polin Ung

Polin Ung . 1 day ago

She has a good heart still

Air Vaquero

Air Vaquero . 1 day ago

Wilkins Oklahoma truck supply,, just down the road in Tonkawa I35 exit 211. They are family owned and will help with whole project. I'm a new subscriber keep it up!


Gord235 . 1 day ago

Everything should buff out okay.

scammer killer

scammer killer . 1 day ago

ah hell some duct tape and some wire it will be good as new

Dan Fuller

Dan Fuller . 1 day ago

To get the dent out of the tank. Empty out the fuel and use a air compressor to full the tank up with air, don't go crazy and try to blow it up or anything but it will push the dent out very easily and will look like new and can't tell there ever was a dent to begin with

Charles Cooper

Charles Cooper . 1 day ago

Yep got my attention she is a beautiful rig one day I might be able to afford a nice truck but for now my lil 579 Pete is ok I'd love to find something like that

Joey Maldonado

Joey Maldonado . 1 day ago

Beef spotter


imautuber444 . 1 day ago

A bit of tcut and that will look as good as new.

Paul Hoskins

Paul Hoskins . 1 day ago



TRENT KITCH . 1 day ago


John Flynn

John Flynn . 1 day ago

View #609,235 at 12:20 PM on 11/11/19 - NJ

Kim Fyffe

Kim Fyffe . 1 day ago

Good luck on fixing it

Josh Runion

Josh Runion . 1 day ago

Weston I don’t have Instagram but I’ll message you on Facebook. I have an air cleaner for you. I live about 45 min south of OKC. if you drive down to get it you can have it. I’ll message you this evening.

Jeremy Rios

Jeremy Rios . 1 day ago

Little Timmy hahaha!!!

D. Hodges

D. Hodges . 1 day ago

My new favorite channel, way to go Westen.

Big Rhonda

Big Rhonda . 1 day ago

Don't try and be funny. You just look like assholes

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen . 1 day ago

πŸ˜‚ Beef Spotter. Bull Hauler.


angryadministrator.wordpress.com . 1 day ago

379 is my fav. US truck :) Good thing yer saving it.

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